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  1. nitrobenz

    EPIC Question ... Range 4-5 upgrades

    If you have aquired one of those upgrades from the Corvettes you can probably use the same methods to get an official or third party ruler that goes to range 5. If you are looking to avoid that and have two standard rulers you can hold them together by hand, or stick them together with tape/glue, such that the range 3 band is overlapping exactly from each. Then you'll have one long ruler with 1-2-3-2-1 on it. If you don't have two range rulers, just note that each range band is 10cm (equals 3 & 15/16 inches) so you could use a measuring tape or long regular ruler and measure out the distance. Range 1 = 0-10 cm Range 2 = 10-20 cm Range 3 = 20-30 cm Range 4 = 30-40 cm Range 5 = 40-50 cm Hope one of these solutions works for you
  2. Beyond just forum members and players claiming "obvious intent" I think it's also bad precedent to encourage the kind of lazy rule writing that leads to these conflicts.
  3. @Velvetelvis I cannot like that Star-Dragon/Ultra-Viper enough!
  4. nitrobenz

    A new generation of x-wing articles

    Has no one else noticed the base under the silencer is much smaller than those under the other TIEs?
  5. nitrobenz

    Poe Is Weird

    Thank you for copying over the ability que text for direct reference and I agree with your position that it probably doesn't work. Unfortunately ffg did not spell out in the rules whether resolving one ability can/cannot block further abilities in the que. Luckily there is an example in the appendix! To further attempt to explain your point about the que I'll reference p.19 where there's an appropriately convoluted example involving Jake Ferrell's ability. At the end of the example there are still two instances of his ship ability (VT) left in the que: ""The only abilities remaining in the ability queue are two instances of Jake Farrell’s ship ability. Since he is stressed, he cannot perform an action so neither ability has an effect and the ability queue empties."" -rules reference p.19 Their statement that the stress blocks these further actions (instead of the more obvious reason that they were already performed) leads me to believe that DD cannot be completed because the Poe ability will que up first and turn the boost red before DD gets to look at it. At the end of the day though I agree with you @theBitterFig and @thespaceinvader that this will only truly be settled by FAQ/RR update, and I wouldn't be terribly surprised by a 'cuz we said so' ruling 😐
  6. nitrobenz

    Dark Side upgrades?

    They still could introduce color coded upgrade symbols (fingers crossed) to the app. and in the points list they can add a little foot note indicator.
  7. nitrobenz

    Paige Tico & Veteran Turret Gunner

    Just to expand/clarify on what @nexttwelveexits said: if your target is straddling the line of your firing arc you could rotate to the fore/aft position and double tap? This would only be a little more difficult than getting bullseye...
  8. nitrobenz

    BroBots Version 2

    For those arguing in favor of juke I would rather go with A&C so you can Evade with the one in the thick of it and the other passes it a calc token. No need for a follow up Canon if your first shot hits anyways. For bonus token passing, I like to slot in a third ship carrying D crew to support slim A&C with just juke and fcs Now, back to @martini74's actual list. Why is your bid so high? I'm guessing it's because you anticipate i4 being a crowded bracket, but where I'm at there's relatively few pilots being flown in the i3/4 bracket. I'm not fond of IGD because doing red moves degrades your action efficiency so he needs some additional support to get that previous action back; either in the form of token passing from A, AdvSensors, or coordinate from another (third) ship. Without mods IGs die quickly or don't do much damage. With my take on IGs in general out of the way, I'll move on to your list specifically... I have not personally gotten the hang of TrajSym, but I've seen how it amplifies a list's jousting potential (if you can control the approach) or just gives more options. If you're not attached to your large bid I would consider swapping seismic for proton unless you're up against a bunch of obstacle-loving Han types, in which case you should absolutely blow 'em all up! On outmaneuver v elusive I like outmaneuver better if you think you can consistently trigger it, with some good flanking you should get one or the other to get it. On the other hand elusive does mesh well with D's ability since he'll want to do reds anyways and gives you a much needed defensive mod when you do pills those sweet reds.
  9. nitrobenz

    Redline double locking a target

    I think your friends might have a moment like @jftanner did:
  10. @Quarrel's answer is correct. You cannot attack at range zero (unless using some special ability) regardless of how you came to be at range zero, and you will not stop being at range zero until one of the ship bases physically moves to a new position.
  11. Hence why I said: I hadn't read it in a while (like a week) so I linked it in case anyone else wanted to read it word for word. I followed that with a brief summary of two courses ffg could take to confirm this one way or the other: affirming/dismissing RAI/RAW.
  12. The ruling at the heart of this discussion, as a refresher: Hopefully when this ruling makes its way to the rules reference it will be cleaned up as a directive like "another ship at range 0 is treated as being range 0 in the attack arc" added under Attack Range on page 5. Either that, OR they enter it as written in the ruling I linked and add an FAQ entry for Rhymer saying that his ability does not allow r0 attacks without a way to circumvent that rule. One way or the other I hope we get something official ?
  13. nitrobenz

    Seventh Sister Pilot

    "before the neutralize results step" is after all standard modifications by both players. This is similar timing to when a Reinforce token checks for its trigger.
  14. nitrobenz

    Seventh Sister Pilot

    For reference:
  15. @Innese is correct. See p8 of the current rules reference (1.0.2) second bullet point under Damage Cards. There's even instructions on proper random selection procedure!