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  1. Many (myself included) would not agree that the linked action happens during the Perform Action step because that step says, "The ship may perform one action." (v1.1.0 p3) By the standing consensus that means the Perform Action step ended with the resolution of that one action and anything triggered by that action was resolved in the timing window of After the Perform Action step.
  2. So... What I'm getting from this discussion is that the intent is very clear that Hondo is meant to be able to target enemy ships, but the card lacks the direct override that would allow him to do so. There's a strong contingent of opinions that are saying, "they'll probably change the rule to work that way." Since the card's not released yet I think that's a reasonable stance to take. If, however, FFG does not make that change or issue a clarification by the time Hondo hits the shelves I'll reconsider how much fuss it merits.
  3. Personally, I would follow Maui's lead on this one: Basically, they suggested that there are no damage cards available to deal until the last step of Setup (Prepare Other Components) at which point all of the ships are on the table. This would mean initiative does not matter for the Fireball + Chewie crew combo.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I thought you meant Outmaneuver+Starbird strain for -2 greens. Seeing RZ-2 Starbird as an 'Outmaneuver equivalent' makes sense.
  5. I had the same gut reaction to that, but when I was double checking the wording I realized what @emeraldbeacon said above: there is not a 'normal' step for cancelling dice so there's no step to move Kestal to. See the multiple threads regarding dice cancelling abilities where the consensus is that without a stated timing you could use them at any point between --but not including-- rolling the dice and comparing results because it is specifically not a modification. Some cancel abilities do have a stated timing though, like Kestal or Crack Shot, so they should be applied at that timing.
  6. Alternatively, you keep Nien and Foils and drop Hate instead to invest in that cannon slot on Ten and you still have a couple points for something else too. Some people have flown with Nien minus hate and found him a cost effective substitute. Sadly the points aren't there to trade hate for a cannon and engine upgrade.
  7. Looking at the OP list above it looks like just sorta-thic Leia at only 118 points. The core is pretty solid in my experience, not tip-top tier, but solid once you get the hang of it. Personally I feel like it's redundant to run both Hate and Nien since there's no stress penalty for using hate and it's relatively rare that I felt the need to get two force off a single damage. I suppose he could help you get more flexibility after boosting too though... Nien is just not one that I've felt really compelling in Dark Leia builds. Some do like him though. AP-5 is good coordinate support for the points. Especially if you factor him as a pre-maneuver boost for Leia, which would increase the usefulness of Nien... But AP would have a hard time staying relevant if Leia is boosting, which she should be if it will save damage or gain a shot. I'm not feeling Jammer on Ten at all. You don't get that cannon until after his and Leia's big attacks and it feels like it's just a 'why not' inclusion to go with the Foils which I'm not excited about either in this list. Overall I would probably start with cutting the Foils and Nien to trade those 7 points for Engine upgrade so you get your full dial after boosting, not just banks. You'll have to be a little more careful with using Maul, but with Hate on board he's rarely needed for his ability anyways.
  8. That looks like Darkside Leia! I ran several lists including Leia w/Maul+Hate a while back when she first released. I'm glad to see some new enthusiasm on the topic I had decent success running her with various loadouts of Luke as the wingman, and a version with Ezra(Attack Shuttle) and Arvel wingmates. Old threads with Leia using other wingmates:
  9. Sadly cannons on stock B-wings are not a favorable upgrade since you are giving up a 3 dice primary attack for a 3 dice cannon and paying significant points for it. Ions are somewhat more compelling replacing a 2 dice attack like a Scyk since the cannon has a better chance of just plain hitting than the standard weapon. If you can get a hold of the Hotshots and Aces card pack* it includes two copies of the B-wing only upgrade Stabilizer Foils! With this you don't have to give up your primary attack since as long as you don't use your target lock on the primary you can spend it to make a bonus attack with the cannon. * Aside from Stab Foils, Hotshots and Aces Reinforcement Pack also has an interesting i5 B-wing pilot(passes away her stress), passive sensors(worth considering for torpedo B-wings), Autoblasters(a worthwhile alternative to ion cannon if you like to get close with your B-wings), a slew of force powers for Luke, ...and a bunch of cards for other ships/factions. If you have a group you play X-wing with and don't intend to branch out into most factions I would recommend splitting this pack with a friend.
  10. Strictest RAW, Kallus does not have tail gun, event though the pattern is pretty obvious. Check with your organizer/opponent before the event/game.
