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  1. You could mitigate the lack of k turn maneuverability with a tail gunner or turret. Gunboats should be piquet support ships (a gun platform) and not intended to engage in dogfights.
  2. Great report. Really enjoyed reading it.
  3. Awesome! How long did this scenario take? Interested in how long one turn took to play as well. It seems to drag out once we get above 200 pts/side.
  4. Looks phenomenal, but expensive...Two words: 3D Printer. In any event, how does it play? My experience is that games with over 200 pts/squadron are slow and take forever.
  5. Thanks for the support. I wonder if FF would start making this? Anyway, next ships are an asteroid "base" for my Scum and Villainy "Hole in the Asteroid" gang and a Bayonet-Class Imperial Patrol Ship from an old StarDestroyer Model I had as a kid. Hats off to "Wookieepedia" as my source document.
  6. merlinturp

    Homemade Ships

    My son just got into X-Wing and didn't have enough money to buy a light freighter, so Dad took matters into his own hands. http://petitguerre.blogspot.com/2015/06/x-wing-rendili-stardrive-starlight.html
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