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  1. Curse of Strahd... twas me. I'm using the Summer break to try and write least a sandrailboxroad jaunt.. (wish me luck.) My basic plan is to first thumbnail point A (start) to B (BBEG - using A&A as inspiration) and then plot in two Obligation sidequests per player...that may or may not have consequences later on. I'll have at leaat two McGuffins (yes 2!!!) We were EXTREMELY luck when we played CoS, we just happened to take the best choices bar one which we made '...A Tactical Retreat...' (i.e we ran away). I'd heard of CoS for years and I'm so grateful of my GM for taking the time to run it. For those thinking of running it, just be aware that it takes a lot of real world gaming time when sometimes in Barovia the players have just spent only 6-12 hours doing something but it's worth it, I got into the habit of bullet pointing each session the morning after for recap.. some hilarious moments and some Oh **** moments. But back to books... Modular encounters really, I like the splat we've got already and A&A is always a go to for off the cuff NPCs when needed.
  2. I posted this then went through the equipment lists in the various books.... concussion, stun, there's two rifles that maintain their long range benefits for stun damage etc yeah...I got this... cheers guys. I don't want to remove their fun at all just wanted to make the initiative rolls worth it instead of rolling, sorting out initiative order...then the minions are all down by the time their slot comes around.
  3. I go about reasoning like this: Ignore a tv show made for kids where the lightsaber users regularly deflect VEHICLE SCALE weaponry with PERSONAL SCALE weaponry or where they land , infiltrate AND escape from a Star Destroyer (at least the prison ship episode of Mando was more believable). I basically set down the rule: IGNORE ALL THE TV SHOWS and Disney Canon, there's too much contradiction or retconning. Utilize your own judgement so that later on the players can't whine about a judgment not in their favor - I've seen it happen a few time from GROWN ADULTS at an RPG club i used to go to, jacked it in after 6 games as it as like playing with children. 35 Officers could mean a number of NCO's (team leaders like chief engineer, chief gunner, chief comms with 2-6 people in their command). if they want to play with the big boys with a 'grown up' ship let them but personally I'd impose 'big boys' toys' rules.... feuling, wages, inter-crew politics, maintenance, BoSS filing and paperwork I think 4 to run a Corvette is way too generous. One plot idea is they take on a bunch of crew who they think aren't linked only to find out their new crew is a bunch of shipjacking pirates or one of them is infected and the crew need to be locked down or one of them is an ISB agent or a sociopathic murderer bumnping off the crew or etc etc. But more importantly have fun. (I still think four crew for any ship that size or larger it too generous) I do watch Rebels and CW but don't apply their story writing logic to the RPG... I think Holocrons should be extremely rare and valuable, not have dozens locked in a vault... I mean, come on, storing ALL the information on ONE holocron about all future force sensitive children,.. facepalm... and it's the only repository in the galaxy. At least in D&D there was direct reference that Candlekeep had a back up site.
  4. I've played Edge a few years back and I'm about to start GMing a bit more. My question is: Do you apply all damage at the end of each combat round to ensure the mooks/goons/minions/laserfodder get at least one shot in or if they act in Action Slot 3 or 4 and get hit so they've already been gunned down and won't see another second sunrise. I can see at least two of my players going to Cad Bane wannabes and dual wielding, which with heavy blaster pistols can dish out enough damage to take out a certain Minion groups of 3. If it's like D&D and an 'XP Provider' gets hit and killed they don't get their action. I'm asking this as I visualize the combat more scene/narrative like than a sequential version like D&D meaning all act in a combat round before dying etc. If it is like D&D, I can just increase the number of minions/group and/or use more minion groups with a rival or 2. .
  5. ...mainly the teaching of any tree that supplies l/saber techniques really,narrative fluff. The carrot/stick will be they will be cheaper to purchase with XP later. I'm AFB so there may be other restrictions on trees...
  6. I hear that THE BEST sandrailboxroad campaign ever written is Curse of Strahd apparently 😄 I've heard/read enough about it to consider buying it, reading it and trying to write and plot out something epically similar. I have considered writing a main plot thread for a homebrew, then throw in extra 'side quests' that may or may not impact the main plot. TBH the only way I could do this is reread all the splat and the prewritten stuff... maybe even thread all prewritten stuff together so the players feel each decision is more player led rather than railroaded, and determine which prewritten is the EPIC endgame plot.
  7. I thought I'd post here to get the thoughts/rants/ideas from players and GMs rather than in the GMs section. My first thoughts for a F&D campaign is to say NO to players from choosing one of the six (seven?) 'Form' Specializations at PC creation, as my plan is to bring in a Mentor or a plot line where they can then buy into the Trees, by uncovering artifacts, sites, books, (maybe even the magic teaching boxes known as Holocrons - which I've always considered as something that should be something extremely rare, not having a vault containing hundreds). I've found images and inspirational stuff that have sent me down a different path from the original plan just before Lockdown started. So, to players mainly, how would you feel if those spec trees were denied you at PC Gen?
