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  1. In risk, the attacker rolls 3 dice, the defender 2. If two of the attackers dice are higher in value than the defenders, then two defenders are lost (two hits).
  2. I rolled some more dice. Assume a planet defended by 15 droid armies. Under standard risk rules, 5 times repeated, the average casualties of the attackers to take such a planet was 12.4. Using the clone forces rules, the average casualties across 5 times was 5.4. So yes, 7 clone troopers can take out a planet of 15 droids 80% of the time. Which is nice.
  3. For fun this afternoon I rolled 200 sets of risk dice - 3 vs 2. The first hundred I rolled with the Clone attack bonus (+1 to rolls, lose tied rolls). The clones caused 2 hits on 67 out of the 100 rolls. The defenders caused 2 hits on 14 rolls. They tied on 19 rolls. The second hundred I rolled just standard risk odds. The attacker caused 2 hits on 44 out of 100, defender caused 2 hits on 23 out of 100, and they tied on 33 out of 100. This is is obviously not statistically significant. But I believe that even with 15 droid defenders, I would happily attack with 7 clones and expect to win.
  4. I feel it is too late to change unit stats or combat calculations. We have all made plans based on current assumptions. Let that which must be done be done.
  5. Sure, give the Republic side another built in advantage... 500 point republic fleet: 4 Venator 1s, 5 Nu-Class shuttles. 12 Carrying capacity. Gets +4 from Warship, +1 from 500 points, still has 7 capacity left to carry superior ground forces. 500 point CIS fleet: 3 Recusant Class Battlecruisers, 1 Omni, 4 Sheathipedes, 1 HMP, 1 Trifighter. 11 Carrying capacity. Gets +3 from Warship, +1 from 500 points, has 5 capacity left to carry inferior ground forces.
  6. Also re Humbarine there was a warship present so the Pelta should be scarred maybe?
  7. I’ve been PMing with GNIP and he has a different way of calculating the combat differences. It’s not wrong, just different - but it will result in more extreme swings then my system.
  8. Supervision is very important. To quote another famous Rebel:
  9. But 100 - 67 is 43! 3 and 7 are ten, and 6 and 4 are ten and oh wait. Right. Maths at 4am. (sheepish)
  10. By my count the 9 should be a 7 (-1 for 110 vs 64, -1 for Warship). Both sides should take 30% of 64 as casualties, neither is scarred, Republic retreat. (This is why I usually write rules where the combat calculator is secret...)
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