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  1. That could work, thanks! I dont need all the details, so much as the finished product (like the PDF Output in HTML / XML / JSON format might work) Have you thought about supporting export templates. I use a program called PCGen for D&D and you can modify a template with {{BRAWN}} type of values spread throughout - this would allow users to create their own custom templates and share them with the community Jason
  2. Personally I would like a format that is easily readable / postable on a Forum for PbP games. Specifically I am in an RPOL game, so it would be nice if each skill was in the format of Stealth: <Green>2A</Green> <Yellow>1P</Yellow> (2 Ability 1 Proficiency) But this could easily be edited for PHPBB3 color formats. Here is a full character sheet that someone built manually. Obviously the format for each skill I would prefer what I posted above (2Abiltiy 1 Proficency instead of just marking 1) however this is done manually so it wasnt done for every skill. Class skills are marked with an ! (however a * would work just as good)
  3. Hello, This is great! I love how it helps a newbie build a character for the first time. I would love to see an Export format to have it export into various formats. As a .NET C# programmer I would be willing to look into this function personally if you don't mind sharing the source code with me
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