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  1. Drasnighta

    Gamify it

    Technological Terror Title- Special (0 pts ) Any Large or Huge Ship You are insignificant next to the power of the force... but the force doesn’t grant you the clairvoyance to find the rebel base, so you’re even... ... 😁 ... game-ify hyperspace micro jumps
  2. Drasnighta

    How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

    If you don't have ECM, you will Die. If you have ECM, you will Die. But you'll die a turn or two slower than with out it, and that turn is going to likely to be enough to kill something with your Bombers...
  3. Drasnighta

    Who is Armada for?

    Yet, you don't think that asking for opinions amongst those who play X-Wing isn't, as said, inherently biasing your answer?
  4. Drasnighta

    SSD and Objectives

    I can only guess its a regional translation or something? "Concentrate All Firepower" would be a cool objective name...
  5. Give me a couple of minutes to link my step by step Here:
  6. Drasnighta

    Who is Armada for?

    Dropped a similar post in Legion. i didn’t look any further.
  7. Drasnighta

    SSD and Objectives

  8. Drasnighta

    MOTF 2 Year Anniversary

    The quality of MOTF is why I have not started my own batreps.
  9. Tell me how you’re doing after 16 consecutive hours of “Howdy Neighbour...”
  10. You’ve got a kid now, get used to it 😁
  11. Drasnighta

    Suppression and Panic question

    It is brutal, but it’s helped somewhat by commanders and anti suiression measures like Leias inspire.
  12. Drasnighta

    Obi-Wan's Message

    To be fair, outside of Clan Wren, most of those Mandalorians weren't new so much as re used...
  13. Drasnighta

    How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

  14. Drasnighta

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    I don't feel it does contradict it. Its talking about taking over the mobile battle station project - which includes all of the supply in its construction. Of the Death Star. Krennic was, for lack of a better term, only in charge of the Khyber project and the Superlaser. That is what his focus was on with Galen Erso and such (as postulated in Catalyst) THAT is the Achievement he's talking about. The ability for destruction. Not the Death Star itself. Of course, Krennic sees it taht way, but Tarkin was on the project long before Krennic was (ref: Revenge of the Sith).
  15. Drasnighta

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    Last Night, actually. Audiobook unabridged. Solo, maybe. Rogue one, no. As it is set like, 8 years pre that time.