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  1. OTTLITE is the most famous brand for these. I used to own one that was surplus from a Doctor's Surgery.
  2. Mitt One of the Ruling Houses, the one he was adopted into. That's my guess anyway.
  3. I'm more disturbed that there's 9 Ruling Houses, yet 10 Symbols.
  4. If you wanted to adhere 100% to the theory of 3 in this regard you would first have to determine how many points of damage, on average, a single use of an otherwise blocked brace (or scatter) would save, and base that value on 5-7 points. if youre routinely only saving 1-2 points, it needs to be cheaper... 4+, more expensive. Since our “3 points saved” average is 5-6 points
  5. That information is proprietary and not public information. You have to kind of guess from observation. i believe it has a linen finish, but when and if your able to pice the magic together, you will have fans amongst the population.
  6. That’s... 4 shields per turn? At least? Command/Ship/Squad/Status?
  7. I mean, I did the math as part of my justification 😁
  8. Theory of Three Concludes that it’s on par with every Retrofit that isn’t ECM/EWS. Argument there to be made is that you make as minimal changes to a set to balance it, so it’s better to Nerf ECM/EWS than to boost AP/Clusters/Redundant/RBD to match. akrhough if you do clusters, you gotta do the rest too 😁
  9. Typically it’s one and the same. FFG distributes as they stock. They are just their own distributor.
  10. The only attacks you can make after being destroyed are, Salvo and Counter attacks, and that is specifically because both of those rules contain the words "Even if you are Destroyed." Without that Caveat, that's a Negative, Ghostrider.
  11. To go further: Essentially, the only way to *mark* a squadron model as Destroyed, is to place it on the Squadron Card. At the end of the game, you count up squadrons that are on their cards, and thus, destroyed. If it is on the table, it is, by necessity, not destroyed, as there is no other method of tracking wether that squadron is destroyed or not. STRICT adherence to the Rules, as Written, does indeed provide a solution. Having "Shortcuts" and "Notes", such as fleet lists, are technically illegal, after all 🙂
  12. Here's the Input you're after, but you won't like it. The word "Instead" is Implied, but not Stated.
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