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    Interceptor Support

    Why elusive on the Saber instead of another predator? This one is just curious. Why equip a Tac Officer on Vizier? The free coordinate from his ability is white by default. Taking the officer does increase flexibility by allowing a stress free coordinate before or after the maneuver, but I would give the crew options/extra points another look. For the Sloan alternative, umm, I would like it better with more ships on the table or another way to deal stress... Have you tried Ciena Ree? Since there will be coordinating going on, you could really crank up the crazy with all those 90° spins. That might be too much of a mind bender for me to handle all the potential options.
  2. nitrobenz


    FYI: bombardier will not affect anything in this list because rigged cargo is not a device.
  3. nitrobenz

    Imperials Second Edition Only

    Have you tried Crack Squadron? It works well for me anyways.
  4. nitrobenz

    Imperials Second Edition Only

    I love Vader and his predator wingmen. Backed up by two academies for blocking to set up their shots without repositioning lets the aces token up to really put the hurt on. Dropping from Wampa to a second academy let's me pick up Afterburners (& 5pt bid) or Super Reflexes (& 1pt bid) so that Vader can make a faster getaway if things look hairy for him. Me personally, I would rather have a bid than force Sense with this squad because you have 3 high Init pilots with repositioning and passive attack mods. I know that sense can be useful for ensuring the block, but you still have to get close enough for a barrel roll to make the difference. With practice and experience you should be able to consistently anticipate the right maneuver without Sense and then you can spend those points elsewhere (or keep them for the bid). Wampa is purely a personal taste and Meta choice. I don't like him because he's easy to turn off (if he's even in the right place!) And it presents an uncomfortable dilemma if I need to set a block with him or he's out of position to take advantage of the extra die. For the same 30pt I'd rather have Del Meeko, that might lose me a blocker, but I gain a defensive bonus for those fragile aces. That or drop to academy for keeping the blocker and either bid or upgrades.
  5. nitrobenz

    Imperials Second Edition Only

    My go to for a 2E restricted list is Vader Crack: Darth Vader (70) Supernatural Reflexes (12) Fire-Control System (3) Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Total: 193 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I've got a decent record with it and feel that the crack squad is superior against things that are beefy or evade-y. As far as effective use advice goes, it really comes down to accurately judging where your opponent wants to go with a particular ship and blocking those places with the TIE fighters while lining up the others to shoot your tokenless target. If they don't have good repositioning then just get guns on target and let the full weight of fire crush the target. Either way, use crack at the first opportunity. Second piece of advice is just a reminder of general strategy: Protect your endgame (Vader) while taking out theirs as quickly as possible! Taking out their endgame quickly is where crack shot really comes in to play as it allows you to potentially knock out something like Luke, Boba, or Fenn in spite of their inherent defensive strengths which could prove difficult for Vader to break through in a 1 on 1 end game
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    New junkyard squadron?
  7. nitrobenz

    Imperial Aces

    Are you looking to fly this competitively? I know the Meta is still shaking out, but 2 points feels like a weak bid. Like if there was something to spend 2 points on, I'd probably take it, just because. Too bad fcs is 3 😛 with that our of the way, here's my general advice. It really comes down to making the most of your cloak/decloak! Other aces: If you're outbid (or just under initiative) you'll need a plan. I would recommend leveraging Echo's mobility to block the obvious maneuvers while setting up wide kill boxes with the other two to take advantage of a tokenless target. The wide kill box is so that if you miss the block with Echo you still have a chance, hopefully with Echo getting a shot to clean up after one or both of the others strip tokens. Jouster: More generally, you want to follow @Greebwahn's advice to not joust. Yours are highly mobile ships, but their stat lines are not very points efficient. Because of this you should pretty much always opt to avoid positions where you are trading shots with tougher or more numerous ships, and focus on gaining positions where you get to shoot without needing to defend against much. Another tip against lower Initiative formations is to use your decloak to block where they're going and dial a maneuver that carries the Phantom away to safety. This strategy can quickly disrupt a tight formation while setting up your other ships to shoot tokenless targets
  8. nitrobenz


    Toward the bottom of the X-wing Second Edition product page you can find the points lists which also have the official slots for each ship. For the record: both Scum and Rebel HWKs have double mod slots. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/
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    Image of the card:
  10. nitrobenz

    Vader chain action is white in the app

    [Android app] I haven't found any chain actions that aren't white. 😑
  11. nitrobenz

    Enhancement request: View dial

    It is a bit of a pain to constantly need to flip to my web browser to look up dials
  12. nitrobenz

    Condition Cards

    That would be wonderful!
  13. nitrobenz

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    Check that document again. On page 3 under Actions it says: Actions are either white or red. After a ship performs or fails a red action, it gains one stress token. This unfortunately makes Composure useless for covering a linked boost/br or Vectored Thrusters/Autothrusters since you still get the stress from failing a red action, which blocks the free focus action granted by Composure.
  14. nitrobenz

    Please just copy Launch Bay Next

    And if you viewed a card that used a condition card you could view it in that card's info.
  15. Same here with both Android app and desktop website.