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  1. i think war weary will promote taking an extra generic officer commander for those lists who worry about the suppression, could also be good for people building elite focused armies as their courage values are usually 2 or more
  2. Uplink + OOM series b1 is pretty much your battle droid commander on his own, can tuck thst squad further back so it doesnt get blasted. Free's up your commanders orders for more valuable things like tanks or droidekas
  3. Fleets are not the same as B2s. If a fleets unit suffers 3-4 wounds its basically a write off, if b2s suffer the same it barely impacts their offense and will require several units to deal with b2s effectively. Also fleets need an officer to not lose an action to a stiff breeze potshot. B2s are full actions or running unless ion is involved(even more rare than fleets) The only thing they compare in is range, b2s have no mercy
  4. i was hoping the transport for the CIS would be the HMP gunship, it has transport racks in the battle for scippio
  5. Id orefer to see the HMP droid gunship as an actual unit, unlike xwings, tie fighters etc it operated like a hovering helicopter rather than a strafing plane
  6. All of those fighters are way too big in legion scale and their speeds make them unsuitable for the small board space, they are better represented by command card attacks
  7. i think critical hits in general are too powerful, just trumps everything
  8. you can only enter melee with your unit leader, coherence cannot be used to get into base contact
  9. after using him a few times on TTS with the translated cards(which were correct) his cards are anything but underwhelming. his 1 pip gives him quite a huge threat range and can catch a few people off guard, gives him relentless which would make him even more expensive if it was baked into his card, so good to have it when he actually needs it. his 2 pip is quite situational but when you read the play its devastating, its pin down that you dont have to do anything to use, putting dooku back is often nothing when the droids have a tiny stack themselves. counters soo many things if timed well. his 3 pip has soo many game winning uses, force push and this can send 2 units off an objective, out of a deployment zone for breakthrough , can move a commander courage buble out of range of other units, can bring units out of cover or my favorite, push units back and zap them even further away. in my last game a vader was just outside of 1 to force push me, so i moved forward and pushed him back then zapped him and threw him back to his deployment zone, took him out of the game a further 2 turns. everything about them is powerful if you are creative enough to exploit them stapled onto the fact dooku has cunning, a powerful ranged attacked, can ignore pierce immune in combat and is currently the only red saber user that has a built in surge meaning each of his red dice hit 7/8 times, for his points he is an absolute monster with speed 2 to boot, but with his army in mind his strongest stat is his courage 3, makes your army pretty much unbreakable
  10. because without that flavor mechanic they are just worse rebels that dont add anything interesting to the game. having to give up your strength of cheap troopers by paying just to get rid of a weakness has its trade offs
  11. doesnt work cause the armour keywork is only triggered if you are the defender, the guardian unit is not a defender.
  12. im pretty sure the article for b2 droids, phase 2 clones, both rex and dooku and the 2 tanks said Q1 next year, only clone wars expensions comming before end of the year outside core set and accompany expansion boxes for the contained units is the heavy weapons and personel box for phase 1 clone troopers and b1 droids
  13. i dont feel the AAT will make waves in droid armies till a cheaper armchair commander like nute gunray appears, spending half your points on just your commander and the tank doesnt give you enough to really support either or have a plan B if you lose your basket of eggs
  14. the rules for those 2 are quite visible on the cards, outmanoeuvre lets you spend dodges vs crits and barrage lets you forgo arsenal to make a second attack action which lets you fire 1 weapon twice separately for 2 actions (main cannon comes to mind vs deflect/nimble or vehicles with the high velocity and critical/impact values respectively) the main rule we really need to know is what cycle does since its wasnt in the new rules and seems to be on several ordinance upgrade cards and on the b2 unit grenade launcher
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