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  1. Hi, is there another way to get this printable pdf? Scribd is horrible and I really don't want to have to sign up to a subscription. I'm happy to throw the author some cash coz he's put a lot of effort into this, but are there other purchase options?
  2. Hey FFG.... I really, really hope this was just a mistake, but why on earth are you posting an Across the Galaxy drafting article on the 31st of Jan 2019, mere weeks before Convergence comes out? Please tell me that article was supposed to be a Convergence draft preview about the new Draft set and someone just mixed things up? Surely you're not expecting people to go draft an old set right before a new one drops?
  3. Is Theed Palace too strong? It's basically Profitable connections for free which you can use multiple times. Yeah sure, your opponent can get it too, but if you're taking Theed, you're expecting to win the battlefield roll (eg with Vader), or you're playing a fast deck that expects to claim often. So the down side is minimal. In the last few events, I haven't seen a non-Theed battlefield apart from some vehicle decks and some mill decks. End even then, vehicle and mill decks can get good use out of Theed too. I wish the tracked tournament data included battlefields. I'd love to see the stats. I think Theed should be made Spot Neutral just like the extra action is. It would also help bring Vader down a peg because I think he's just a tiny little bit above the power curve right now.
  4. Surgical Strike is awesome for high cost removal. Especially for Armored Reinforcement decks because they tend to run just one or 2 big vehicles (since you don't need to dig through your deck to get them). So when you pop that... the deck kind of falls apart. N-1 Starfighters are the other good vehicle removal. I usually throw one into most yellow hero decks, even if it's not a vehicle deck.
  5. Here's the thing with Vader.... He's in a good spot. But he makes resources a bit too easily, which puts him that little bit above the curve. You can certainly build against him. You can counter Vader pretty easily. But he'll wreck most regular aggro decks. The problem isn't actually Vader... it's Theed. Vader has a pretty solid chance to win the battlefield roll against most decks. Which means he is nearly guaranteed to drop a 3 cost lightsaber first turn. If he retains the battlefield, he's likely got enough resources to Rise Again at the start of turn 3 which will give him another lightsaber or a darksaber. So if you're just trying to race him on damage, you're going to have a tough time. If you can stop the resource generation or hit those key cards out of his hand... it becomes a lot more manageable. I think Vader is strong but he can be beaten and he does have some weaknesses. But a free extra resources every turn is what pushes him over the edge. Theed should limit the extra resource to Neutral characters only just like the extra action. That would be enough to level the meta again. I enjoyed playing Vader at a Regionals on the weekend. It's fun rolling huge numbers and there's just enough tricky stuff (his saber, maul's saber etc...) to make the deck interesting. But various data shows he's a tad too strong right now. The main thing is, he's no where near as annoying and oppressive as Thrawn/Snoke was or some mill decks (I like mill BTW).
  6. Interesting concept but I wonder what the business model is.... I can buy the starter (presumably to pull in a friend and get the tokens) then just buy 1 or 2 decks for $10 each... And then nothing? If I like that deck I just keep using it until some balance tweak changes it? I like the idea but I'm struggling to see how it would work in practice.
  7. My imperial list is indeed 2 officers and Terro instead of the second ejets. Cheers for the write up Kenny, I'll do one when I get home on Monday. I'm taking some notes this time soon don't forget things.
  8. Has anyone tried Leia with Han and/or Chewie. I've been using Ahsoka for a while and I'm starting to find her a bit lackluster. Something like: Han + upgrade Leia Elite Rangers Jyn C3PO Gideon Otherwise, you can swap out the Rangers for Chewie and still have 1 point left over.
  9. I tried this last night. Maul Ahsoka Shyla Onar Gideo eWeequays It's actually pretty scary. Decent trait mix, a solid number of threats, good number of activations and health. Had a very close game but Han and Chewie proved too strong in the end. I like Ahsoka's flexibility but I think she just struggles to make the points back sometimes... and can die a bit too easily. Makes great bait though. I like Maul for blocking and being annoying, but also doesn't hit hard enough sometimes. Very dice roll dependent. Can often be ignored. Shyla, Onar and Weequays are great as always. The lack of support characters and "spare" activations can hurt a bit too... There's some potential here but I'm thinking that Ahsoka is going to be bench warming from now on. She just isn't impactful enough compared to something like palp, terro or shyla.
  10. @DanielZietek Yes you can... it's still the same action and you're just spending the point... With Urgency, you just can't "bank" the movement points to use later. As long as you use them all during that one action it should be OK.
  11. I'm not sure why everyone is missing this. If you're worried about not being able to paint well or not having the time to paint... then don't. There, I just solved your problem. It's no different in Imperial Assault. Plenty of people paint those miniatures, but you don't have to, and many don't. But that get's a pass for some reason because it's considered a "board game" not a "tabletop game"? Who cares what the game is labeled as? Either you enjoy the game, the hobby or both. The game caters for all 3 groups. Whether or not there's an expectation that your miniatures are painted depend entirely on the community so make it what you want it to be. I very much doubt FFG will every introduce a "must be painted" requirement that's common to other tabletop game tournaments. Btw, very few of those other tabletop games are actually designed for tournament play in the same way as FFG games are, which means often the hobby side has a stronger presence than the gaming side. I expect Legion to be more evenly balanced between the two or even skewing to the gaming side. This is what FFG usually puts in their tournament rules for similar games: "Players are welcome and encouraged to personalize their army according to the following rules: • Players may paint their figure models. They cannot modify a figure in any way that would create confusion about which unit the model represents."
