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  1. Give me an actual experimental slot to go with they fact they were to offset Fleet commands. Then well I’ll talk FLEET WIDE REROLLS for the Rebels a bit.... Theres plenty of things that fall under “faction identity “. AvengerBT doesn’t need perfect positioning - it should have to work for it.
  2. Someone may well have one or a link somehere. I just know I don’t .
  3. There wasn’t a real single repository- I know Of one Dropbox owner who was asked to remove it from public accessibility
  4. Because they’re clone wars era ships? With a storied enough history, it would t be repainted at refit. That’d be bad luck.
  5. Don't forget you can get 2 Gozanti for the price of an Arquitens
  6. It legal. But rather than ET, look into Adding Fighter Coordination team so you can be dragging Kanan along with you, to potentially slap 3 raids on a bad guy with a lucky roll.
  7. Drasnighta

    Does Arsenal stack

    Absolutely. Special rules with Numerical Values do indeed do so.
  8. I wish I could get those here. Q-Tips around here, regardless of brand, are all wrapped-paper sticks rather than the old hollow plastic. But there's enough clearance - that's what the thinner tubes are for I only spray-prime after all, anyway/
  9. I have them in multiple diameters for different squads - thicker ones are fine for Rebels and r abd vs... the thinner tube is thin enough that tie wings can hang over without touching or scraping letting me paint internal surfaces
  10. He can buy you a turn of Sato long range Crit immunity on someone like Demolisher, before you get in close to, well, Demolish’er
  11. Thrawn would somewhat disagree with you in that regards... "Large capital ships with attendant squadrons are the best mix for both pacification and open warfare." \ But keeping it "real", what's the basis on your philosophy with that?
  12. One could argue that the sub-things that go into the overall broad topic of "Star System Pacification" are what makes it fairly generalist, being that it needs to have a balance between individual threat, carrier capability, self reliance and such.
  13. Right, right. You know, I knew it was Rule... But for some reason, my Southern Colonistic bent refused to let me actually write the Whole Name as once, lest I be somehow capitulating to its inherently imperialistic nature.
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