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    Darth Onyx reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in App release date   
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    Darth Onyx reacted to thomedwards in App release date   
    I can't wait for this original, simple question to blow up into posts about how "phones won't exist so the app is no good, and the PDF file format may not be around in 20 years so how will we play this game?"
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    Darth Onyx reacted to JJ48 in Will we see cardboard only expansions?   
    I played several CCGs growing up.  After switching to LCGs, I can't imagine ever going back.
    I expect the experience would be just as, or more, frustrating with miniatures.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to joyrock in Am I wrong in thinking the TIE Phantom got horribly nerfed/gutted?   
    And in doing so they made it thoroughly mediocre and unremarkable.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Hawkstrike in Ok, so what exactly do I get with Conversion Kits?   
    Stuff. Click on "FAQ".
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Boom Owl in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Deathfire Alt Art Maybe?
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    Darth Onyx reacted to SOTL in Tie Bomber   
    Redline - Proton Torps, Proton Bombs, Traj.Sim
    Deathrain - Proton Torps, Proton Bombs, Traj.Sim
    Whisper - Juke, Vader, Stealth
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Ewok on Stilts in Rebels will not get a huge ship   
    I roll to disbelieve
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Infinite_Maelstrom in How strong will adult Anakin be?   
    I doubt he will be more powerful.  He switched to the dark side because he thought it would make him more powerful than otherwise.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Nyxen in How strong will adult Anakin be?   
    We deny you the rank of master....
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Ebak in GenCon storage solutuon finds?   
    I'm surprised FFG haven't done some kind of basic storage solution themselves for at least the cards, dials and base cards. Ships and plastic bases are a little harder to manage since you'll probably want some foam for that.
    Strangely @drail14me , I've also been thinking about my v2 storage solution. Do you have anything in mind?
  12. Haha
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Sasajak in Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?   
    No.  Everyone at my FLGS has stopped playing X-Wing completely until 2.0 comes.  Even the 2.0 moaners aren’t playing 1.0 (bags of hot air).  In the meantime Kill Team is taking up our X-Wing night!  First 40k I’ve played for 20 years. ? 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ClassicalMoser in Will there be new 1.0 content?   
    This is the most hilarious thing I’ve read this week.
    Guess you don’t want good, non-broken ordnance? Or for TIE swarms to be worth anything? Or for A-Wings, Y-wings, B-Wings, TIE interceptors, Lambda Shuttles, E-Wings, U-Wings, TIE Punishers, Mist Hunters, or TIE Phantoms to be useable? Or for choosing maneuvers to matter?
    It’s really the long-time veterans who remember what these ships were like to fly when they were good who have been most excited about the change.
    But it’s okay. Just fly your broken combos as long as you want. If you want to play Miran-Dash-Wing, feel free to keep playing it. No one’s stopping you. Some of us just want to use the iconic movie ships without getting laughed off the table, and are interested in variety of build archetypes in competitive play. That’s what 2.0 is supposed to help.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to comawhite in Will there be new 1.0 content?   
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    Darth Onyx reacted to JasonCole in Will there be new 1.0 content?   
    ^ This.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to HolySorcerer in Will there be new 1.0 content?   
    You're nuts.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to comawhite in Will there be new 1.0 content?   
    These ppl are lazy, 4.5 months to budget $90 for a core set and 1 faction conversion kit.  If the 2 middle school kids in my local group can mow lawns during the summer to save money than adults can budget it out as well.
    But yeah no more official 1.0 content, probably wont even get a new faq that covers wave 14.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Commander Kaine in Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh   
    Are you sure? 

    These are the ships naked, with 1.0 having access to ATC. 
    I know this is shocking, but adding a crit is better than changing a hit to a crit. Weird that, huh? 

