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  1. nitrobenz

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    Turn 0 has never been so critical!
  2. nitrobenz

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    But player 1 cannot create the lockout condition because player 2 will always be able to move the center rock before player 1 puts a ship on it. edit: this is assuming the two players haven't also stumbled into some approximation of the 'no room for the sixth rock' condition; incidentally I don't think that game-breaking condition has ever been officially addressed either.
  3. nitrobenz

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    I agree that Tobias is the obvious counter to prevent the setup lockout, especially since he can't be counter-countered.
  4. nitrobenz

    Reinforce design question

    Fluff and gameplay in harmony!
  5. nitrobenz

    2e Droid Rebellion

    I love the theme! All the snarky droids
  6. nitrobenz

    I’m missing the ship stats on the ship tokens!

    A little masking tape strip or mini-post-it is less permanent
  7. nitrobenz

    Saturation Salvo against ships with "1" agility

    Another good reason to include card text or image when asking rules questions! edit: I also appreciate the people who put a '2e' or '2.0' prefix on their topics titles. Wouldn't hurt to do the same for 1.0 topics...
  8. nitrobenz

    Whoo Republic and CIS!

    Fortunately I'm not designing this system. Hopefully saner heads than mine will prevail 😛
  9. nitrobenz

    Whoo Republic and CIS!

    I like that for the ultra elite Eta and the elite-for-a-droid Tri-Fighter, but for the Vulture I still like the idea of putting a "flight" of them on a single base. It also side steps the maximum units per squad issue because you're still only 6-8 bases but the virtual ship count is higher as it should be to match the mass manufacturing of CIS' Droid fighters.
  10. nitrobenz

    Whoo Republic and CIS!

    You're not wrong. How about an extra-small base?
  11. nitrobenz

    Whoo Republic and CIS!

    I'd like to see "flights" of Vulture Droids on a small/medium base since they're really too tiny to even qualify as small base. If I were doing it (which I'm not) I'd put three tiny models on there with a 3/2/3/0 statline and a ship ability that gives -1atk and +1def for each damage card taken (which I'm sure would be incredibly difficult to balance, but hey! Adjustable values!) Hopefully that could still be priced to fit 8 "Vulture Flights" on the board 😁
  12. ↓ Do you mean a dish like this? ↓ Source: FFG https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/6/the-garbage-will-do/
  13. nitrobenz

    what beats Poe without costing more?

    In my experience? The exact same Poe in a list with a better bid 😎 Seriously, at the hight of fat turret + Poe my Counter list was a fat turret + Poe list with a 2 point bid. It always came down to my Poe vs theirs. In the end, the Poe that moves last laughs last.
  14. nitrobenz

    ridiculous jank

    @theBitterFig got it. Cad Bane makes the Firespray-31 bomblet capable without any title (hilarious jank side note: he also makes the Quadjumper tug bomblet capable!) Plus buffs the bomblets that you drop on enemies Anyways, @Biggsy_boy have you gotten any form of the list out to an event yet? How did it go? I would think that Boba's rerolls could make him a soft counter to 5X.
  15. nitrobenz

    Possible E-wing Droid?

    The only effective place I've found for old R7-T1 is on a high ps ARC-170 because the dual firing arcs allow you to use it to boost on approach and on escape. Plus the abilities of Nora and Shara are target lock related so that part is complimentary as well. My heavy version of Nora is a great low-mid hunter, with slugging hard on the opening and then getting consistent three dice while running. Although awesome fun when it works, it's dependent on interaction with enemy ships while being less forgiving than Artoo's regen and less consistently efficient than BB's ballet: (42) ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (29) •Experimental Interface (3) Alliance Overhaul (0) •Lone Wolf (2) •Finn (5) •R7-T1 (3) A cheaper alternative that makes a decently light Nora with high ps repositioning and good action economy if you can stack up the focus: (35) ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (29) Alliance Overhaul (0) Veteran Instincts (1) •Rey (2) •R7-T1 (3)