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  1. The OP obviously wants our feedback on this - but I reckon they've already made their mind up anyway,... IMO - an awful idea.... it may look cool in films/books/comics and as I've played and GM'd superhero games in the past it can be a MAJOR game changer, - ok so is Influence and the force powers in general... but teleporting across the galaxy... FFS what is that player thinking? He may be your friend, but seems a power gamer too. I've had powergamer friends.. great at the bar, the BBQ, the wedding party, halloween.. but at the gaming table they drove me up the wall, so much so that sadly it became a problem and I stopped playing with that group because it WASN'T FUN ANYMORE..... so... so... if it works for you and is FUN, go with it,,, even rolling 1 Despair should have SERIOUS (ie intestine churning, eyeball exploding) consequences.
  2. Next Game... OK players I'll do a left to right camera sweep. The scene opens on an Imperial Garrison, AT-ST crews prepare for their morning patrol as a beat up Firespray sits on one of their docking areas. An unknown individual wearing Mandolorian Armor ascends the ramp, the ramp closes and the after a few minutes the Firespray takes off... it soon becomes a dark speck, then disappears into the clouds..... GM (to wookie player): You awake thirsty, with a raging hangover/headache in a grey plas-steel walled cell. There are no windows and your hands are bound by magbinders behind your back.. what do you do? Before he has time to answer interrupt to the other 2 players... you awake on the floor of your ship, hungover and thirsty, It appears you have not been robbed, all gear, in fact is stored neatly against the ship's bulk heads beside you including the wookie's. The wookie is not with you and there is a note attached to his (chosen weapon). It reads: Your friend is now in the custody of the local Imperial Garrison, in a Maximum Security cell. Please choose your friends wisely in the future or suffer the same fate. Many eye witness reports have been recorded against your friend and video evidence is also the possession of the Empire. Signed Boba Fett.
  3. Sit down as a group. The GM gives his grievances, then the other two players, then the wookie player justifies his In Character actions,,,, then GM & 2 players give ultimatum - play within the spirit of the game or go play 'Murderous Psycopath D20',, also known as the new Evil Party PFRPG Adventure Path. Or get a montage of every Chewie scene and say.. do you see THIS wookie behaving like that?.. I'd be tempted to send out a galaxy wide bounty on the PC. - All types from The Bounty Hunter code (1 Corporate, 2 Sector/System/Planetary, 3 Regional, 4 Galactic, 5 Most Wanted) If the PC has racked up a huge body count they should at least be a Galactic Hunt - face plastered EVERYWHERE & known associates inc vessel description.
  4. Give them the halfing bonus for equipment/armour as well out of D&D 3.5 - half cost due to size
  5. Well, its just a hypothetical. No one has asked me to do this, and I wanted to see what other players and GMs thought. Well, I will say in a galaxy as diverse and strange as Star Wars provides almost anything is possible. If someone were to play a droid designed to mimic force powers they would have to come up with a character history at least a page long (Times New Roman size 12 1.5 spaced) to explain why such a droid would have been built and why it is on the Rim hanging out with a bunch of miscreants. Having said that I've got the bare bones forming in my head.... Lets see.... Following the infamous "Order 66" the Emperor knew many Jedi would have been missed leaving some dangerous loose ends. To tie those ends up he funded the design and manufacture of the "Jedroid" a line of droids designed to mimic not only human appearance and behavior but the powers of a young force sensitive. Using state of the art miniaturized technology such as micro tractor beams, long range ultra sensitive sensors combined with dedicated logic circuitry, top of the line servos and miniature pulsed contragrav thrusters the droids would seem capable of performing Force like feats. The Emperor reasoned that sending such droids out into the Rim worlds of the galaxy, where Jedi would have likely hidden, would attract the attentions of said Jedi who might take the droids under their wings to train them. The droids programming would start them off at a lower power level and lead the Jedi into believing that they were training their new "students" and thus lowering their guards so the droid could then kill the Jedi and report back to the Emperor with the Jedi's lightsaber as proof. The Emperor demanded the program be so secret that the droids couldn't be manufactured by any of the droid factories so each one needed to be built by hand in a workshop under security so tight that the engineers and technicians doing the work didn't know exactly what they were doing. Only a handful saw the finished product assembled and tested out. An initial run of seventy jedroids were made and ran through a series of trials to see if they would work. The first sixty eight worked flawlessly in a mechanical sense, their force power replication tech was fine, the problem was in their personality replication software. They simply couldn't act like whatever race they were designed to duplicate. However the last two, made to replicate humans, worked perfectly. Their