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  1. Because after one shot it completely blew out the targeting system leaving it unarmed. (Stated at the time) and probably slagged the weapon itself at the same time. (My conjecture ) Later editions will undoubtedly lack the beam for its more familiar load out and, know, actual repeat use and relative ease of maintenance. Also, that crazy MonCal was a tribute. Since he was named Quarrie.
  2. To me, she seems like the sort to say "Eff it, We'll do it anyway!" and select Turn 1 or 6.
  3. Because your opponent could be using them? i just figure they will make it that self contained.
  4. Eventually it will be moved to YouTube. Eventually. Which is significantly longer than Soon.
  5. Dude, that was a face down card, not s crit... it was light bringer, not Garel’s Honor.
  6. The problem is, you advocate for choice - and then state it’s perfectly okay to remove choice... Besides, I grew up in that state. i know what it takes to get people into a game and to play it. why do you think the gaming club I created, based out in the boonies with no store support, became the Inaugural Victorian Interclub Champions at 40k? Sonerhing that must alwsys he kept in mind is a target audience. Getting people into a game is good, but getting a smaller number of the right people , in my belief, is better. All you can ever do is sell the strengths. You can’t make them up and push for change to make it true 🙂 i mean, I wish you could. Would make my life easier for sure😁
  7. My thoughts on this matter really center around the hope of simply reducing its desire to be run. Mostly because the one big time I remember facing it, my opponent who was using it tilted out pretty badly turn 2 due to some sub-par rolling (including ruler throwing and cries of “why do I play this ****ing game.”) ... mostly because the dice gods listened to them and they turned it around to a 600-50 victory after my dice turned to crap and theirs to gold. The magic combination of “that opponent” with “that list “ is one I want to see disperse... even if I’m not the catalyst or reason, I’d just be happy to see a desire for variety. But, personal musings, anyway. Im not good enough of a player to actually meaningfully warp even a local Meta.
  8. Want, maybe. But if you do not need it, then you are hardly being forced to take it...
  9. No, it is an appointed Title, not a name. nor is it even approaching faux - Latin.
  10. Who says that won’t happen with this?
  11. Merely a Legend, is what you speak.
  12. Befitting a mere repaint, eh?
  13. Neither are objective and victory tokens. but you know they will be there... ... along with 3 extra dials to use Thrawn.
  14. And if round tokens are included in the box? Because you seem to be underwriting things a little. i mean, if there is only one set of round tokens ever, and you have to share them to the pointy hay the same round cannot be chosen... ... wouldn’t that mean any chosen rounds wouldn’t happen becsusr you couldn’t place the round token in the correct place because it’s already on Pryce?
  15. Yes, once activated at HD start of the ship phase, it would remain that turn, like the fleet Commands as per advice.