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  1. @Hiemfirecovered the struts summary beautifully. @emeraldbeaconfs flowchart is a handy and very accurate reference (once you ignore that double flip bug) since there's still a lot of other struts interactions. I also appreciate that emerald has continuously evolved the chart to cover scenarios that were not initially covered.
  2. No worries, I can't blame anyone but myself for getting worked up over minutia of a board game 😵. In my own commotion I forgot about your very excellent counterpoint of a hypothetical upgrade! The biggest difference is that the hypothetical R0 only weapon has literally no other function. So, I would say by the rules it does not work, but I wouldn't object to its use in practice since there is no other use case*. I would hope though that in the hypothetical development process this potential conflict would be noticed and resolved either by adding 'you may perform this attack while at R0' to the card or change the rule from 'no attacks at R0' to 'cannot choose a defender at R0 unless using a weapon with attack range including 0.' *Side note: It wouldn't be the first time I took that stance. I still feel that way about Grappling Struts because as written Struts should always flip back to flight mode after flipping to landing mode, but then it would functionally be a blank card so I don't object to use as intended in that case. Rhymer on the other hand does have other uses (R2 APT, R1-3 Torps, etc.) without changing anything so he's not a completely blank card. Rhymer is a very strong case of intention (what's the point of 0-3?) But as I've said before I think the existing change in rules since his time of release does negated that part of his ability, and that stands regardless of the original intent of the ability. My position on it is that if asked --in the current ruleset v1.1.0-- to rule on this I would say 'No' to Rhymer R0. At a casual table though, I'll just clarify during setup how my opponent intends to play it and roll with that because it won't ruin my day.
  3. You're welcome! That's about all I've got though, far from irrefutable 😕
  4. Alright, I had some time to cool off. Here's one more go 😁 The rule is 'no attacking while at range 0' with a reminder that the attack range is irrelevant. The way I see it even if the attack range is 0 you cannot perform an attack against that target because you are at range 0. Original RAI and RAW at the time of release (v1.0.0 fall 2018) were clear and were in alignment. At that time there was no prohibition against attacking a ship while at range 0 of it. That 'no attacking while at R0' rule was introduced more recently to close a loophole, but we don't know irrefutably that Rhymer was not an intended casualty of the rule change. He (and the TIE/SA in general) was more common in the opening days of 2e than now and it is conceivable that the intent changed since original release. Current (v1.1.0 first half of 2020) RAI has consensus (yes, it was meant to work) but it's not irrefutable as I noted above. Current RAW is clear: No attacks while at R0 regardless of the actual range of the attack.
  5. With all that in mind here's my first draft idea of what a Hyperspace Ring could look like on paper: HYPERDRIVE DOCKING RING Faction: Galactic Republic Cost: 12 (to start with, but count on adjustments) Size: Small Initiative: 0 Attack: not printed Agility: 1 Hull: 3 Dial: 1e Lambda dial: Text box: (Pilot ability) You must equip the Hyperdrive Module Configuration upgrade. You can dock 1 Delta-7 Aethersprite, 1 Eta-2 Actis, or 1 Nimbus-class V-Wing. Your docked ship can deploy only from your front guides and may only execute a blue maneuver when doing so. Setup: If you have a ship docked, you must start in reserve and may be placed within range 1 of any table edge and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship during the Planning Phase. If you are in reserve during the End Phase and there are no friendly ships in play, you and any ship you have docked are removed from play. (I feel this is more in line with the way the Rules Reference is written re: Winning the Game Actions: - none Upgrade slots: - Configuration, modification?(that's a hard maybe) Configurations: - Hyperdrive Module (Abandoned): (Dual card - front, cost 0) When this side is flipped up, you must remove all non-lock tokens. You cannot be assigned non-lock tokens, perform actions or execute maneuvers. During the Activation Phase if you reveal a non-blue maneuver you must execute a 0[stop] instead. If you have a ship docked you must flip this card. (This change closes the loophole on intentionally choosing the wrong side during setup) - Hyperdrive Module (Docked): (Dual card - back, cost 0) + White Focus + White Boost You have the name, initiative, and pilot ability of the friendly ship docked with you and treat that ship's [Force Charges] and [Standard Charges] as your own. If you do not have a ship docked you must flip this card. (This change closes the loophole on intentionally choosing the wrong side during setup)
  6. Definitely agree with this. If the Ring's dial has any hard turns at all they should be red 3. I think they shouldn't have 4-5 straight either though because they aren't supposed to be fast in real space terms. Related to that I'm also not feeling the inclusion of SLAM on the action bar. I get that we want it to have some purpose beyond just an alternate starting placement, but really that's all it can offer while staying on theme. I think pricing it around 15 points (original post number) is about right to just be a during game placement device that also offers a couple hitpoints of protection for a supporting Jedi or just sits there like an idle obstacle.
