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  1. Really? I only ever heard it called the Toilet Seat. Donuts and Donut Holes were almost always the R1 No Shoot Zone.
  2. That happened with me as well... The surface just... doesn't seem conducive to washing conventionally at all. Despite my normal surface preparations it beaded up the wash something fierce. I make the assumption its a FUD surface issue... Even though I Washed, Dried, primed and base coated...
  3. I don't play X-Wing, but I think its referring to Dash Rendar... Or at least, the Outrider he flew... A High-Power Cannon Turret that could Shoot in 360 degrees, all the time, basically ignoring obstacles as it drunkenly hampered about - but had only a single weakness - it could not shoot within Range 1 of itself (in essentially any direction). Making it a Donut of Destruction that you had to try to fly into and then remain close to. Nowadays, its more referred to any of the turrets that have a similar range 2-3 restriction.
  4. What's in the 2018 OP kits?

    But they started putting stuff out with errata'd text.
  5. So what's next: Wave 8

    That is unfortunate. For once, here in Calgary, we got W7 Day-of-Release at the Sentry Box... Apparently, if you are on Asmodee Canada's good side, they have auto-shipments for new release stuff... **however**, their restock system is abysmal, so you don't expect to get things on time a second time around... The Sentry Box also organises Mail orders, so might be worth giving them a call and checking what it'll cost, if you're otherwise out of options
  6. New Imperial Ship from Solo

    This is what happens when you go AND FLY BUILDINGS...
  7. Kind of. I mean, Paint is Pigment suspended in a Medium. Wash is Pigment suspended in a Medium. It basically boils down to the ratio of the mix... Washes have a much higher water based ratio than paint... Also, actual actual washes, like Nuln Oil aren't actually thinned out with water - they're thinned out with a wash medium which is basically a thinner paint medium.
  8. Lol Chimaera

    I am of the opinion that this is required for an FAQ (If indeed, all that is needed is to make sure it doesn't count all discards in a ballooning fashion): Chimaera "Removing" the fleet command card removes it from the game, no longer counting as discarded for the purposes of scoring. No errata needed. No other changes. Problem solved.

    Yeah, and I also lived to see the Liberals under Howard revoke half of that given right with new Guidelines on Sedition and vilification... So I’m jaded.
  10. Lol Chimaera

    No. The discard mechanic had to be there, to stop you from using the discard mechanic of the card to trigger, and then the simple remove to replace it - without it, you get a free fleet command every turn for no token no cost... its kind of like the exhaust mechanic... you can’t exhaust something that is exhausted, so you can’t discard something that is discarded...
  11. Deceptive Avatar Thumbnails

    This is one of the reasons I skipped mine around a bit 😁

    “... What’s Free Speech?” ... doesn’t exist where I grew up.
  13. Raddus and Obstacles

    Yep, Hyperspace was most common... A lot of people didn’t see it in mihefields either, due to assumptions of wording... but it was most common there for me (after I beat fleetbambush out of people 😁)
  14. Check jrocknz pic above - the tower ends with a squareplug only... the bottom half plugs into it. It’s a recessed join So parting lines will have been very difficultly concealed
  15. Well, it is. its just that it requires you to completely remove the lower piece that you have remaining on your tower in the pic above.