  12. I'll be more disappointed if we get an AT-AT and it's half as big as it should be. I think the game is the wrong scale for an AT-AT. An AT-ST might be possible but would still be pretty big. I'd expect to see that at some stage. They might at release and AT-AT at some stage and treat it more like Epic ships in X-wing, or have is as some massive bit of terrain. I think we'll see plenty of smaller vehicles and ridden creatures (Tauntaun, Dewback etc) rather than AT-ATs And yes, I'll still get it without an AT-AT. I won't even be too concerned if we don't get an AT-ST.
  13. The Legion bases are a bit bigger I believe. 32mm instead of 25mm. That makes them a bit too big to fit on an IA board, but it probably won't cause too much of an issue with using IA miniatures for Legion. I think I might be rebasing my Legion miniatures anyway because the thick bases they come with look weird, but I'd have to see them in person to be sure. I'll keep the correct diameter of course. Scale is a bigger problem. The IA troopers are noticeably smaller. Characters probably don't matter as much, but you don't want Vader being shorter than a Stormtrooper standing next to him. That being said, it's easy enough to put the Legion miniatures on 25mm bases so they fit IA. Then you'll have some nicer looking IA miniatures. I'm tempted to do that for some of the troopers and rangers because in IA, they are all the same miniature and the same pose.
  14. I've watched a few interviews and it's been quite clear that Legion is going to be very Galactic Civil War focused (at least initially). Don't count on any prequel or Episode 7/8 stuff in the near future. I'm expecting a heavy Hoth influence in a future expansions, probably a big box expansion but that depends on how their expac structure is going to work. Rebels: Echo Base Troopers Tauntaun Riders Those radar dish looking stationary guns perhaps Rebel Saboteurs (like in IA) some sniper unit Empire: Snowtroopers Probe Droids Imperial Officers E-web guns Maybe we'll see things as large as AT-STs but I think they might treat those similar to Epic ships in X-wing. They've already said they'll be doing lots of stormtrooper variants, so expect heavy troopers, snow troopers, scout troopers, maybe deathtroopers. If we get a desert themed expac then you'll get sand troopers, dewback riders and maybe tuskens. Other than that, I'd like to see some mercenary units and there's plenty of different characters that will be included of course.
  15. Played X-wing, sold most of it now. Love the game but don't like the competitive side anymore. Play Imperial Assault and Destiny competitively. Those are probably my main games right now. Also been into Warhammer, 40K and various GW products for about 20 years. Outside of miniatures and competitive gaming I play a ton of board games and video games
  16. Milsims Melbourne Australia 3rd June 2017 Winner: Luke K running Poe/Rey Top 4: Poe/Maz, Poe/Rey, ePalp, 2xStormTrooper+TIEpilot+Bala The swarm list went 4-0 in Swiss
  17. My biggest issue with poe/maz actually isn't poe's special and all the fast hands action cheating. It's palentary uprising. There are ways to stand up to 3-4 damage from poe. It's not much different if he was just rolling his ranged sides. It's a bit annoying but even after a fast hands or maz combo you can usually remove one of his dice. (unless he rolled double special naturally with hit and run). The problem is that deck can finish a turn in 2-3 actions. Which means they also always claim. If they get one or two planetary uprisings in play early, it's game over. Especially since this deck doesn't really use resources on anything else. The damage coming out of poe is manageable, the damage coming out of claiming the battlefield is brutal. I'd like to see poe's ability only work on vehicles so that you can't double thermal in one turn. Or maybe cost a resource? But I'd like to see planetary uprising become unique much, much more. Especially since only yellow and hero red have any way of removing supports. Side note : Had our first store champs yesterday. 22 people. Only 2 poe/maz one lost in the final other one didn't make top 8. Winner was Poe/Rey. Now there's a horribly stupid action cheating deck.
  18. Awesome post Brett. Thanks for that. It still surprises me that people go down into that rancor pit when there's a massive fight going on in the middle of the room. Yeah you get some points but when you're taking someone like Obiwan or Davith or a Gammorean out of the fight upstairs you end up giving your opponent a huge positional and figure advantages that tends to snowball a lot faster than some objective points do.
  19. Anyone who things Han doesn't have big damage or isn't a big threat hasn't played against Han. A focused Han is a massive threat at 9+ range... His biggest problem (like most early figures) is that he only attacks once. He only really works in a smuggler box list but he's nowhere near as overpriced as people think. He's not as bad as Boba or IG-88 or Dengar or Chewie.
  20. Cheers, I missed that clarification, though I never liked the "it teleports" reasoning anyway. I've always assume that's how they worked but I don't think I've ever actually played with or against an Ugnaught so it never came up lol.
  21. What errata are people talking about? did I miss something regarding junk droids?
  22. Yeah I saw that one but it's hardly confirmation. It's just us speculating again. I swear there was an FFG response to that question but maybe I'm just remembering wrong
  23. I think it was discussed when Beast Tamer came out.... so whatever the skirmish maps were at the time..... I think Cantina, Kuat and Training Ground maybe? I've searched all around for "sentient" "retrieve" and "beast tamer" and couldn't find what I was looking for. Might just be worth shooting FFG and email to confirm.
  24. I can't find it now but I believe there was a ruling that if you lose the ability to interact you can't continue carrying an objective/token/crate etc... Can't for the life of me find the a link though. I think it had to do with the fact that Retrieve is slightly different to Interact. Retrieve is a type of Interact.
  25. Forgot about pickpocket. But still it's additional annoying book keeping and certainly not easy to see the scores at a glance. You pretty much HAVE to use pen and paper now. FFGs own official score dials are literally useless now
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