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    Does Arsenal stack

    Absolutely. Special rules with Numerical Values do indeed do so.
  2. I wish I could get those here. Q-Tips around here, regardless of brand, are all wrapped-paper sticks rather than the old hollow plastic. But there's enough clearance - that's what the thinner tubes are for I only spray-prime after all, anyway/
  3. I have them in multiple diameters for different squads - thicker ones are fine for Rebels and r abd vs... the thinner tube is thin enough that tie wings can hang over without touching or scraping letting me paint internal surfaces
  4. He can buy you a turn of Sato long range Crit immunity on someone like Demolisher, before you get in close to, well, Demolish’er
  5. Thrawn would somewhat disagree with you in that regards... "Large capital ships with attendant squadrons are the best mix for both pacification and open warfare." \ But keeping it "real", what's the basis on your philosophy with that?
  6. One could argue that the sub-things that go into the overall broad topic of "Star System Pacification" are what makes it fairly generalist, being that it needs to have a balance between individual threat, carrier capability, self reliance and such.
  7. Right, right. You know, I knew it was Rule... But for some reason, my Southern Colonistic bent refused to let me actually write the Whole Name as once, lest I be somehow capitulating to its inherently imperialistic nature.
  8. Well, being that they’re scheduled for Q4 I think it’s safe to hope we have at least Info by Christmas 😁
  9. Can you even play "Hail Brittania" to an Imperial March Cadence?
  10. You're... effectively... Solving the problem of Imperial MSU viabilty by providing a legitimate vector for its positive performance?
  11. You’d have to do creative overhanging cardboard to take the cutouts to accommodate the raised base edges on the sides
  12. And they went to the tournament participants first, quite a few of which could be classed as “competitive minded people”, who are focused instead on nationals at NOVA upcoming, rather than learning new campaign systems.
  13. I don't doubt it, its just wether its worth the trouble, really I'm especially bitter. I don't think the empire deserves anything else special and unique until the Rebellion gets access to the two concepts/upgrades that are Unique to the Empire now.
  14. Its in the FAQ. Essentially, the SSD Gets a Token "On Revealing" its Command Dial. For the purposes of effects that require "Revealing", Thrawn does NOT Work, as per FAQ. The Sole Exception is turning a Dial into a Token.
  15. Well, Raid certainly got a boost with RitR... But with most things, I'm always in the path of "You'll get something new when you've fully experienced what you've already got", and that counts Raid for most Imperial Players I know - They didn't really leverage it in any way, giving it up for dead (when I feel it was just niche, not dead)... But hey, RitR will change that... Even if just for surprise Assault From a design perspective, Canon is the primary source after all - Lucasfilm and Disney will be reluctant to go and allow access to things when there's a new equivelant in existance. Darktroopers are probably out, but the Security Droids that resemble them superficially can probably go in, for example. But there does seem to be some allowance for things that have already been approved to continue to be approved, after all - even in other systems moving across to Armada (that's the only way I can see we got Maarek, E-Wings and Corran, after all). Otherwise, you really need to have a niche to put things into, and have to eavoid pitfalls and traps. I mean, the Rebels could probably do with another Medium ship... But Imperial Smalls have to be balanced along the lines of "They can't have a Hammerhead equivelant because Vader BT, and indeed, BT exists with Avenger on the Table." Same as Fleet Supports seem to be built on the Flotilla chassis in mind... Giving a heftier ship with single, let alone dualaccess? That seems like a nightmare balance scenario for design...
  16. I think calling it a rebel ISD is a misnomer. Same as calling the Liberty an ISD - it superficially resembles it in a few ways, but if you use it like one you’re in trouble. The arc setup on the Starhawk already sets it quite apart for me...
  17. Well, as long as you're not taking some *other* new offensive Retrofit, like the Advanced Transponder Net to not be Bombed to death anymore (which is a good'un), and basically, a cornerstone of Imperial Lists recently have eithe rbeen Heavy Squadrons, or BTVenger - so really... There's a lot of loss there. I mean, don't get me wrong. The *First* opportunity I have, I'm slapping it on 2 Interdictors and a Gozanti and going SSD Hunting. But its at the cost of a lot of the Nose Punch utility, so we'll see. I'm inherently not impressed by 1 cases. But the situations where you can put 5-6 on the table at once, that's where you'll get my attention.
  18. All they cost you is 4 points, an offensive retrofit slot, and your very soul. Honestly, for a lot of people - that Offensive Slot cost is the hardest one to bear.
  19. ... All Together now... Gimmie a PEW and a PEW and a.. oh, god, how many attacks is this costing me? Another PEW I guess....
  20. Always be Navigating(TM) with 3 Turns of Engineering Bonus Its like JJ without taking shield damage, and still bonus Engineering.
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