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  1. pretty sad decision to stay on keeper role....Why not seeker ? what a sad move for the clan ! Unicorn is clearly better than worlds showing... already dominating lot of meta BEFORE the release of yurt... Again the clan is the most difficult to deckbuild with scorpion and the most difficult to deckbuild with phoenix... The clan don't allow error but is simply faster and more dominating than 2/3 of the meta. Whining around unicorn is really sad... Dragon are not yet playing optimum decks for the most part and are clearly underperfoming in this event, same on unicorn... Balanced meta would be very different... yet we talked on that on appropriate forums but this is a little sad... Let's see what kotei seasons will give us.... As first koteis are europeans and environnement is very dragon / unicorn oriented here... First big tournament in madrid top 5 is logical : 3 unicorn than dragon, than crane so Madrid kotei will certainly give us tools to confront worlds environnement and nuance things...
  2. Scorpion is very fun to play indeed but have near no comparaison to crane... one point in common is that there have lot of courtier peeps (which is fluf) but they do not play by the same force and weakness... Crane value the dominance of POL conflicts at all cost (often only attacking with one peep in MIL just to check...) and the need to honor themselves each one of them to become an impressive stated peep. They have a try possible at dishonoring opponent's family able to achieve dishonor victory. They tend to bid very low and to compensate with lot of draw... Scorpion value powerful tricks (often use defensively to totally repel attacks) at an high cost and a more versatile approach of stats. they tend to have very low force decks relying more on powerful confclit cards to make the job. They do not tend to play with honor or dishonor victories and have bonus to bid very high. oh yes they might have a miror regarding the need to dishonor (for scorpion) or honor (for crane). this is another point in "common" (in fact totally opposite). But this is not the same clan totally, not the same gameplay... But if you prefer playing scorpion, go for it... Clans seems to have reverted back to RPG flavor with crane being totally crane and scorpion not being the dishonor win machine is often was... this fine to me but ask for long time players to adapt... Whatever scorpion is so fun and tricky to play... but beware this ask for lot of experience to climb some steps in learning skills... Crane tend to be a little easier to learn...
  3. Unicorn champ would be broken in crab... No way tsukune would replace my champ in unicorn clan... I prefer by far our mongol princess ! Yokuni sure, he would be well in synergy with lot of combos in our clan. the evil twins i don't take any of them in unicorn clan... Altansarnai is still far better by a large margin IN OOUR DECKS (not in general balance)...I would take regarding how we work as clan synergy : kisada (would have been so OP in unicorn, we trade ?) or yokuni... that's all.
  4. fun remark... let's see after great tournaments... Yet back to champion analysis, sure she is not the greatest no problem with that... but all champions seems close in term of powerlevel to me... kisada and shoju might have some distance to others but all others are very balanced and strong in their own clans...
  5. no game in 40 games in a normal environnement ? something wrong with your unicorn it seems Yet, unicorn as scorpion, is a very difficult clan to play and demand lot and lot experience especially against all different clans... You will be able to master them soon ! Just keep trying, the clan worth it and can reward you a lot when mastered ! In one coreset, nevertheless, unicorn is very weak unable to find his combos and tricks with all cards in X1. Dragon on the other hand is near unstoppable as their SH only make any peep province taker easily... the result is not a surprise. @nono : captive audience / moto horde ? seems difficult combo to bring with one coreset only... further you need to make horde come by SH to avoid being bowed and send home... when i think of unicorn, this is not why the clan is feared at first Yet more generally, i agree totally with you unicorn dynasty peeps don't seem to like force and unicorn don't see to be the slower clan (at the contrary in fact :D). But clearly one coreset format make them near unplayables contrary to their impressive position in X3 coresets.
  6. Mine : 1 - Kisada : his negate is very very strong 2 - shoju : as there is lot of combos that make him stop totally an attack or lot of situations where he just take a POL province easily. A little gate here then ... 3 - Yokuni : all around he is good near everytimes he hit the table. Not the strongest in any situation but good overall anytime. 4 - Hoturi : stronger in crane than toturi in lion mainly because easier to honor and crane love more spam fire and air while lion could appeal any ring more. 5 - Toturi : still strong but less than hoturi in appropriate clan. 6 - Shinjo A : very situational but still a good POL force (honored or not) on a clan who lack it. She is perfect fit for her clan (would have been bad elsewhere) even if yes I think fallen is a very bad card now but still on certain starts or tables, she is able to take down large characters... As noted above way of crab + assassination combo seems weak at first.. but clearly it is not. 7 - tsukune : the most beautiful maybe but the less impacting... This is relative as she is strong and clearly worth 5... all champions seems very good in their appropriate clans but kisada and shoju seems a little stronger maybe.
