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  1. Farewell Malarian Brood! (good game @Ardaedhel - thanks for joining the fun)
  2. The Hyperping at N should be N1. @GhostofNobodyInParticular "Proprietary Limited is interested in acquiring your planets. Our offer is 29% of our voting stock. Those are our terms. Best Regards, etc."
  3. I will process orders in the next few hours...
  4. Who are we waiting on? I thought we were under the pump because Bertie turns into a Pumpkin July 1?
  5. Well, “beginner’s luck.” Sorry GNIP. Sorry town. But a draw is better than a loss, even if everyone is dead.
  6. I don’t think you can unvote after a hammer. But if you’re worried that I might be tricking you then you definitely town, which means I can trust you. Vote away! @Bertie Wooster
  7. You overestimate my cunning. I didn’t use my kill ability sooner because it’s such a small game and I didn’t have strong leads or feelings. I voted Madaghmire day one but he didn’t get lynched, then he died randomly night one. Day two I voted GNIP, but you guys lynched Jabba (good work btw!). If I had used my kill night two and gotten it wrong the game would already be over. I am going to vote GNIP again and hope Forty is town because if I vote Forty and GNIP is scum I’ll feel like a fool. This way I can say “beginner’s luck”. ## vote GhostofNobodyinParticular
  8. I’m not lying. I am a one shot vigilante piano playing body double. If I get lynched it’s a scum win. If someone else gets lynched it’s a 50/50 town win or no score draw. But that isn’t true either - because if we lynch town then the game ends before night and I don’t get to shoot anyone. Sigh. I remember again why I don’t like these games all that much.
  9. Most games of this that I recall just said “town wins once all threats to town have been eliminated.” I don’t recall a game explicitly stating someone has to survive.
  10. I mean someone could have said something. The world doesn’t cease to exist just because my eyes are closed... or does it?
  11. I have orders from everyone except @clontroper5 I believe.
  12. I’m also headed to bed - please don’t kill me while I sleep.
  13. Well ok. 50/50. Is it Forty or GNIP? A tip for young players - if you are the other town, don’t vote for me - the scum will jump on and win. I had a plan of mutual destruction in mind - I’m a one shot vigilante. My plan was to wait and hope I was one of the last three, and then vote someone and use my shot to kill the other - but on rereading the conditions one townie has to survive for us to win the game. So I screwed that up but good. I guess we can play for a tie? Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
  14. Oh, ok. ## vote FortyInRed because why not?
  15. I don’t know if there is a case at all. My case is - there are 5 left, it’s not me, I don’t think it’s Jabba, May as well vote GNIP. Happy to vote otherwise if convinced.
  16. Are you suggesting there are no scum left?
  17. That's some good thinking there from Jabba. We have time, I believe? ## unvote GNIP What is interesting to me is that we have had two people at L-1 for a number of hours, and Matt did not finish off either train. Way to show restraint, that man.
  18. Ok, I think we have finished turn 2. Here's the picture, start of turn 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b2P636q45b-Xyurk2zgk8y3cI2wnpJuH Here's the log file of turn 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mCbHeYvbx6XugTfhIZaBaEVkbLZM6RHk Here's the saved game at the start of turn 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dPSDDqtS5QtQJlU0ZOupfg_BWeYNp-_c
  19. Waiting on orders from @The Jabbawookie @idjmv
  20. No, I don’t think that. And I was right last time. I think it’s you, Matt, or Ghost (GNIPs). Any other information anyone has to share?
  21. Ok, here is the updated .sav file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oOnc0DaWK0I91dfI--J-V2r8qFwiq3ZX
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