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  1. (the first step is admitting you have a problem)
  2. Are you sure? 9,10,J of clubs = 9 coins 2,9,10 spades = 6 coins 15 total?
  3. I thought I cut that bit... My apologies. You guys know better than me what is written.
  4. Suits are only worth 2 coins per card - so six coins, not nine.
  5. Man, way to take things personally! I'll use my agent to protect my Hero. I'll trade 3 kings for 9, two 8s for 4, two 6s for 4, and two spades for another 4. 21 coins. Plus 3 cities, 1 village = 7 coins.
  6. I regret that I cannot commit to defend my entirely self-appointed title. Louis Andre - the world is yours.
  7. Ok, I'll put my 2 artillery and 1 infantry in Vacled. Let's go straight to Spring... @GhostofNobodyInParticular - want to trade me that six for a 2?
  8. Thanks Bertie for reminding me. i got distracted this weekend. Will update in a few hours,
  9. Agents don't go on the table - they stay in your hand. You can play them at any point that suits you. You can only place 2 cav at Jere - one for the province, one for the village.
  10. Ok - Winter is coming! Please let me know where you would like your reinforcements to be placed, followed by your Improvements. I have also dealt the cards for Spring, so we can get going on that.
  11. Denn Grylls defeats the League in Chibok. 3 League infantry defeated. No Denn Grylls casualties.
  12. Ok, Autumn Moves: GNIPs: The army at Mafa forages, the army at Agatu fortifies, and the army at Etung moves to Agatu. (-3 coins) League: Everything Forages Denn Grylls: (Betrayal!) Obybra road 1 to Ygep Katsina - Road 4 to Chibok Ikom - Road 3 to Vacled (-5 coins) Battle at Chibok between League and Denn Grylls Denn Grylls gets 3 rerolls - enemy Foraging, Cavalry Superiority, Hero. ( @Bertie Wooster let me know when you are available to roll dice!)
  13. Sounds about right. Diplomacy, then campaign orders.
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