  8. I prepped for a swoop race by prerolling all the other racers results... put them all into Success, Advantage, Triumph over Failures, Threats.. worked out a commentator's narrative with blanks to put in the PC postioning.. by the last bend there was only one NPC and the Player still swooping, soem lost control on the first hairpin bend OUCH! they were coming in second after first getting up to 4th place.... I let them flip a destiny to pip them on the line.... so a five minute session took about half an hour to 45 mins to plan but the players loved it... I'll do something similar for 'Season 2' using flyers or nerfs 😄
  9. I homebrewed some modding rules only because of the infamous page 151.. I'm AFD (Away From Document) at the mo but it has incremental costs depending on the rarity and benefits of the mod.... PCs only can still attempt to install themselves if they wish up to rarity 5, Technician Career only 6+ and still risk a failure OR spend the cash and have it successfully installed by a professional Technician NPC for anything 3+ rarity.
  10. My idea is to track wounds as normal, also track wounds 'anesthetized' so if in combat a PC has say 12 wounds and takes 10, uses a stim 2 times to heal 9, they still have only 3 wounds left, I'm also thinking of a setback dice at half or more if not using a stimpack and 2 at three quarters or more.... I just feel that the wounds taken in combat need to feel dangerous to players.... 'I have 13 wounds I've taken 9, so I'll stim twice,,,, HURRAH!! I'm back up to 13... I've taken 6,,,I'll apply stim 3 times... HURRAH! I feel invincible....I've taken 1!!' Combat is over and I'M STILL STANDING, I FEEL LIKE I COULD TAKE ON THE EMPIRE BY MYSELF! So in the above pedantic scenario a PC has taken enough initial damage to actually take him out... dunno,,, needs work 😁😁 Eventually. anesthetics wears off... maybe the total applications in a combat encounter only lasts a hour and the pain, therefore the Wound Threshold, kicks back in? I remember combat in WHFRP being lethal, like it actually is. D&D has a lot to answer for with Potions of Healing and I just think that stimpacks are the sci-fi/space opera equivalent. Also for me, some of my players now are capable of dishing out significant damage per hit.... maybe I'll ramp up the minion squads and start bringing in Rivals who can dish it back out... **maniacal laughter** Wasn't there at least one sci-fi rpg where you couldn't heal in the field, was that Traveller or FFG Warhammer 40K? Maybe I dreamt it
  11. Here I am browsing the forums again on a Saturday afternoon... To me stimpacks seem more Trek than Wars, TBH so far my players have applied them AFTER combat, not during, as they see a turn applying a stim is a turn not shooting 😄
  12. I don't know how good it was but wasn't there a d20 Saga KOTOR sourcebook? I 'spose we could use that for splat info until we get official stuff
  13. I finally got around to finishing SW:R, seasons 3 & 4 on binge watch over lock down.. I enjoyed most of the series but there were some stinkers. I enjoyed the change in Hondo from CW to Rebels - the voice actor must have thought 'I'm getting PAID for this!!!' I've now started CW again as I only got to Season 3 originally, just finishing season 1. IMO, they (Disney) would be onto a good thing if they got the writers for both series together if they weren't the same already as I stop the credits and put the next episode on. The YouTube vid of the team for the High Republic didn't do anything for me. The wipeboard board with the three columns threw up a few alarm bells. My gaming group all agree they (Disney) should get the writers in, then say - watch CW, Rebels, 123456 R1 and READ ALL THESE BOOKS for splat - d6, d20 and the FFG stuff. Then watch 789 as that is also canon... I'm not expecting, going forward, anything pre-Disney buy out in any new stuff but a knowledge of the love and attention to detail would be a good starting point. Mando is good starting point, there were some filler episodes but there was enough tips of the hat to cowboys and Indians in space that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Tbh seen as I live and work in the real world in the education sector I'd like 'not real world stuff' in my entertainment. if I want real world in my entertainment I put on the news, Panorama, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament or read the Essays on the Al-Jazheera website. i want entertainment, not box ticking agendas. I can see why the agendas are put in - higher viewing figures means more 'likes', means more merch sales probably and keeps everyone happy. And by everyone I mean the Board of Directors. I don't think anything has been so divisive as new Trek and Wars since we've had so many writers, reboots, different universes etc. I see Star Wars now as an IP that is not aimed at me anymore. I can see why people like the new trilogy and I do say to fans 'Fine I respect your likings', but I get annoyed when they don't respect my dislike of the new trilogy by saying 'What's not to like?' It's a new fan's world now, I had my time with 456123 (R1 even though it's new canon) I'm not holding my breath for Mando 2 tbh. Thank God for Edge core 😄
  14. What game ruling determines the difference between a light and heavy blaster pistol? Is it the weapon's base damage? Heavy does 7, all others do 6 or less. Or in the wepaon description which is only mentioned IIRC in CRB, page 161-2 and no splat as I'm AFB but starting to look through them 😄
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