    But I don't need no fancy program to calculate this for me. The 2.0 ATC can roll a blank, which is not great. 1.0 ATC cannot. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to HolySorcerer in TIE Advanced article up!   
    Just running some calculations now and it looks to be worse overall.  Hopefully the pilots all get a cost break to make up for it.
    edit:  1.0 Predator Vader (not willing to spend lock) still edges out 2.0 FCS Vader by a small margin.  So far the only situation where the 2.0 Advanced does more damage is if nobody has any upgrades or tokens and 2.0 is willing to spend the lock while 1.0 is not.  It's fair to say that it is an overall nerf given the current pool of upgrades.
    edit: 2.0 Vader edges it out at range one by a tiny bit if he is willing to spend the lock.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to beardxofxdeath in TIE Advanced article up!   
    Sad. Vader will probably the only viable Pilot in this vessel. Again.
    Yeah... depends on points. But really. These pilots just suck (they could have made these poor Juno Eclipse rip off at least IN5).
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Ironlord in TIE Advanced article up!   
    Juno's uniform has red pips - the unnamed torturer has blue pips:


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    Darth Onyx reacted to Hawkstrike in TIE Advanced article up!   
    Who is Ved Foslo, and why did he kill Juno Eclipse and take her stuff?
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ViscerothSWG in Bomblet Generator; Second Edition   
    The TIE Bomber deserves a second bomb slot. A third even. If x-wings have to be good at this game because it's named x-wing, then TIE Bombers deserve to get All The Bombs!
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Herowannabe in Expansion Recommendations   
    Well first off, if you weren’t aware, X-Wing is about to transistion from first edition to 2nd edition come this September. There will be a new Core Set (note that if you want to play 2nd edition- and you probably do, it will be a significant improvement over first edition- then you will need a second edition Core Set to do so), a handful of ships are being re-released for 2.0 (and eventually all of them will be rereleased), and there will be conversion kits for players with existing 1.0 ships to convert them over to second edition. 
    That being said, don’t be put off by any of that, now is a great time to get into X-Wing, mainly because a lot of people are getting out of X-Wing and selling their ships off for cheap. You should be able to find ships (individually or as a collection) on sale on eBay/craigslist/Facebook/etc for 50% off of MSRP or less. Plus, stores will start clearing out their first edition stock for cheaper and cheaper as second edition gets closer.
     As a new player coming in, that gives you lots of options:
    Wait until September when 2nd edition comes out and buy everything new.  Hunt for deals in stores or on eBay and buy a bunch of ships for cheap, then pick up 1-3 of the conversion kits when second edition comes out (the cheapest option in the long run if you want a lot of ships and you want to play second edition) Hunt for deals in stores or on eBay and buy a bunch of ships for cheap, and then just stick with playing first edition.  Buying a used collection also gives you the option to try the game out, decide whether or not you like it, and if you don’t, turn around and sell it and get most of your money back.   
    Anyway, back to your question, what expansions to look for. First off I probably wouldn’t buy the 1.0 Core Set new unless you can find it on sale for cheap. You’d be better off waiting for the 2.0 Core Set or buying someone’s collection used. 
    After that, buy the ships you love. You will have more fun flying the ships you know and love from the movies/TV shows/book/comics/video games/etc than you will flying some random ship that you’ve never seen or heard of just because the interwebs told you it was good. Later down the road, if you decide you want to enter the competitive scene, then you can worry about picking up the latest Hotness. For now, just focus on the ships you like.
    The same can be said for which faction(s) to buy into. When second edition comes out there will be 5 factions: Rebels, Empire, Scum & Villainy, The Resistance, and the First Order. If it’s primarily you and your wife playing, then you’ll probably want at least two factions. Again, buying someone’s collection used let’s you try out a variety of things, and then if you want you can sell off the factions or ships that you’re not interested in.
    also, see this thread for more discussion about the best ways to get into the game right now (mine isn’t the only opinion), though it is more about breaking into the competitive scene rather than playing casually with your wife. 
    Anyway, regardless of what you choose to do, welcome to the game! It’s a lot of fun! 

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