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  1. TerrorScream

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    have you tried selecting the extended button in the official builder? it has almost everything for 2.0
  2. TerrorScream

    Snipers are bad?

    take a full unit with sniper and hunter, split fire the sniper first at their wounded commander/operative/guard unit to get a free aim token which you then save for the main unit shots
  3. TerrorScream

    Does Clone Wars mean new core set?...

    B1's could just be white/white with surges but have a larger unit size of 8, basically making them a horde fodder unit
  4. TerrorScream

    5 reasons to max out corps units

    well name of the game currently is troopers, doesnt nessesarily mean you need corps, currently the only way to get more troopers is just max corps, but commandos/scouts and the royal guards give more scoring units that can give you an edge over corp spam, give it time
  5. considering the most problematic unit for the rebels to beat - the atst, is often armed with the grenade launcher i hardly think that gun will do nothing if at least make it keep its distance
  6. TerrorScream

    That Boba Tho

    cape+jetpack, what could go wrong interesting tidbit though is if your hand is just his cards and neutral cards if say veers dies(like to a stiff wind for example) you can promote boba to your new commander as hes a trooper and issue commands off him and he gives an even higher courage than veers!. assuming they dont add special rules to operatives in general when they update the rulebook
  7. TerrorScream

    New worlds tournament article up

    hopefully they give the national champions from other countries an invite to join worlds aswell
  8. TerrorScream

    List Building & 800 Points

    extremely unlikely, armada specifically stated that it was going up to 400 since there wasnt enough out at the time to play the game at 400pts which the game is balanced around. same for legion, the game is designed for 800pt balance in mind and we can already hit that easily with wave 1. wave 1 armada with 1 of each expansion only got you to around 320-330 points with a fair few bells and whistles, game was designed with large sized ships in mind
  9. TerrorScream

    Armada Refugees Check-In

    yeah yeah im here
  10. TerrorScream

    General Weiss

    no, unit abilities dont stack, just multiple weapons in attack pools
  11. TerrorScream

    Modified dice query

    just want to point out while the impact rules as written do work on all units and applies before armour cancels hit just remember cover/dodge is used before impact is applied, and turning hits to crits after that point is only relevant for the armour rule.
  12. TerrorScream

    Steady: Move-Shoot-Move

    on the flip side can a snowtrooper unit on standby respond by using it to "move" gaining a free attack action from steady?
  13. TerrorScream

    New Keywords?

    yeah pretty sure the esteemed commander upgrade for them gives trooper units at range 1 - guardian 1, so they defend their generals with their squishier profiles
  14. TerrorScream

    Big Game Hunting - Favourite way to take down an ISD?

    nym and a face of complete confidence
  15. TerrorScream

    MC-75 Experiences!

    so far im really liking the armoured cruiser, that extra hull point really matters, but so far in the 5 or so games with it, mostly vs avenger is that lando is mandatory