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  1. There are also dots on the Atlach-Nacha Research cards. I think it might be morse code. One dot = Dot Two dot = Dash When there is nothing = Space Obviously we should check the code in order of the cards starting from 1. From left to right, or from top to bottom. Starting with Atlach-Nacha or starting with Hypnos.
  2. 4 investigators left for the next small box expansion. The interesting thing is that the Arkham Files universe has 4 new investigators (introduced in Mom 2nd e.) and they all in the Investigators of Arkham Horror book. So I consider them upcoming investigators for EH as well. However there is only 4 new investigators. Does this means that - the next small box will have 4 investigators, and after that a big box will have the 4 new investigators (instead of the usual 8) - the next small box will have 0 investigators and after that a big box will have 4 + 4 new investigators - the next small box will have 4 investigators and after that, again a small box with the 4 new investigators Still there are questions remaining after the next small box, if there will be a proper big box expansion or just a Miskatonic-style, where they expand the expansions. In the Dreamlands expansions there are no obvious clues. If there are they hid it very well. That's worrying.
  3. Sound problem for me also. Running on Android 6.0.1. When I was playing I got an e-mail notification sound. After that the MoM app had no sound at all. No clicks, no voices, no music. I tried to turn off and on the sound in the options but it didn't resolve the problem. I didn't restart the app, because I was afraid that the save game not going to work well after that, and I was at the middle of the scenario. When I finished the scenario and restarted the app, it was working fine.
  4. You're absolutely right. Every potential buyer will just simply give up with the idea (like me, I'm pretty close to it, since I'm waiting for 6 months now) to buy it. It's a shame to fade away like this.
  5. I preordered Mom and both expansions at the local store a while ago. My money is hanging in the air. No one knows anything about it. FF won't answer. So let's just wait. The problem with the whole reprint thing is the miniatures. Those little beast make the whole process more long. MoM was never a really popular game (at least not as it should have been), so obviously they set the "Miniatures Making Machines" on Star Wars function....
  6. I'm not really positive on this one at all. This game is old now. The last expansion was released something like three years ago. It never got that care that it should have. It's nearly impossible to find an unbox copy of the game (and it's 2 big box expansions) for a while. I"m really sad because I wanted to make my Arkham Files collection full.
  7. Don't really understand the adventure deck. In MoM I played it once and when I finished the last card it didn't give me anything. Just "complete this adventure"... That's it. Go home. It was frustrating because I played with 2 investigators and I put one on the adventure only, hoping for a big reward. I haven't read the other cards, but based on my first experience they should rather use these card sources to give us more city encounters or even other world cards. Or, they could just mix them with the prelude cards and give a second card for the prelude or even a third one that you can read at a certain point (like when doom goes 8 etc.), and you can get the whole picture.
  8. I'm quite disappointed that FFG didn't reveal a new expansion for the game at Gen Con. EH will get Under the Pyramids before Christmas, and I was hoping that I can buy something for ES too. Following the Gates of Arkham rules I'm hoping for an expansion which gives us Dunwich, Kingsport and Innsmouth locations. There are 16 investigators missing from the whole Arkham experience (correct me if I'm wrong). That would be enough for one big box expansion which could contain all the locations above mentioned, or two small box expansion with 8-8 investigators and new locations. I still play the base game and the first expansions adventure cards, I like them too, only I play them with hard-to-beat AOs. It would be nice to get some original adventure cards too.
  9. Those are negative Will and Strenght tokens. It seems the you might be cursed by the dark pharaoh and those are decrease tokens... As a big box expansion one GOO is just not enough, so it's more likely that we'll get at least two.
  10. After the Gates of Arkham expansion I'm a bit confused about the future of Elder Sign. Is it possible that FFG tries to give a new direction to the game, or was it a closure of the whole Elder Sign saga? I mean the base game was released nearly 4 years ago, and it "only" has two expansions. I really like the game it's really good to play with friends less interested in games with more difficult rules (like EH or AH), or just to pick it up on weekdays after work, to keep the Lovecraft mood until the weekend when I can play EH/AH. But now I'm just desperate to get more adventure cards for the base game or for the GOA expansion. What are your thoughts? Will we see a new expansion on GenCon or ever again?
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