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  1. njbulters

    Trailer up

    For anyone who thought these tiny ships were starhawks:
  2. njbulters

    Corvettes 7$ on Amazon

    That's better, Rebel scum
  3. njbulters

    Wave 6 Rogue One predictions (spoilers likely)

    FFG definitely takes one moment and makes an entire mechanic based off that. Take Greedo. Poor guy lives his whole life and then in IA his ability is people shoot before him. Poor buddy. I agree it's subjective and comes down to FFG in the end, but that's one example that doesn't completely break the game and sounds like a fun little nod. Just saying if FFG would do anything with the hammerhead close to what people are suggesting, it would be ridiculous. I would record microwaving my Armada fleet until it resembles an evil molten face so FFG = Snoke confirmed.
  4. njbulters

    Wave 6 Rogue One predictions (spoilers likely)

    I think the MC75 is closer to 800-900m. It will be closer to the VSD or the AF Mk2 Just stick to the official sources, the MC75 is ±1200 meters but slimmer than any of the MC80 variants so it doesn't look big. Since they are using digital models you can be pretty certain they are using the right scale in the movie. If you look at the size comparison in the visual guide it looks quite small compared to a massive ISD, even at 1200 meters (found this image linked on reddit, not sure if it's legal so let me know if I should remove the image from here):
  5. njbulters

    Wave 6 Rogue One predictions (spoilers likely)

    Are you guys serious? I didn't dislike the hammerhead scene in Rogue One, but that was clearly an emergency tactic that worked in that particular situation and not what the vessels are meant for. Making it part of the game in any way would be like giving an A-wing a special ability to crash into and 1-shot a star destroyer.
  6. njbulters

    [MAJOR SPOILER] Rogue One

    See, this is why Ramming is stupid. The Devastator didn't 'ram' the CR90. If it had rammed it it would have stopped in it's tracks, taken damage, the CR90 would have taken a single damage, and all would have been well.Ramming in Armada is stupid, as evidenced by this movie. Did you miss that little part where a single hammerhead rammed into the side of a disabled ISD and pushed it into the other, destroying both of them?! There's no way the rebels would win in a heads up competition of firepower, but ballsy tactical decisions are what allows the Rebels to inflict some serious damage Which also would never have happened in Armada, because the Hammerhead would be unable to move into base contact with the ISD because that's not a thing you can do in Armada. Also notable is that the two ISDs were one on top of the other, if one were to look 'down' on the battle from a 2D point of view, and yet due to the three dimensional nature of space, neither of them was actually crashing into the other until one was ionised and then pushed into the other. Again, ramming in Armada is stupid. It doesn't represent the 'reality' of space battles in Star Wars. If one ramming small ship could take out two of the most expensive ships in the game, I'd quit. Fighters and MSUs already have enough advantages out of activation and multiple attacks that they don't need another advantage through ramming and ion shenanigans. If I wanted to play a game where corvettes and fighters were the stars, I'd go back to X-Wing. The Hammerhead was a cool thematic idea for an extreme plot point, but nowhere near proper for a tactical miniatures game where both sides are supposed to have a fair shot of winning. If your opponent has an ISD with 1 health remaining you could always choose to ram it with a corvette in a final attempt to destroy it. So we don't get to ram ships into another one but it's not like that's standard practice in any space battle.
  7. njbulters

    Lancer Class Issue - 3 or 4 hull?

    Looks like a rendering error, since the stand is pointing at 4 and they all point at the maximum.
  8. njbulters

    [MEDIUM SPOILER] Rogue One pro & contra

    I also wondered how the devastator could suddenly destroy so many ships compared to the other two ISDs, but perhaps at that exact moment all their shield power was diverted to charge up the hyperdrive faster, just guessing..
  9. njbulters

    [MEDIUM SPOILER] Rogue One pro & contra

    They were ISD-1s so obviously no 4 red and 4 blue dice! Perhaps out of range of black dice so only 3 red and 2 blue. Does this make it a better movie for you now? lol Remember this was the first full scale attack by the rebel alliance and the imps didn't see them coming.
  10. njbulters

    Rouge One best Star wars movie

    Without looking it up, I believe Donnie Yen was Chirrut Imwe, his buddy I don't remember. Not sure if all of their names are that important to remember for character development as long as you recognize them on screen when they mention their names. I for example didn't remember every single name after watching the whole season of Band of Brothers either.
  11. njbulters

    DEFINITELY new capital ship in Rogue One

    Unfortunately it's a GR75 with a fighter behind it.
  12. njbulters

    Difference in packaging?

    Nebulon-B is on a small base. MC30c and Gladiator are also on a small base and not in a blister pack and with the same price point as Phoenix Home. Points wise there is not that much difference between the gladiator/phoenix home or nebulon-B/arquitens but the latter two start a bit lower.
  13. njbulters

    DEFINITELY new capital ship in Rogue One

    The small one above the X-wing to the left is a GR75, the one above that is a Braha'tok-class gunship which is seen on the lower right as well.
  14. njbulters

    DEFINITELY new capital ship in Rogue One

    This looks like a different ship then, or both sides are not identical, they are facing different directions and some trailers are mirrored?
  15. njbulters

    DEFINITELY new capital ship in Rogue One

    New sketch based on latest stills Pretty certain on the front. Wonder what the back / engines will look like.