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  1. Drasnighta

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Three G7s and you’ve basically told your opponent to start at speed 0, wherever they go. The onus in on you to find a way to capitalize on that, at that point 😁. The good news is, you’ve got 3 Interdictors to nothing but Eng and NotDie 😁
  2. Drasnighta

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Hey, I tried to layer *multiple* gimmicks in there at the end! 😁😁 But even then, I only topped out at DoubleDictor... Need the squad support you lose from a Third there.
  3. Drasnighta

    Limited Edition Ships

    I mean, event exclusive alt-arts are already a thing... And I mean, the main difference between X-Wing and Armada is, seemingly, X-Wing's business model is a "multi-buy" for most of its packs... You get two or three of a ship much more frequently than you do in Armada... Not to say we don't, but still... Something like a Vulture droid is good for this, as you're probably intending on getting three or more anyway, so its not a huge deal... It can be a little counter-intuitive for Armada to dedicate production resources to something that's going to be a one off purchase for people, that's not going to be general release - either on retooling time and charges, or on the risk that it doesn't sell, when they could just produce more of the baseline. I personally loathe event exclusives. I grew up in Australia, and for almost 30 years there, I envied the ability of people to "Go to GenCon, get Swag" without a $4000k investment in Plane Ticket alone. it was always infuriating. I'm disappointed in the Alt-Art distribution of Armada as it was. I was enthused by the Idea of the "Worlds' stream party" that OP had originally planned (the idea where the Worlds Exclusive Alt-Art would be distributed in limited number (2) to stores so they could run something simultanious to worlds to celebrate), because that helped distribute the Alt Art to those who for whatever reason, cannot travel.... And sometimes, that reason isn't Economical. For some (including me), its also Security and Political based. I begrudingly accept the situation we have, beacause THANKFULLY, unlike a whole bunch of other companies, FFG's alt Arts and Exclusives are functionally identical to general availability... Keep THAT up, and I'll complain a whole lot less... There's absolutely NOTHING worse than Prizes or Exclusives being functionally different, better or modified than general availability...
  4. Drasnighta

    Limited Edition Ships

    I'll make money faking out paint scheme replications, if they do.
  5. Drasnighta

    The SSD?

    Attribute it where you wish, but in this instance - FFG only communicates transit and release data when they physically have the product in their warehouse... in fact, their previous Canadian distributor admitted FFG were famous in giving 2 days notice of full truckloads of product crossing the border, which they’d have to scramble to make room for. So basically, FFG doesn’t know, because it’s (most likely) somewhere between China and their warehouse, in many of the stops and holdups and questionable parts they have no control over, AND, because they have no control over, Don’t bither communicating about... They’ve Taken the cheap bulk transit option. They get what they pay for.
  6. Drasnighta

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Here's the other consideration: System Patrol Craft = New. Build them. Pay for them. Gozantis = Pre-Clone Wars Vintage. Cheap-***-Refits.
  7. Drasnighta

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    Interesting. I admit, I was considering basically turning in only one direction... And Shimmeys are inherently shorter... So that's what I thought, anyway. Always happy to be proven wrong
  8. Drasnighta

    The SSD?

    That;s a Tuesday, Bro. Pick a Thursday, at least.
  9. Drasnighta

    Terrain for Armada?

    I'm a proud member of the last group, too... With my fully painted and individualyl named fleet, and my custom admiral... ... and yet.
  10. Drasnighta

    Terrain for Armada?

    As stated... You Want a Set until you get a Set, and then play with a set, and realise how impractical, fiddly and annoying it is... Great for Photoshoots, not great for actual games.
  11. Drasnighta

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    It means when you turn, you don't go as far forward. When "too slow" is judged by how far forward you're going, turning "Slows you down" because you don't go as far Forward... So yes, the problem is Speed *and* turning... But you don't want to turn *too much*, or you'r elosing speed. Basically, I think you can JJ on the Ozzel move (in fact, you definitely can) So yes, Start at Speed 1 to make it count. So you'd do: Speed 1 Move, II Yaw Speed 2 Move, II, II Yaw, due to Nav Dial But PLEASE don't consider it a Speed 3 Move. It is two distinct moves, and this has a follow on and implication for things that happen after moving (like Overlapping an Obstacle) - because if someone Grav-Shifts an Asteroid in your face, that's potentially 2 Overlaps, rather than 1... Or an Overlap rather than Jumping it Cleanly
  12. Drasnighta

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    1) Every movement has a Determine Course step. That is when you whip out your Man Tool and go A-fiddlin' 2) The next bit is all kinda tricky, and has been covered with the Interdictor and Engine Techs in the past (I'd suggest looking that up ) But I offer you this. If the problem with the Victory is speed, then losing motive distance by turning doesn't help
  13. Absolutely! Because only YOUR ships are gaining the benefit, its not Unbalancing. But it IS unabalancing ifyou just have Dodonna on the board, and suddenly EVERY ENEMY SHIP is taking the Four-Damage Card Crit Lookup, even when hitting Asteroids, or having say, Ackbar shoot at them. But it doesn't mean that a ship belonging to the Sato fleet can use Ackbar's Extra Dice.. and Ackbar's Flagship can't gain the benefit of changing two of its dice to Black just because Sato is "over there"... I am also a little defensive. I was there for the Birth of this Rule, after all
  14. You sure? Assign Targets: After Setup, each player whose commander does not have a “friendly” effect must choose one opponent. The “enemy” effect of that commander only resolves against ships or squadrons controlled by the chosen opponent. Screed is a "Friendly Ship" effect. If the Upgrade references what Friendly Ships can do, then they apply to your Ships all the time. But if it specifically states what the ENEMY does, then its Restricted. Essentially the two who are hit by the Assign Target nerf-bat are Dodonna (which is an infamous "enemy" effect), and Emperor Palpatine (a new, unreleased, and thus, not yet infamous "enemy" effect).
  15. Drasnighta

    Well, it's something.

    They hit some points of the UK, but it was mostly the French and Spanish websites that had it (and they were generally for their own language translations in the end, I think... I havn't confirmed that.)