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    Darth Onyx reacted to JBFancourt in Do you still enjoy your faction?   
    Imperial all the way and loving it! 
    I don’t anticipate anything new until all old ships are out. But I’m okay with that. Still looking forward to getting large bases in general back into the game. They’re close. 
    The point changes, in a way, create new content every time. A new puzzle to solve with each new change.  I flew nothing but Redline after he went up just for the fun of it. 
    I’m actually strangely pumped for the  next point change just because it guarantees I’ll start seeing new ships across the table from me as well as changing my squads too. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Lyianx in +1 Force Charge?   
    To cite the source of Maui, Rules Reference pg 7 under Charge.

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    Darth Onyx reacted to Maui. in +1 Force Charge?   
    Fifth Bro, like all other gunners & crew with Force effects, add one recurring Force charge to their ship.
    Unlike regular charges, upgrades do not have their own individual Force charges, but rather contribute to the total pool of Force charges available to the ship. If you put Vader crew and Fifth Bro gunner on a Decimator, that Decimator would have two Force charges, and you could spend them to power either Vader or Bro, or to modify dice normally.
    A ship with multiple sources of Force charges still only recovers one Force charge during each turn's end phase.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Cgriffith in Hate Vader Swarm - Hyperspace   
    Vader really really needs FCS 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to LagJanson in New Epic   
    If they implement it like this I’m good. I can also see it being “a time saver“ that doesn’t allow breaking up, which would be bad.
    I assume they didn’t lock wings together. I await rules to confirm it!
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    Darth Onyx reacted to FatherTurin in New Epic   
    I definitely want to see how it is implemented, but I think the squadron/wing rules have the potential to really speed up the game, especially in the first few turns when it’s mostly closing distance.  Once you get near rocks or into a furball, you are going to want to split off anyway, the squad mechanic looks like mostly a time saver, and a way to keep fighters on target for a run against a huge ship.  Of course, if you misjudge it, a huge ship could end up just plowing through your squadron.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Darth Meanie in Would you buy card packs only?   
    **** straight!
    No gum??  NO WAY!!
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ThinkingB in Have you finished a 2.0 match before time was called?   
    I agree, although I may be in the minority on this one. I think 1.0's abundance of dice modifiers made the aspect of shooting more enjoyable and competitive than in 2.0. TLT, turrets, bombs, miranda, wookies, Fenn, and so on were issues of poor game design, but doing damage to the enemy ship that you have flanked, at range 1, with mods was something that it did well. There is too much swingy variance in 2.0 that the game ends up kind of being dumb sometimes. Probably not the right way to describe it. Maybe... less serious?
    Essentially, the variance and lack of ways to reduce it makes the game take on an underlying layer of Yahtzee. Maybe it's fun for people who like to press the button on the slot machine or roll the dice in the casino, but that level of variance is almost kind of diminishing to the game experience. I e 2.0 succeeds in spite of it, not because of it. I've never heard anyone speak highly of the level of variance now and I think the added struggle of not getting damage through after you do everything right (mace has a block of tie bombers, flanked, behind them, at range 1 and rolls 2 paint on 12 reds over three turns) makes the games take soooooo much longer and can dampen the mood. 
    The only 2.0 games that I've had not go to time are from people scooping, but yeah the extreme amount of variance compared to 1.0 is dragging these games out and is kind of souring them in a way. It feels like there isn't as much of a reward for tactical execution such as blocks, flanks, running them through an obstacle field because you can just get frigged by the variance. It's not like 1.0; the variance of dice actually is a large deciding factor in these games now and sometimes both parties are just going to roll blanks turn after turn, keeping ships alive and the game trucking along to time.
    and yeah yeah it's a dice game I know, but you asked for thoughts, so here you go. I understand that some people like gambling and slot machines, but I play this game for the tactics firstly, so the "omg dicerolls are hilarious" part is just not my cup of tea. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Darth Meanie in Epic 2.0 Rules (Extremely WIld Speculation) You Have Been Warned!   
    Yeah, because I'm going to laugh and drink and make fun of my friends when they roll all blanks.
    Then, when it's just about my turn, I'm going to suddenly disappear to go take a piss and make everyone wait for me to get back.
    What, have you never played a game socially before??
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Herowannabe in TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust   
    Personally I always thought it was odd that Phantoms had a Crew slot instead of Gunners. In my mind if the crew member can’t get up and walk around the cockpit then it shouldn’t be a crew slot. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Knave Squawk in Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5   
    Initiative should've been red, black, blue, green and white cubes. Also, two cones - one is brown and one is yellow.  You spend your cube to determine what order you go in, cones go first except green cubes which go first instead.  No wait, it should be rock, paper, scissors. Yes, definitely greek characters like Alpha, Beta.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Darth Meanie in Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5   
    Uh, OK.  Let's do our best to add some validity to the entire thread. 
    I suspect they collapsed the PS 1-9 to IN 1-6 because it retains 3 tiers of novice/veteran/ace while dropping out one level within each of the brackets to trim things down.
    I suspect that PS was 1-9 for the same reason: 3 x 3, because otherwise why not go for the more "logical" base 10.
    Which could have collapsed into your perfect 1-5.
    But alas, no one ever asked us, so 

