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  1. I like the Ghostfire pollen idea, but reading up on Iocanthos it's not a fedual world. They have vehicles and guns and such. I'm trying to put the acolytes in place where using modern weapons in the open would be frowned upon. So I might just homebrew a world that supplies Ghostfire pollen for the penal legions. I like the wood idea as well, perhaps a rare wood type or something of the sort. Please keep the ideas coming guys I love it.
  2. Lol that sounds remarkably like my GM for a current Haarlock's Legacy campaign.
  3. Is your character combat oriented? If so I would go with the first layout (Although I am biased towards handcannons, particularly the Carnodon) If you're going more as a support role I'd recommend the second layout. Although something you may want to consider, what kind of armour do you have? Can you afford better armour? Do you have a helmet of some sort? Literally my first fight my Arbitrator was hit in the head 3 times, I was extremely glad I had purchased a Mesh Cowl at the start of the adventure.
  4. Working on a home brew adventure for DH where a team of acolytes is sent to a Fedual World to investigate a disruption of the world's Imperial tithe. Was thinking of something like Adamantine but I'm unsure if a society that had just discovered black powder would be able to mine it. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm currently working on a little homebrew adventure and was wondering what would be some rare/important raw materials that the Imperium would be interested in enough to hold an interest in a planet but not so rare as to validate sending in the Imperial Guard if the flow of these resources were halted or disrupted? My first thought was some kind of metal, perhaps adamantine or something similar but wanted some more input from those that might know more. I need it to be something that could be gathered by feudal society but still important enough warrant a team of acolytes
  6. Verbatim from the errata: The Actions section starting on page 190 should include a special note concerning combining semi-auto and full-auto fire with the Scatter quality, which reads “When firing a semi- or fullauto burst at point blank range with a weapon that has the Scatter quality, the extra hits for rate of fire and scatter are worked out separately and both applied. For example, Horatius Kane fires his combat shotgun at Heretic X. Kane is at point-blank range and fires a semi-automatic burst. Kane rolls 01 with his modified Ballistic Skill of 70 (30 BS, +30 for point-blank range, +10 for firing semi-auto) and hits by an amazing six degrees of success. He gets one hit at 70, one hit for semi-automatic at 50, and a third hit for semi-auto at 30 (he does not get a fourth hit at 10, because the combat shotgun’s rate of fire is 3). He would get additional hits for scatter at 50, 30 and 10, for a total of 6 hits on Heretic X, most likely shredding the cultist to bits in the Emperor’s name.”
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