  11. Hmm... My first thought is to trade the mines for K-2SO and you have an alternate version of the Leia+Luke+Thane that has been making the rounds. With Jan you get to front load more damage and can shift a few points into the X-wings which the OP spent on Afterburners and Regen Luke which should both help those two close the game after Jan goes down. It's an interesting alternative to Leia in the YT.
  12. Just saw this article while doing my semi-routine search for Outer Rim expansions: https://www.dicebreaker.com/companies/fantasy-flight-games/news/star-wars-games-until-2024 Sounds like it's getting one in the next few years at least 😬
  13. I just checked and that note is correct that the wording is in the Official Squad Builder, but as the original post pointed out it is not addressed in the errata section of the Rules Reference (as of v1.1.0) In the current version (and all past versions so far) of the rules it actually does not make a difference because of this line on page 9: "• If an effect triggers after a ship is destroyed, the effect resolves immediately, before the ship is removed." Note that the clarification section has waffled between resolving 'after destroyed' triggers before the next ship of same initiative engages or after all ships of the same initiative. The current wording from v1.1.0 p.30 FAQ section Engagement Phase and Attacking says the 'after destroyed' trigger is resolved during the Aftermath step of combat so Chewie will get the extra action and bonus attack before the next ship engages. Nope, the rules make a clear distinction on page 11 that flees is not equivalent to any other types of removal: "• Before a fleeing ship is removed from the game, the only effects it resolves before being removed from the game are effects that trigger when it flees."
  14. In addition to list building the game strategy is important, I'm particularly thinking of obstacle placement. Unless they're extremely good you can cut off a lot of those movement options by doing what you can to place the obstacles in semi-tight clusters where each is around range 1&3/4 from each other. This spacing is just wide enough that you might encourage them in but tight enough to always eliminate a Barrel Roll from at least one side, maybe both. If you're running tractors yourself this spacing also almost guarantees you have an obstacle to toss them on if they come into the rocks.
  15. This Ryad & Whisper is a super Ace list with high mobility and a decent bid (10pts w/ 5bro & w/o Ryad shield) but it can be out-ace'd because of relatively mediocre initiative 4/5. You can try to out-Ace it with strong i5/6 pilots with a super bid like Boba+Fenn or Guri+Fenn to keep your 5 moving last or take multiple i6 with something like Vader+Soontir+Duchess or Han+Wedge so you aren't worried about winning the bid and still move after and hit them first to take away evades. Alternatively, control options that are not dependent on hitting with an attack can take away that token advantage which allows for normal attacks to break through. @EnigamiCovered some good options for control and auto-damage in their post above. I would add that Republic surprisingly has decent control options in a couple of named Y-wings and Chopper with a Jedi. Also previously mentioned was overwhelming red dice or removing greens. I think Wedge+Luke+Jan would be a good list in that vein to hit both sides of the equation. Torpedoes are the most broadly accessible way to roll more reds, I'd recommend Ion over Proton in this matchup since it's cheaper if you're expecting low hits to get through anyways and if you do sneak in an extra hit the ion will shut down the token stack and the movement actions. Personally I've had good fun with Commander Cody on a ship with Snapshot and top initiative of the squad and republic can get those extra reds from 7th Fleet Gunner. I'm not sold on blocking though (and intimidation by association) unless you're running at least a full swarm of 6+ships and you're pretty good at putting guns on target while eliminating pre-maneuver options and landing the block. Ryad in particular has lots of options to bail out with pre-maneuver boost/roll.
  16. That sounds like a good comparison, I think around 13 points for +1 atk on a turret is in the ballpark of fair. (Maybe a couple more points) The flipside of course to 'sometimes you block all the damage' is that also sometimes you block none of the damage, maybe not as often but it is a real risk to be considered in competitive play.
  17. BB-8 relates to Turr the same way Turr relates to A-wings. Agreed that the debate about it belongs in its own thread. However, it's good to let new players know about controversial interpretations of a combo they might consider running or might face. If players are aware the debate has been hashed out and reached a stalemate they can settle it by agreement during pre-game setup instead of fighting about it on the critical win-or-loose turn during a game.
  18. Progressively, as the previous questions asked about abilities that grant a Boost Action. BB-8 (pilot) is another ability that grants a Boost Action that could (or maybe not) be modified by Daredevil; depending on which interpretation you have applied.
  19. I feel the same. Just the 'Han always shoots first' ruling would probably have brought Leebo+3PO into reasonable power level.
