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  1. Consider this: What if there was a hypothetical missile that had a [turret arc] printed on the card? Instead of a [front arc] That is essentially what we're looking at with this proposed combo.
  2. nitrobenz

    Dash and Outrider

    @thespaceinvader is correct, but it's easy to accidentally conflate Dash's trigger with the Outrider's. Here's the two cards for reference:
  3. nitrobenz


    @muribundi is correct that the specific acronyms are meaningless for 2.0, along with Squad Leader being completely revamped. @Kaz10 are you looking for clarification on 2.0 or 1.0 use of coordinate? I think it's probably worthwhile to create a new thread for 2.0 coordinate questions.
  4. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    Or that Official rulings thread
  5. nitrobenz

    Advanced Optics with multiple Tokens

    With the Calc, Evade, and Force token standard effects you treat each result as a separate opportunity rather than the whole attack being the opportunity. Compare the wording of Evade on p10 to that of Focus on p11: Evade: A ship is evading while it has at least one evade token. Evade tokes are circular, green tokens. While an evading ship defends, during the Modify Defense Dice step, it can spend one or more evade tokens to change that many of its blank or [eye] results to [Evade] results. Focus: A ship is focused while it has at least one focus token. Focus tokens are circular, green tokens. A focused ship follows these rules: • While a focused ship performs an attack, during the Modify Attack Dice step, it may spend a focus token to change all of its [eye] results to [Hit] results. • While a focused ship defends, during the Modify Defense Dice step, it may spend a focus token to change all of its [eye] results to [Evade] results.
  6. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    Honestly, there's no clear precedent and it's not covered by the rules. If you think you're going to use this then you should reach consensus before the game or check with the TO before the event. I would like to see this brought up at enough events that FFG has to make a ruling we can use as precedent the next time something like this comes up. I don't much care what the ruling is, I just want it to be clear and applicable to future interactions!
  7. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    The most straightforward answer is that Thannison doesn't instruct you to make a choice, therefore the correct interpretation is the one that doesn't require one. The second token assigned should be identical in every way to the first. Or it is assigned at random... Mix all the locks up and grab one, then flip for color. If it's not associated with a ship on the board it's a dud, otherwise somebody has a new Lock.
  8. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    In 2.0 there is a white and black side to each market and associated Lock token. You absolutely can share a set with your opponent where one uses white numbers/locks and the other uses black.
  9. nitrobenz

    Grappling Struts - red maneuvers

    Ninja'd twice! @theBitterFig and @skotothalamos are both correct. The Grappling Struts (open) card, for reference. Short answers: Don't Gain stress from revealed maneuvers (or debris for that matter), don't skip your regular Activation Please action step, and no spinning 180. Starting with a revealed maneuver that's not 2 straight gets skipped entirely. That means you don't execute a red maneuver, and don't perform a Check Difficulty step so there's no gaining a stress there. If you look in the Rules Reference (1.0.2) on p3 you'll find the entry for Activation Phase and on p13 is Maneuver. Performing an action is a separate step is normally after executing a maneuver, not part of performing a maneuver. As such your action step still comes up next when you skip your maneuver. Lastly: no, you do not spin 180 by revealing a k-turn. The card is clear that you don't change bearing unless you reveal a left/right maneuver in which case you always spin 90.
  10. nitrobenz

    WanouMars Repaints

    I love those super charged paint jobs!
  11. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    I know In competitive settings everyone typically brings their own components, but why wouldn't Locks be shared according to the rules? From p18 of the Rules Reference (1.0.2): " SUPPLY The supply is the shared set of game components that are not being used by any player, such as unassigned focus tokens, maneuver templates, etc. " People share maneuver templates just as often as they do lock tokens. It does make an interesting addition to the random assignment process though since you could end up assigning a friendly lock to the chosen ship.
  12. nitrobenz

    BB-8 and S-Foils Position

    There it is, Card Interpretation is on p2 of the Rules Reference (1.0.2) PDF. Thanks Joe
  13. nitrobenz

    BB-8 and S-Foils Position

    3: Where in the rules reference is "May" or "Can" defined? Or are you asking for confirmation of a hunch?
  14. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    Definitely disagree on that. Nothing on Thanisson's card says it must be an identical token, only that it be the same type. Here's what the Rules Reference has to say on p18 about Gain a token: " When a ship is instructed to Gain a token, a token from the supply is placed in the play area next to the ship. " It does not explicitly instruct you to choose at random; it also does not tell you to look for any particular example of the token type. Given that line from the rules it stands to reason that the token gained is any example not already on the board.
  15. nitrobenz

    Thannison crew ability & target locks.

    If you look under Lock on p12 of the Rules Reference (1.0.2) you will find this: " An object is locked while it has at least one lock token assigned to it. Lock tokens are red tokens. " So Acquiring a lock definitely assigns a red token, but to @Goseki1's original question I'm unsure of who the lock is assigned from. I would say that it is reasonable to assume the ship carrying Thannison gives it, but I'm not certain. I think it's just as reasonable to say that it's a random number Lock token taken from your token supply since that's how you would select an additional stress/ion/tractor/jam token.