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  1. Ultimately I believe this is a situation where the GM has to make the final call. Simon is completely correct in his statement about the rules being able to be interpreted in different ways. It's a valid argument. Nevertheless, I agree with most everyone that it SHOULD be interpreted as all armor is a source. That said, in my group I divide armor into two groups. Clothing and Armor and allow players to wear one of each. Whenever there is ambiguity, (Or even when there isn't) the GM is the one who gets to interpret it however they like and the players just get to roll with it.
  2. First life lesson I ever learned... don't use a jetpack. no matter how badly it seems like you need a jetpack, you don't need a jetpack. Just say no my friends. Just say no.
  3. It just gives you a chance of being "obviously born with it." If you take the Exile or Emergent Specialization it is like your innate abilities finally awakening.
  4. You are treated as having Force Rating 1 and have all the benefits that entails. Yahg is another one I am iffy about. I probably wouldn't let my players use them unless they really convinced me. What is the Coercion thing that Zabrak have? Protheans have extra eyes and can somewhat see through stealthed things. They have a psychometry type ability. They are very organized and militaristic subjugating any race they feel is weaker. Technologically advanced but rather arrogant and condescending, at least in the case of Javik. I am figuring one on Charisma (Presence) and perhaps a 3 in Intellect?
  5. I've worked out the Vorcha but I'm not sure about how to go about it with the Yahg or the Prothean... I feel like the Yahg are hard because they are described as strong, agile, intelligent, cunning (Shadow Broker) but obviously I can't give them 3's in everything. I'm inclined to go 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1 but I'm not sure.
  6. We treat Weapon Proficiency as a talent yes. They are universal and any one can take them but everyone starts out with some of them. We roll for initial Force Sensitivity so if you get a high enough roll than it is like being born force sensitive. Players can still choose the Exile or Emergent later if they want to. None of the rules are changed really it is just a flavor thing mostly.
  7. I believe you may have caught some unintentional mistakes. Sometimes with my revisions and copy pasting I forget to fix things. The Volus should not have two 3's. I have rectified that and put their intellect back at 2 where I intended it. Salarians in fact are supposed to have 100 xp. I believe that is likely a result of me copy pasting from the Human stats template and me not properly adjusting it. Krogan are quite powerful and I agree with you I am not yet satisfied with them. I have considered taking away their Regeneration but I hate to sacrifice something based on canon in order to ensure balance. Reducing xp to 80 was also on my list of things to do. All in all I think you were correct with all those species suggestions since they were supposed to be that way in the first place. Lol. About your other concerns. My group started with Saga and only recently switched to Edge of the Empire. Many of the changes I made to the system were there to make it an easier conversion for my players. One of the things that I neglected to mention in my changes summary is that we still use Weapon Proficiency. The Ranged skill is combined but if you are using a weapon you are not proficient with then you treat the Ranged Skill as 0. As such I do not think it is a problem to have them all governed by one Ranged Skill since it simplifies the dice roll but still keeps my players choosing different weapons. As for Discipline being combined with Cool, I don't see any need for those to be separate skills at all. They serve essentially the same function and my group doesn't need to think about which would be appropriate in which setting with them combined as one. They Force Roll thing isn't a solution for Biotics actually. I perhaps wasn't very clear. All races in my game have a force sensitive rating including Star Wars races like Twi'leks and Wookies. I haven't made any kind of solution to Biotics actually I just use the Force instead. It's a straight replacement. SO if your concern about overpowered races is in part due to the auto force sensitive chance, hopefully that will help rectify it. I very very much appreciate your feedback and your suggestion on Krogan's is especially helpful as I was having some difficulty with them. I've given the document a thorough review and there should no longer be any errors. Any further suggestions for balance or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Those videos are fantastic. I really need to try that game out.
  9. The Prothean character was there because it was an easy money grab of EA games. Players might not want to spend money on all the extra weapon packs or other nickel and dime extras but how many of them are going to turn down a Prothean? I also believe in a certain level of continuity. If one of the primary plot points of the entire series is that the Prothean's are wiped out, I say keep them wiped out. Adding the Prothean character felt cheap to me, and that is why I would not allow them. I'll still work on creating them though in case someone else wants to use it or maybe one day I'll change my mind. My number one rule is if I player can sell me on it, then can do it, but to play a Prothean they would really really have to sell me on it.
  10. I completely forgot that the Collectors were altered Protheans. Wow. Talk about failing to do your research. You are right. Collectors are out as playable characters. Vorcha are in and I may write up the Protheans as well but personally I would not let my players play as them.
  11. I am intending to work on a list of Enemies as well eventually. Collectors and Vorcha will Definitely be on that along with some of the named characters from the Mass Effect games. I was thinking it might be possible someone would want to play as some of these less obvious races though. You think not?
  12. I definitely like the idea of some kind of visual representation outside of the character sheet. Like tokens, or counters, or something like that.
  13. I grew up in the bay area but sadly am not any longer. Would it be alright if I possibly side-railed your topic a bit to ask if anyone is in Ohio?
  14. I personally tend to make decisions based on whether something is fun or interesting and if the player can sell it well enough. If you have a player that wants to put in the effort for both and you are swayed then allow it. These rule books should only ever be treated as guidelines. The GM is the only real rule. If you allow it then it is allowed. If you don't allow it, even if it is in the rules, then it is not allowed.
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