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  1. Drasnighta

    Unique non character CC squadrons

    Saber is so much better than EWings - apart from the fact it’s cheaper, the extra speed and extra dice make real differences over hull that, in the best of occasions, never gets used... It would have to be more expensive than EWibgs to be considered non unique
  2. Drasnighta

    First game with the SSD

    At 24” long, it **is** a shelf.
  3. Drasnighta

    Star Wars Resistance

    I only had access to the first 3 episodes, and it’s started slow, but even within those 3 it was finding its feet quickly. My kiddo enjoys it. Juat wish I could comment beyond those 3 episodes.
  4. We’re likely to hear it before them, since the announcement is.... during their Tournament...
  5. Correct. This was FAQd to stop back-and-Forth’s of “I do this, then you do that, so I don’t bother doing it in the first place”, as well as “gotcha!”s
  6. Effectively: When the enemy picks up his maneuver tool to plot a course, but before they actually “decide” on a course and lock it in. You MUST declare it or not before they decide to resolve a Navigate Command.
  7. Drasnighta

    Road to 1,000 Likes!

    320 to next milestone... Although, one of the great things I’ve seen is how much **slower** I’ve been gaining likes these days. This is 100% because people are both more rules-knowledgeable, and rules-confident, that a lot of my old rules forum work isn’t needed anywhere near as much. So less likes is overall a good thing 🙂
  8. Baited Breath, given the second SSD article, and the knowledge we get something at Worlds...
  9. Drasnighta

    SSD fun

    It’s a “Huge” ship. That was specified as a new size class. Unless there is a hidden specific rule that says “Huge ships count as large ships” for the purposes of upgrades, then yeah, it’s basically confirmed. Edpeciallyvsunce they could have treated Huge not as a new ship size, and instead treated it like “flotilla”, but didn’t. That’s quite telling to me.
  10. Drasnighta

    First game with the SSD

    At least there are both inherent differences and learned lessons between Xwing and Armada... I have it on the rumour mill that avoiding the “Fat Han” concept was high on the design priority, and one of the reasons it took so long to get here. It is a bit of a shift, but not as dramatic as it could be, beingbthat really, it has both positives and negatives over the Twin ISD it effectively substitutes for. i guess I’m on the more positive side of “for better or worse “ 😁.
  11. Drasnighta

    SSD article up!

    Mostly because In your own words - be the community you want. ... and you seemed to respond to the preview with: “it didn’t tell me what I want. So that’s not a preview, it’s worthless”
  12. Drasnighta

    Rebel Alliance Venator Debate

    When you go through Tarkin and Rebels and such, you find out that the Empire did it’s best to decommission, dismantle and essentially eradicate the fleets to replace with their own. Sep ships were quite modular, so some of the modules managed to find their way to the black market, but that’s basically because there were sent that way by a High ranking imperial traitor - the accounting of the Empire was otherwise very well engineered, as you would expect from a bureaucracy that rewards failure with death. A lot of stuff was slagged, or kept on places like the Qyanchi - the Junk Moon Of Ord Mantell - under heavy guard.
  13. Drasnighta

    SSD article up!

    That is a bit of an arbitrary slipperly slope as it is... I mean, the amount of "Fully Spoiled" Previews vs "Something was left out" would be an interesting metric to see, but I'm convinced that its not polarised, even - we have had some fully, and some partial... So expecting Full at a minimum is a bit... Naff, really. In the end. It was an Article. It previewed things. It makes no matter if you already saw the information in a spread elsewhere, for quite a few people, this was their preview, so it counts. Wether we like it or not. We should be happy anything made it to the News and Announcements page, rather than complaining further. By all means, complain in the end - I just figure, give it a week or two
  14. Drasnighta

    Officer Palpatine Question

    Also, its just spend, not an instant Discard... Although, if you only have the one token, that's how its going to end up...
  15. Drasnighta

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    If you read up you’ll see some reasons