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  1. Since the forum crashed yesterday I’m happy to extend this for 26 hours from the time of this post.
  2. I’m pretty sure there is no try... but only a sith, etc.
  3. I would like all orders complete in six hours please.
  4. I believe that is all the interactions this turn. If I have missed anything (scout reports, invasion reports) please send me a message. The Nordic Space Beserkers are eligible to claim 1 VP for completely destroying an enemy fleet. A reminder about blockaded planets: Blockaded worlds still produce credits but these can only be spent on production of Ground Forces at that world. Ships cannot be produced at blockaded worlds. Any unspent credits a blockaded world produces are lost. Turn 3 is now live. New Public Objective: I control 5 planets outside my Home System. 1VP.
  5. At planet L, fleets belonging to the FUNK and the 5th Sector Authority have met. Both sides have no-fire orders against the other. The 5th Sector Authority fleet is obliged to withdraw. At planet X, the 5th Sector Authority has arrived over a Preyhold Autarchy planet... interaction pending... At planet Suomi, the Preyhold Autarchy has arrived over a world of the Nordic Space Beserkers. The planet is blockaded. At planet Far F'Tarq the Lesser there is interaction between the fleets of the Preyhold Autarchy and the Nordic Space Beserkers. The Space Beserkers open fire. 260 Beserker points vs 52 Preyhold points. 83% vs 17% - 6 advantage to the attacker. Actual roll: 6 - 6 = 0 The Preyhold fleet is destroyed - 1 QF1. At planet Hurrkiane the forces of the Trondi Irregulars encounter the Mandalorians. Neither side fire and the Trondi Irregulars are obliged to retreat.
  6. Turn 2 Hyperpings reported: L, F, W, S, N, X, O, H, U There are some conflicts - please continue to hold.
  7. The correct line is "Some Australian on the internet told me to pinch you on the bum." That makes everyone happy - unless you are married to an Australian. Processing now - please hold.
  8. Enough of your boasting. Pinch your wife on the bum from me. I have orders from all players - hope to process in the next hour or two.
  9. Ok - waiting on orders from @Bertie Wooster and @FortyInRed. I give ... 16 hours until I call a deadline to turn 2. I will process what I have at that time. You are warned!
  10. Turn 1 wrangling complete. Send in your orders in the next 5 hours and I should be able to process, otherwise it will be 24 hours. Thanks!
  11. Late Breaking News from Turn 1: Citizens of the planet B have complained loaded on social hypernets about the bombardment of certain economic structures on the planet.
  12. I've gone through PMs and answered questions. I have orders from five players I think. Some folks were waiting on clarifications. I still have one player I'm wrangling with about the end of turn 1...
  13. The turn 2 victory objective is: I have completely destroyed an enemy fleet. 1VP. I will update the first post of the IC thread with this information. I will try to make this more obvious going forwards.
  14. In answer to a question in the other thread - The fleets of two players may not REMAIN in the same system This is different to the last game. When fleets of two players meet, there will be a combat - if both sides have given "no shoot" orders, the combat will have no casualties, but the side with the smaller number of fleet points present MUST retreat. Retreating means that in the next JUMP phase that fleet must JUMP to another location. If it cannot JUMP it is destroyed. For Example: In turn 17 John jumps a fleet to X, and so does Stephanie. They both have "no shoot" agreements in place, so there are no casualties from the battle. John's fleet is smaller than Stephanie's, so he must RETREAT. In the jump phase of turn 18, John's fleet MUST leave X, or it is destroyed. So yes, they are both in the same place for a turn, but John's fleet can't interact with the planet (land Ground Forces, etc). He will receive a scout report of the planet's attributes.
  15. Sorry about the objective - I will release and reply to messages in about 2 hours.