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  1. I dislike gas clouds. For all the reasons you mentioned. Plus from a design point of view it makes things harder to balance. Before you could assume there were 6 things to avoid on the map when determining the worth of things. A tie swarm is a different beast with 6 rocks vs 6 gas clouds.
  2. Whilst I also have this bizarre attraction to tie fighter (the best ship ever) pilots that appeared in Yarvin, without any backstory and I didn't even realise were 1337 until I stumbled across a wiki... This game doesn't need more pilots imo, it needs the existing pilots with better internal balance first. (I've said this before but; black squadron and scourge down 1, gideon and del up 1) If I screw the eyes in my head hard enough I can pretend that any 'skillful' tie is really a black squadron member. So I just play Vader plus Mauler, Seyn, Gideon and Del. It's the Yarvin guys, trust me.
  3. I can only answer for what I play, and I wish they looked at the internal balance of what I think of as the core ships. E.G. Tie-ln fighters: I think we can clearly see which pilots outperform compared to others. Del and Gideon could have gone up 1 point, with Sukutu down one . That would make it harder for me when list building, and give me more incentive to picking the ability that I felt fitted best with the list, and not just going for the value ones. I would also like to see Black Squadron down a point. I think it is clear that there are no obvious cheap talents that are great value, so I don't see the need to 'pay for a talent slot'. 23->26 (a 13% price increase!) for 2 initiative on a tie-ln just seems a bit much to ever take. Now I am quibbling about 1 point here, so NO BIG DEAL. But still, it would have made me happy, to not grit my teeth every time I bring a named tie who isn't called Del or Gideon. (For context, I like mini swarms of 4 ties plus ace. Never touched Iden or Howl myself.)
  4. The tie FO at 26 points looks far more sensibly prices compared to the tie-ln now. Perhaps FO swarms might now be more of a thing.
  5. The new mining guild tie
  6. VTG to 8! Ouch. I didn't think it was misspriced. And Ion cannon turret to 5! My poor y-wings. I already preferred x-wings to them and now this
  7. R2 astromech scales with agility : 3/3/4/6 Good change.
  8. Or it is simply because the upgrade costs a lot compared to the ship. You don't ever take black Sqd tie-ln with expensive talents because that is crazy, the % increase in the points is too high. Instead expensive talents are more likely to be on an already expensive ship. Ideally they upgrades would cost a % of the ship base or something, but that isn't how it is done. Outmanoeuvre is an expensive upgrade. Perhaps too expensive for an x-wing.
  9. Some small points drops for firesprays
  10. Tie bomber down 1 point?!
  11. The arguments about comparing wedge's ability to an upgrade don't really hold merit. For example the T-70 has a shield over the T-65, but clearly shouldn't cost 6 points more, because that's too much for a shield. Otherwise if there was, say, a named tie fighter with Wedge's ability, would you really say it should be priced at 23 + Int cost + over 6 points? That isn't to say he isn't too cheap or whatever, but simple comparison to upgrades is not a be all and end all argument.
  12. Firesprays. Might be due to the fact that I just got them last week But it can boost away whilst shooting backwards and leaving a bomb behind! Amazzzzing. Also been enjoying x-wings as of late. A super solid ship, and it also has boost. Been enjoying a few Blue Sqd pilots as decent wingmen.
  13. You can still have unfair dice if you use a shared pool. E. G. Ones that roll focus more often plus a focus loving list! Or a low attack hit rate and a high defence dice list.
  14. The expected damage numbers for 3 dice do not agree with some calculations I did a while ago. They look a bit fishy because the change in expected damage from 3 to 4 is only +0.75, when I would expect it to be more than the average red dice damage. But I appreciate having the probability breakdowns!
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