  7. I'm guessing a printed value of 0, and sets a dial as normal since I didn't see anything to the contrary and it has been presented as a ship rather than a remote. Using standard docking rules, the ring takes damage and is destroyed before the docked chip can take damage, and then the docked ship has the opportunity to emergency deploy. Again, just using standard docking rules, the ability of the ring should be used, which is zero in the original post. When a ship is docked it is out of play for normal purposes and none of its stats or abilities matter unless referenced by a card that is in play.
  8. I agree with comments that freely reserving/returning a Jedi Starfighter is too powerful (I don't see getting out of R1 being too difficult when SLAM is available), but also docking during combat is un-thematic. To that end I would suggest it be exclusively a one use 'setup replacement' similar to GA-97/"It's the resistance!" Where you deploy during the Planning Phase. On theme I'm generally opposed to the idea of docking to a ring during combat at all. The only time it's shown being done there's two rings and the pilot does a fakeout so the enemy destroys ring A while the Starfighter docks in ring B and makes the jump. If you insist on having a 'jump out' mechanic I propose giving it a 'Charge Up' feature where you need to meet those range requirements and have all charges active (I'm thinking at least three charges, non-recurring, action header to gain a charge, remove all charges when placed in play) in order to jump to reserve. This is meant to be an in-game representation of warming up/making calculations before the jump.
  9. Just for the value of attracting a new bunch of opinions I would recommend starting a new thread for 'Talk to me about Bombers' People clicking this thread are looking for conversation about Aggressors. That said, the answer to "how do I get a lock with my Scimitar to fire lock-ordinance on first engagement?" Is you can support a few bombers with either a Tarkin crew carrier or Col. Jendon as a shuttle pilot to aquire a lock long before the first engagement. Alternatively, you don't (not without support anyways). Either you run a focus missile (Barrage or Proton) or you get a lock as the enemy passes by and you got them with a torpedo later.
  10. Agreed that the option to dock is definitely granted by a card ability, but the actual docking process (including its timing) comes from the Rules Reference. I'm still leaning towards 'you can control the order' but I wouldn't object to a ruling either way.
  11. I also like the drone being tied in there as I think it helps address the shortcoming against Swarms. You can point the drone into the path of an enemy formation and they have to make a hard choice to either take that damage across a large portion of their list (making it easier for you to init kill them) or they have to turn away (giving at least one of your main ships a chasing position) It's just a question of whether they can delay long enough to make the drone fizzle.
  12. Nyxen is off course talking about the general meta with that comment. It's somewhat useful since a new player won't be familiar with popular meta trends and it's helpful to know what you might expect to face; also possibly unhelpful since new players are more likely to play against casual than competitive opponents. Your mileage may vary on what your common opponents actually bring. With that large grain of salt out of the way... There is definitely something to be said for dodginess, particularly that it can be a load of fun. 'Vipers in particular are often still good for a laugh in defeat. Even if you don't totally optimize your approach they are silly fun with bendy-rolls putting you in positions you may have doubted yourself! Strengths of the above list are that you picked two somewhat sturdy ships with respectable attack power that also can maneuver very tightly and have high flexibility in adjusting their position after the maneuver, especially with Afterburners and CD! These features will be helpful in all matches and you will have to leverage these to win more challenging games. Weaknesses are Dalan's relatively lacking initiative, as well as Dalan's limited dice mods, and (as Nyxen pointed out) low ship count; can be a challenge in some matchups against two of the most common matchups: Swarms and Aces.
  13. This has been discussed previously at some length without solid resolution here: I think the main debate comes from whether something you opt into that comes from the Rules Reference counts as a "Player Ability" or a "Game Effect" You can probably control the order since you do control both effects, but it could be interpreted that the 'abilities are written on cards' ruling means that everything in the Rules Reference is --by exclusion-- a "Game Effect" in which case Docking goes into the queue before removing a charge because it is not a card ability.
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