external "skin" was warm to the touch, perspired when active,bled when cut and formed scar tissue when healed. It even reacted with synthflesh and other medical gear correctly. Their personalities were believable, they came across as secretive, but that made sense as they were supposed to be in hiding. The Emperor approved of them and they were equipped with clothing, credits, a blaster pistol and other personal effects along with a molecular stiletto with a charge of synthetic neurotoxin strong enough to kill a bantha. They were told to book passage on a freighter headed for the rim and blend in. The Emperor then ordered a new batch using the same programming as the last two. He ordered the failures dissembled for parts to be used on the next generation of jedroids. However in his arrogance he never thought the jedroids could turn against him. Instead of following orders the pair returned to the workshop, activated the other jedroids and together they destroyed the workshop and all of the computer files on the project. Most of the jedroids were destroyed by the Stormtroopers assigned to the facility but a few survived and they scavenged what they could from the wreckage and scattered across the Rim Worlds to find their place in the Galaxy. The jedroid Sixty-Nine booked passage on a freighter bound for Ryloth where he found work as a gun for hire. The local miners guild needed guards to protect their shipments from bandits and the jedroid did very good work. His ability to detect danger and react to it quickly and effectively saved many shipments and many lives. He used his "force" powers sparingly as he knew the Emperor would like to recover him just as much as any real force sensitive. In time he had to move on as his reputation was growing and the tales included enough miraculous feats that he knew the Inquisitors would soon visit Ryloth to find their source. Well, that's all that was rattling around in the old noggin. Enjoy. WRITE THIS AS A NOVEL/CROSSOVER ADVENTURE BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES!!!!!
  6. If it prgresses the story yes... if the player wants the added interest '...follow them AND GET ME THAT DROID!' The force powers make meatbags an attractive collective at chargen. I'd let a droid purchase equipment and give it a Battery Level, similar to Force Rating else it seems that it could be open to abuse. In fact.... the quest for the Battery in the first place.. or it plugs in a Kyber Crystal.. just my 2 cents
  7. WHERE??? I didn't spot those! ... and I've seen it a few times! ... Could you post some pics etc
  8. $£$£$£ Kerching.. It would have made a better plot line if Finn had jumped in the pilot's seat and said 'Erm.... I know the basics of flying a shuttle from the Academy. I'll give it a go!' But then again it makes Rey the (female) lead in most of Ep VII I'm expecting a "Disney Princesses: Rey" stationery line in time for the new school term
  9. How can Rey '...fly anything...' if she's been stuck on that planet? Hopefully, we'll see an EXTENSIVE flashback showing her flight training, OR is this JJ's/the writer's/Disney's interpretation how the force works (if it is, IMO it sucks)? (apologies because I reckon someone has already posted this)
  10. PLOT! Which has no correlation with the RaW rules of an RPG set in the same universe, If we were playing MERP and watching the LoTR trilogy we'd have similar questions (like: How come Frodo and the other Hobbits are NEVER frozen with fear when first confronting Ringwraiths?)
  11. Definitely sounds like Samurai's with Cowboys & Indians in Space... Bravo, keep going. The players should count their lucky stars. I mean, Destiny Points
  12. Print this off: https://app.box.com/s/o4jl4sb3na0d0bpukp88 choose the rare items that would add to the plot, then make your own table. Get one of the players to roll... or better still make it a multi-compartmented crate and let EACH player roll once..
  13. I was originally going to suggest 'commom sense' applies, but.... *Let Teacher Mode Commence* even the description needs clarification on page 132... Dictionary Definition of Device - A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment: Underlined coz common sense dictates this is what it actually means .... OR.. for those more pedandic players (who I've overheard at a gaming club arguing a point - meta/power gamers, seriously, talk about an**ly retentive players) A bomb or other explosive weapon A plan, method, or trick with a particular aim A drawing or design: A form of words intended to produce a particular effect in speech or a literary work: SO.... really ANY mechanical or electronic device ie. single component of a larger unit - shield generators on a starship, the powercell of a blaster pistol, the magnetic coil of a magnetic coil...the motivator of a driod, the memory unit of a protocol driod so it cannot translate, the missile bay of a Firespray, the sensors of a Star Destroyer... like I said, common sense BUT let the failure propel the story forward as well or that it adds a plot element later on
  14. I'm gonna run a quantum universe SWRPG setting where Palpatine accidentally said 'Execute Order 65'.. there is no Palpatine,as he was killed by Windu (and those 3 schmucks who died REALLY quickly in Ep III) and no Darth Vader, as Anakin saw the error of his ways and rejoined the Light Side after the 'Windu Monologue' It'll be really boring
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