  20. This makes the most sense to me.
  21. @Hiemfirecovered the struts summary beautifully. @emeraldbeaconfs flowchart is a handy and very accurate reference (once you ignore that double flip bug) since there's still a lot of other struts interactions. I also appreciate that emerald has continuously evolved the chart to cover scenarios that were not initially covered.
  22. No worries, I can't blame anyone but myself for getting worked up over minutia of a board game 😵. In my own commotion I forgot about your very excellent counterpoint of a hypothetical upgrade! The biggest difference is that the hypothetical R0 only weapon has literally no other function. So, I would say by the rules it does not work, but I wouldn't object to its use in practice since there is no other use case*. I would hope though that in the hypothetical development process this potential conflict would be noticed and resolved either by adding 'you may perform this attack while at R0' to the card or change the rule from 'no attacks at R0' to 'cannot choose a defender at R0 unless using a weapon with attack range including 0.' *Side note: It wouldn't be the first time I took that stance. I still feel that way about Grappling Struts because as written Struts should always flip back to flight mode after flipping to landing mode, but then it would functionally be a blank card so I don't object to use as intended in that case. Rhymer on the other hand does have other uses (R2 APT, R1-3 Torps, etc.) without changing anything so he's not a completely blank card. Rhymer is a very strong case of intention (what's the point of 0-3?) But as I've said before I think the existing change in rules since his time of release does negated that part of his ability, and that stands regardless of the original intent of the ability. My position on it is that if asked --in the current ruleset v1.1.0-- to rule on this I would say 'No' to Rhymer R0. At a casual table though, I'll just clarify during setup how my opponent intends to play it and roll with that because it won't ruin my day.
  23. You're welcome! That's about all I've got though, far from irrefutable 😕
  24. Alright, I had some time to cool off. Here's one more go 😁 The rule is 'no attacking while at range 0' with a reminder that the attack range is irrelevant. The way I see it even if the attack range is 0 you cannot perform an attack against that target because you are at range 0. Original RAI and RAW at the time of release (v1.0.0 fall 2018) were clear and were in alignment. At that time there was no prohibition against attacking a ship while at range 0 of it. That 'no attacking while at R0' rule was introduced more recently to close a loophole, but we don't know irrefutably that Rhymer was not an intended casualty of the rule change. He (and the TIE/SA in general) was more common in the opening days of 2e than now and it is conceivable that the intent changed since original release. Current (v1.1.0 first half of 2020) RAI has consensus (yes, it was meant to work) but it's not irrefutable as I noted above. Current RAW is clear: No attacks while at R0 regardless of the actual range of the attack.
  25. With all that in mind here's my first draft idea of what a Hyperspace Ring could look like on paper: HYPERDRIVE DOCKING RING Faction: Galactic Republic Cost: 12 (to start with, but count on adjustments) Size: Small Initiative: 0 Attack: not printed Agility: 1 Hull: 3 Dial: 1e Lambda dial: Text box: (Pilot ability) You must equip the Hyperdrive Module Configuration upgrade. You can dock 1 Delta-7 Aethersprite, 1 Eta-2 Actis, or 1 Nimbus-class V-Wing. Your docked ship can deploy only from your front guides and may only execute a blue maneuver when doing so. Setup: If you have a ship docked, you must start in reserve and may be placed within range 1 of any table edge and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship during the Planning Phase. If you are in reserve during the End Phase and there are no friendly ships in play, you and any ship you have docked are removed from play. (I feel this is more in line with the way the Rules Reference is written re: Winning the Game Actions: - none Upgrade slots: - Configuration, modification?(that's a hard maybe) Configurations: - Hyperdrive Module (Abandoned): (Dual card - front, cost 0) When this side is flipped up, you must remove all non-lock tokens. You cannot be assigned non-lock tokens, perform actions or execute maneuvers. During the Activation Phase if you reveal a non-blue maneuver you must execute a 0[stop] instead. If you have a ship docked you must flip this card. (This change closes the loophole on intentionally choosing the wrong side during setup) - Hyperdrive Module (Docked): (Dual card - back, cost 0) + White Focus + White Boost You have the name, initiative, and pilot ability of the friendly ship docked with you and treat that ship's [Force Charges] and [Standard Charges] as your own. If you do not have a ship docked you must flip this card. (This change closes the loophole on intentionally choosing the wrong side during setup)
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