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  1. The whole situation is weird. I doubt size works into it. Myth games got the Calgary regional for Armada... So I'm happy for them. But it destroys me.
  2. I picked it up as the first game in my personal collection going forward. Was a big fan of the computer game.
  3. So, hey, neither am I running Regionals or able to play in them. Because that's how malfed-up life is.
  4. Thing is, you are basically within 10% of parity. That’s impressive in the early days
  5. On a semi-serious note, I had an impeccable sense of direction until I moved halfway across the world. Now the sky is weird. Weird and backwards during the day, any just flat out foreign at night. Not a **** familiar star.
  6. Great to see the love being passed around. ... coming up on another cluster, myself... And that's even after cutting back on the Rules forum...
  7. Two ship Ace ball. Bombers are just part of the mass of aces.
  8. I shall likewise do the same. I apologise for my overt hostility... Just found it immensely frustrating to be running myself in circles.
  9. In short: If you accept the rule on Thrawn, then you must accept the rule on Leia, as it is the same rule. If you don't accept the rule on Thrawn, then you are flying in the face of the person who designed the card. Who stated that the only reason why its not explicitly stated as so was space on the card and an assumption from the designers that the rules would be followed. If that's still not good enough, then submit it as an official question. If its been submitted, then you need to wait for the response, because I've already gotten my response, and that's the argument I'm making. If you need it in an FAQ, then I'm sorry.
  10. Of course its OP. Its Illegal.
  11. It does follow the only three ways rule, though. Because each command being resolved is a dial. And you cannot resolve the same command twice. Ergo, you cannot resolve Dial + Dial. Only "Dial" for one command, and "Dial" for a different command.
  12. As discussed: You cannot combine, say a Squadron Dial and a Squadron Dial. As you can only activate a command with a dial, and a command can only go once per turn. This means you can have a Squadron Command by dial and an Engineering Command by dial that was granted by Thrawn, for example... Exactly the same way as having a Quasar with the Pursuant Title reveal an Engineering Command but still get a Squadron Command (Dial). But you cannot utilise two of the same Dial. The best thing you can do in the circumstance of revealing a dial that happens to be the same as the Thrawn Granted Dial is to turn the revealed dial into a Token, and then resolve Dial + Token. This has been confirmed to be design intent as well as being supported by RAW.
  13. But us guys are overcomplicating things.
  14. Then enlighten everyone to the uncomplicated solution.
  15. Are you just asking if we've tried using Boarding Teams on an Assault Frigate? Because that's the only thing you can do in return. Because the BT Avenger is a result of its special Rules... Its not just a big ship with a Boarding Team, its the fact that Avenger itself leverages the auto-spend of the Boarding Team to mean you cannot use defense tokens. There is no Rebel equivelant. At all. End of Story.