  7. thanks Katsutoshi ! Everyone is welcomed there !!!
  8. Hi everyone ! no rule forum yet so trying here : Rulebook seems to indicate that hotaru / toturi let the attacker choose et resolve rings when they win in defense. Let's see : When you win a conflict whereas in attack or defense, you resolve the effect What is exactly a ring effect : https://servimg.com/view/19674469/27 In each effect, the attacking player chooses something and the evil twins are not worded like display of power : what do you guys think of that ? do the evil twins need an errata ? do they do not simply work in defense ? Anybody is finding that my analysis is wrong by another point in the rulebook ? Edit : image link seems not working, i'm trying again
  9. Toturi Tsudao easy first on the list Otaku Kamoko Doji Yasuyo I was loving the Shinjo Min Hee / Moto Naleesh arc and his direction in onyx... Special prize for Doji Domotai : not my vision of the perfect crane but yet an impressive daimyo and stories...
  10. AS a RPG player just before being a card player (we talk of long time ago here near 20 years ), I choose clan for what they do and their philosophies far above game mechanics... Game mechanics helped me choose between some tournament decks in my clan of heart but i always knew that I will play the same clan in tournament, as i will always play targaryen in any AGOT V2 tournament whatever their powerlevel. Sadly depending of the exact arc, my clan had not always storywise mechanic or was very poorly balanced in term of tournament powerlevel. I have confidence in FFG to make things better or more storywise. I was very impressed by what they do in AGOT V2 as each faction and even character was immediatly close to what he did in the books...
  11. The new spoil of "put to the torch" make even harder to play fealty... another near autoinclude neutral event ? This one is well needed, in all my octgn games so far, locations were untouchables and decisives so this new event will help a lot... Very very rich deckbuilding...
  12. True enought... Right now in coreset, this is a true dilema to enter fealty against a no agenda but i'm totally sure (and so i agree with you now) that for example Targaryen will have no hesitation to play an automatic fealty once the first packs are here ! Same on lannister who still have strong interesting banner decks but will have a great temptation to play fealty agenda... (especially with this morning spoils !). in this case yes, fealty will certainly be intended to be the "standard" no agenda option...But even in the case of long term good luck to make meta choices with only 15 neutral cards... but this is another matter This is why this fealty agenda is well balanced : an heavy malus but a great bonus ! true deckbuild choice... for now and sometimes I think.
  13. Not totally agree here... Putting only 15 neutral cards is an huge disadvantage for coreset decks only (I think this will change with the first cycle). in some extreme builds, I was playing no agenda before fealty... Most of the times of course i do whatever I can to stay at 15 neutrals and play the agenda but in some factions you are in difficulty to enter 30 peeps of your faction only for example (as 15 neutrals mean : 3 kingroad, 3 rose road, 3HJ, 2/3 put or tears, and 3/4 other cards only between : peeps, milk, iron throne, other excellent events, some attachement like bodyguard in some decks... this is a stern and difficult choices !). In fact, when i was newb', i was thinking banner agendas were not playables at all as 12 allied cards + the neutrals mean you can't barely play your own faction. Of course, now, I think this is not true and i play banner agendas to give me more peeps choices (and notably access to weenies like 1 or 2 GC allied peeps) AND for being able to enter unlimited neutral (not always above 15 of course but at least i have the choice !). So in the end, I keep near no deck without agenda in my current builds but fealty is clearly not a free agenda, playable when you can't manage to build an alliance version of your deck. No A, fealty and banner all have their interests and drawbacks and, as with lot of different other aspects of this game, things are well balanced !
  14. This is very difficult to foresse the real meta of this game. All factions seems playables at competitive level and deckbuild is already very rich. There is lot of different decks (sometimes in the same house) who seems really powerful : military agro (stark or greyjoy mainly claming 2/3/4 and killing more with events), lot of control / kill (targ or barathen full of tears or put to the sword), there is some "tower " decks (i survive until i put my main character out and explode in power like robert or daenerys decks). Depending of what will be more played or not in your area, your meta will be totally different and you will not played the same counters... Except hand judgment who seems like an autoinclude. For example in an environnement where direct kills are everywhere, you will favor cards like bodyguard / duplicates or high gold curve plots to restore your table. You will more think abut the wolf banner as this give you bran. On the other hand, if your environnement is full of heavy towers unstoppable, you might want to focus on blanking plots or milk or enter more direct kills. This is what seduce me after some games : you have tools to do anything... a good player is determined by his good reading of the environnement and his capacity to play / tutor the right thing at the right time and this is what i ask of a good game !
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