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  1. Have you received an official response from FFG?
  2. Nope and I probably still wouldn't have played X-Wing if the miniatures weren't painted.
  3. I don't really understand how General Hux works in this situation with the shuttle, when you say that you get 5 shots at range 1 w/ Fanatical Devotion. I thought the General dishes out focus tokens and he gives the Devotion condition card to one of the other ships. Not the one that he's a crew member on.
  4. I ran a similar list this weekend at a store tournament with (2) Tie/FO Epsilons, Swarm Leader Omega Ace and the same Major Stridan Upsilon build you had, except I also added Fire Control System, Tactical Jammers, and Targeting Synchronizer. Unfortunately I only went 2-2. However, in the two wins the synergy between the shuttle, Epsilons, and Omega Ace with Squad Leader was brutal. One game was finished in less than 20 minutes as Omega was throwing out four and five critical hit rounds coupled with the shuttle dishing out four and/or five attack dice if at Range 1. The problem in my losses was I came upon heavy ordinance builds such as a Z-95 swarm with concussion missiles and guidance chips and in the other, a PS 9 pilots Skum build with ordinance that destroyed Omega before I could even get a shot off. In both of my losses Omega Ace was killed in the first round of combat. I definitely loved flying this list that was based around Swarm Leader and I'm going to fly it again, but I need a way to keep Omega alive longer.
  5. ...and they still didn't spoil Jabba the Hutt.
  6. How exactly does Major Striden give out 4 free actions (Coordinate + Hux's 3x focus)? The Major only gets to do one action/round so doesn't he have to choose either Coordinate -or- Hux's (action) ability?
  7. Last year during vacation while visiting the in-laws on the East Coast, I entered a game store in Baltimore which was having a clearance sale on Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing products. I scooped a starter set and quite a few additional expansions and although I haven't played the game yet there was one thing that stood out for me. Like the X-Wing expansions that include a maneuver set on the back of the internal packaging, D&D Attack Wing also included the maneuvers for each of the dragons. However, they provided the maneuvers on its own individual card (about the size of X-Wing's pilot cards). Why doesn't FFG come out with an expansion deck that includes all the previous ships cards (or break them up by faction) and include one in all future releases? I think it'd be a good idea and there wouldn't be any question of whether it's tournament legal or not and it'd be an easy, practical way to even draw out your opponent's ships maneuver cards to reference during a match.
  8. TIE Punisher only TITLE Advanced Weapons Platform 2 Points When attacking with a secondary weapon, add 1 hit to your attack roll. LIMIT: once per round.
  9. I'm sure the answer is no, but is there any official ruling on mixing different colored protective or artwork design sleeves within my deck; i.e., one color scheme for heroes, one color scheme for neutral, and one for villains? And if the tournament ruling is no, how about when playing a friendly game at a LGS? Are opponents going to have a problem with this if I do so?
  10. Just do what we did at our store tournament last Saturday. Someone showed up and announced they "haven't seen the movie yet and please don't announce any spoilers."Everyone was understanding and I didn't hear any spoilers leaked over the next 6 hours.
  11. If I activate a character along with all of its upgrade cards, I understand I roll all of the dice and place them in my pool. However, the question I have is if I want to resolve a special ability on a card, does it have to be with actual die that comes with the specific upgrade card or character? Or, may I use any die from my pool if it's showing the special ability icon?
  12. I just realized that as I opened up my post and it dawned on me....I think I may have spelled "pronunciation" wrong. Dang grammar Nazis. Lol
  13. Is my favorite Colonel (even better than Kentucky Fried Chicken's) pronounced VESS-ery such as in the word mess, or VASS-ery as in the word gas? I know it's spelled Vessery and I pronounce it with the "e" and not the "a", but I'm the only one at my LGS that does it that way and I'm wondering if I'm in the wrong.
  14. Thank you for saving me a bunch of time and money. I was planning on stopping at the hobby store after work tonight to pick up the two starter sets and some booster packs. However, after reading your post, I'm officially turned off by starting my first venture into a CCG. A lot of people warned me about getting involved with CCGs, but I was under the impression that this game would be different. I understand that this is a business, but seriously, only 2 characters out of 36 booster packs. That is pretty lame distribution and if that is standard practice, I'm sure that's going to turn some people off. Despite what these community forums pass off as the norm, not all of us play these games too competitively (X-Wing player 2+ years and have only entered one store tournament). Is anyone seeing different results when buying the boosters to hopefully sway my opinion?
  15. I just beat a 4 TLT list tonight in a store tournament flying Vessery like you recommended along with PTL Ryad and a Delta Tie-D, both of them with X7 title.
  16. As much as I like to tell myself that I would've played this game anyways, I know deep down that I never would've picked this game up if it wasn't for the fact the models were already painted and the game was ready to go right out of the box.
  17. I stand with the Imperials to crush the terroristic Rebels.
  18. 1. Redline 2. Colonel Vessery 3. Countess Ryad 4. Boosk 5. Tie-Advanced Tempest Squadron Pilot
  19. (4x) Tie-Advanced Tempest Squadron (25) Guidance Chips (0) Tie/x1 (0) Accuracy Corrector (0) Cluster Missile (4)
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