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  1. I think that's the point Pretty Green was trying to make sarcastically. The Kihraxz for only one more point with all of those upgrades.
  2. I've flown a list very similar to the OP four times in a store tournament and four more times with Kylo Ren instead of Major Striden. I went 4-4 and it's very fun to fly if you can pull the Omega Ace Swarm Leader trick off; very powerful. However, what was commen in all of my losses was that I lost Omega Ace in the very first round of combat. Sometimes, he never even fired a shot off.
  3. I love this list. I've been playing X-Wing a little over two years now and started playing with just one buddy of mine every month or so in the beginning. For the majority of the time it was just the two of us playing over a night (and into the early morning, finishing with a game of Epic) of beer and pizza. I started going to LGS tournaments last fall and have gotten more serious recently, but every month or so we still get together to battle. Long story short, for at least one of the battles (and usually the first one) he'll play T-65 X-wings with Biggs and I would love to play this Ruthlessness build against him just to counter his anti-range 1 attacks against his squadron to throw Range 1 Ruthlessness damage in his face.
  4. ...and actually we're both wrong on this point because Jabba the Hutt probably never actually set foot on his barge. More like slithered and placed his tail. Lol
  5. I understand that, but on the other hand, although I'm only versed in Star Wars lore from the movies and about five or six books over the years, Jabba only set foot on his barge. Now, soon to be (actually, probably 6 months from now, lol) he's going to be a Skum faction crew member. However, I'm not a game designer nor a game marketer, but I would not be surprised one bit if Yoda, Obi-Wan, or Darth Maul show up in a reboot or revitalization of the game somehow. Don't get me wrong. I love this game, but I've kind of lost that nostalgic feeling from when I first played this game of Luke vs. Vadar.
  6. I agree whole heartedly with you. It's almost as if FFG is waiting for an X-Wing 2.0 release to unleash these ideas. Really, 5 years in and there still isn't a Yoda crew card of some type. I'd argue that besides Darth Vader, he's the most iconic character of the entire Star Wars universe.
  7. I don't own 8 A-Wings, but 4 TIE Punishers and 5 TIE Bombers have found their way into my Plano boxes because I always think I'm going to play Epic some day. Unfortunately, my local gaming group wants nothing to do with it. I'm looking forward to the TIE/Agressor release to be able to fly Brute Hogs. (x4) TIE/Punishers Cutlass Squadron Pilots-21, Unguided Rockets-2, Lightweight Frame-2 (25)
  8. I pretty much own multiples of everything (besides buying even one copy of the rebel transport because I believe that's the ugliest ship in the universe), but I probably play Imperials 80% of the time, Skum 15% of the time and the rest of the time I'll try out the Rebel terrorists.
  9. I found this build on Fishy Wargaming's site and I would like to play it tomorrow at a store tournament. Decimator RAC-46, Dauntless-2, VI-1, Kylo-3, Saboteur-2, Moff Jerjerrod-2, EU-4 (60) Upsilon Lt. Dormitz-31, Collision Detector-0, Hyper Comm Scanner-1, Emperor-8 (40) However, is Engine Upgrade really better suited on the Decimator or can it be more useful on the Upsilon to help bring the 4-dice attack to bear when trying to turn around? Also, I understand the Emperor is there to help push Kylo's ability through and ensure Saboteur works, but is Gunner with FCS another viable option instead if I get rid of Collision Detector and Palpatine?
  10. There are X-Wing apps that tell you the availability of cards and exactly what expansion(s) you need to buy to acquire the cards. I use X-Wing Companion and Startactics X.W.
  11. Lol, are you serious? Because the cheater yesterday was an American and not German, that's why he essentially only received a slap on the wrist. SMH
  12. Forgetting to use Whisper's ability 2 games in a row at a store tournament. Both games came down to each of us having one ship left with a single hull point. I ended up losing both games and I know that focus token would have helped me at some point.
  13. With 26 points left to play with, how about Commander Alozen in the TIE Advanced equipped with Title, Advanced Targeting Computer, and Adaptability? This way you can get a free target lock (or, flexibility being able to move the TL around as long as an opponent's ship is within R1) to help paint targets for Colonel Vessery and it kicks in the ATC for the Commander's attack. Commander Alozen (25): Title (-4), ATC (5), Adaptability (0) = 26 I assume you own the Imperial Raider expansion for the Title, ATC and Commander cards since you mentioned possibly flying Zertik.
  14. Yep, Wausau. How about you?
  15. After winning a store tournament a few months ago, I had my pick of any of the playmats for an award. It came down to Hoth or Bespin and I chose the Hoth scenery and I absolutely love it. However, prior to having an official playmat, I use to play on these rubber mats that I found at work. I work in a paper mill and one day I found a 5-foot tall stack of these mats that they use to protect the reels of paper as they load then on the train cars. I immediately knew I could use them for X-Wing. The only thing I had to do was cut them down to size, which isn't difficult with a utility knife and a straight edge and they're really not any heavier or thicker than an FFG mat. They roll up nicely into a tube and the rubber flecks in the mat look like stars a bit. Even better, they are extremely slip-resistant. You can almost hold the mat at a 45° angle to the table top and the ships stay put.
  16. This is probably one of my favorite builds to fly. 4x-Tempest Squadron Pilot (25) TIE/x1, CM, AC, GC
  17. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm looking forward to the day when my 10-month old can start playing not only X-Wings, but any board/miniature/RPG game. He might be on the way because when he was 6-months old he came to a store tournament that I was playing in and sat in my lap for a couple of minutes as we took some pictures. It just so happened that game happened to be recorded and uploaded to YouTube, so he'll live forever on the internet with an X-Wing game already under his belt.
  18. ...and they're immediately bought up by the store employees (all four boxes). The next shipment didn't come in until three or four days before Christmas. It just so happened that a buddy and myself happened to be in the store when they were unpacking their inventory before we were on our way to watch the movie Rogue One. With a little luck on our side we were able to buy and split the one box they did receive.
  19. The Imperial Raider that was released 6 months late...argh.
  20. I'm in the same boat as you. It's hard to promote this game when there isn't any product out. My best bud fell in love with this game when he visited prior to Christmas and we played a bunch of games with the starter sets and boosters that I bought. He was extremely interested in the game and even gave me a $100 to pick him up everything to get started the next time I visited the LGS since he lived out of town. Well, two months later my store still hasn't received any starter packs and he's actually asked for his money back. FFG has definitely lost one potential customer just because of this disastrous rollout.
  21. Same here however, my buddy can't even buy the starter sets because my LGC hasn't had them since the end of December.
  22. ...and this here is why I stayed away from forums for such a long time. It's almost laughable that someone sitting behind a keyboard is trying to put another man in his place by telling him his interpretation or opinion of a rule isn't correct and he should basically stifle because he hasn't had a profile as long as him. Look at me, I have 975 posts, but you only have 35, lol.
  23. I noticed that including the fore and aft sections of epic ships and the C-Roc expansion, the maneuver deck would include a perfect number of cards at exactly 52, just like an actual playing card deck. It's almost as if it's meant to be for FFG to move forward with this product at this time. Also, I would consider a deck of playing cards hardly cumbersome and it would only take a matter of seconds to pull out your opponents ships from the deck as long as everything is organized and lay them next to your squadron's own cards. Or, I can pull out my own ships maneuver cards before I even travel to a tournament. I would much prefer this than dealing with the maneuver templates that FFG includes with their expansion packs which aren't uniform in size (and quite frankly, I've thrown all of them away up until the last wave), or a double-sided sheet of paper that tries to cram a dozen-plus ships per side.
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