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    Darth Onyx reacted to generalchaos34 in FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks   
    Ahhh this nonsense.
    FFG is a company, companies need to make money to stay in business. To stay in business they need to sell products. If we don't buy products they wont stay in business.
    Realistically their products are pretty darn inexpensive compared to every other company (40k anyone?).
    Having to buy 1 more ship at $17 is such a huge blow, its even in the same faction!
    Pretty much they will never win. If they introduced cards in all the expansions you would still find something to complain about. If they did that then they wouldn't sell a whole lot of ships then they would have to end Xwing because they still need to make a profit.  At least they aren't doing the autothruster thing anymore, and even then it managed to draw me into playing scum when realistically I would not have otherwise and its been a very enjoyable experience so far.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Tlfj200 in FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks   

    We should definitely be mad that they're putting it in the same faction, rather than cross-faction. That makes sense.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ScummyRebel in FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks   
    They never said this would not be a thing. They only said you wouldn’t have to buy a ship from a faction you never play in order to get an upgrade card you want for your ships (all cross faction upgrades end up in all factions).
    If you’re seriously thinking about leaving over that, there’s the door. You won’t change ffg’s business practices especially when you’re claiming they said something they never actually said.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to hawk32 in $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?   
    I'll bet you all you want... I get paid to teach economics.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Hiemfire in $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?   
    Bet me... Trade wars affect everything going into and out of a region and anything using resources from that region, and we're in the middle of one...
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ForceM in The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?   
    I am not complaining about needing an app to play. As far as i understand this thread is also not about that. It’s just that the app is not well made.
    I have played Warmachine/Hordes with their Army builder/game tracker app. It works extremely well and improves the game experience by a lot.
    So i embrace digitally enhanced gameplay in Tabletop games. If you want to cling to hardcover book collections and tons of printouts, cards and pdfs, be my guest.
    There will always be some that are left behind and complain about technology.
    So i will rather complain about the fact that the app is not well made and doesn’t go far enough in what it offers than moan about the fact that there is an app to begin with.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to ForceM in The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?   
    It’s still pretty bad. If some free webpage builder is lightyears ahead of your official app, you should really feel ashamed.
    - no quick comparison.
    - really unwieldy. You have a bad oversight once you look at details, and when you instinctively click on BACK, your list is gone...
    - no dials,
    - missed opportunity to implement stuff that YASB or the other competition can’t do, like a mode where you can track your stats during a game. Or integrating the already existing dice roll app.
    All in all i just can’t understand the dev team there. They had such a great opportunity there, but they just did the absolute bare minimum. So many missed opportunities l.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Darth Meanie in The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?   
    Understatement of the year award, right here.
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Bucknife in The curious case of Boba Fett   
    Maybe we should rename this thread,
    "The Curious Case of 2.0"
    "The Curious Case of the Mandolorian"
    What's up with that guy, anyway? 
    Expanded universe gunslinger Mando. Bet ya he's gonna get a wicked cool scum ship in 2.0.

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    Darth Onyx reacted to Npmartian in First Order conversion kit article   
    "On his own, Snoke can only flip a single dial, but if he’s joined by his apprentice Kylo Ren,  his ship will have an additional charge to spend, giving you foresight into the movements of two enemy ships."
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Animewarsdude in Will they re-release all the ships for 2.0?   
    I think that is more a batch issue than an overall change. I have a few Tie Bombers from 1.0 that are different shades of blue to an extent, some darker some lighter. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Blail Blerg in Upsilon DOA for second edition? Umm....   
    The upsilon was actually quite good in tier2. Only the fact that tier1 was stupidly broken made it not good. 
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    Darth Onyx reacted to Marinealver in Would xwing be better with more variety of attack dice   
    Then we end up with this

    Now of course the counter to this was Regen but that was also another point of contention for 1st edition that has been scaled back considerably. 
    ^THIS^ More or less, the game is fine in its simplistic state. I mean Armada has different dice but that is a far different set up in terms of mechanics (and a more confusing one at that). I don't think the game needs more dice, different ways to use that dice which they have. They took the variety needed to refresh the game and put it into tokens. You now have focus, calculate, evade, target lock and force. All of these tokens work on dice modification in different ways. Thus why do you need more variety in dice when you have more variety in tokens? I think between more diverse tokens and more diverse dice, FFG made the better choice.
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