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  1. You could definitely play casual with a core set with your friends. The 8 fractions also give you a lot of flexibility and if you are really into it you can buy expansions. Just give it a try
  2. I remember when Shadow was introduced and I don't know if this has changed over the years, but it always felt a bit clumsy to me. I'm won't miss it very much in 2E, there's a lot of design space left to explore without going back to older mechanics.
  3. You can blank it with Fortified Position, for instance.
  4. Not really. I don't see a time coming, really almost ever, where at the very least a second core set shouldn't be the immediate first buy. Probably three for the foreseeable future. There's a philosophical commitment at FFG to keep the Core Set relevant so that new players don't feel like they bought into the game with a box of cards that have been obsoleted by subsequent releases. So don't expect the chapter packs to provide straight upgrades to the themes and characters present in the core set. I assume you are talking about competitive players and I agree with you there. If you play to win in tournaments, sure, buy three core sets. But if you are completely new to the game and have no idea how it works. How would you know if you even like it. Maybe Magic the Gathering or Yugioh are more your kind of thing. Or you just wanna play with your friends and like to keep things casual. 40$ seems like a much more easy investment to lure new people into starting the game, instead of here buy three boxes of this and every chapter pack that will be printed. I don't know how the prices are in the US but I can still get a 1st Edition Core set for 30€ on Amazon. So I see no rush to buy everything immediatly.
  5. As a new player it would surely be enough to buy one core set and keep up with the chapter packs, at least for the moment. If you are not familiar with the game you don't know which cards you need. So it would be better to play some time with a deck that's not the most efficient just to try things out. After some time you realise which cards are good for the strategy you want to play and then it's not too late to buy a second or third core set.
  6. I remember thinking at the beginning that AGoT was about winning challenges, but sometimes you win more challenges than your opponent and still lose the game (sounds like Robb Starks last thoughts, don't you think?)..I always liked that aspect of the game and it seems very fitting thematically
  7. Also you get 8 Gold in the Setup and The Kingsroad reduces a character by 3. RV doesn't seem to be a problem to play.
  8. Agenda: You cannot include more than 15 neutral cards in your deck. Action: Kneel your faction card to reduce the cost of the next loyal card you marshal or play this phase by 1.
  9. Well a lot is already known (https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/41894/game-thrones-second-edition-lcg-spoilers) and it seems like the only resource cards in the core set are the in-house locations, the reducer dudes, Kingsroad and Roseroad (not counting Littlefinger, Tywin ...). If there are one of each plus extra copies of the Roads and locations then there would be 10 resources for the out-of-the-box decks. Those will probably be 40-50 cards total per deck. I'm really looking forward to playing again. It's been some years. I think I stopped playing just before the defenders of the north cycle and I guess I wouldn't start again if I had to buy everything I missed over the years.
  10. So what do you playtesters think about how 1E compares to 2E, especially regarding the core sets? Does the gold curve, the biggest change in my view, work out or is it too early to say?
  11. Red Viper is sweet as always
  12. It surely will be somewhat weird reading about Myrcella and Shireen in Winds of Winter...
  13. I should hope that comment wasn't leveled at me, considering the preceding conversation in this thread... No, don't worry. I meant the tutorial video spoiler I'm blessed by the Lord of Light (translation: I read the books) and shall have no fear (exept when the show diverges and I [stupidly] go on twitter before I get to watch it *shudder*),
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