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  1. Ceasarsalad101

    Rolling 'X' makes the game dreadful, any advice?

    Yet another X thread! The X is very debatable, but I think everyone here agrees that it is a necessary mechanic. I think that within the current set of rules, there is no alternative possible. A lot of skills/abilities/rules etc. are centered around the current dice system. in would be totally in favor of a more general 'attack' stat as in a lot of rpg's but that makes the game more 'number crunching' and reverts some of the 'streamlining' that they did with the 2nd ed.
  2. Ceasarsalad101

    Two Overlords

    I think the biggest problem is giving away which cards the OL players have. There will be a point when one of them wants to play a card and must interrupt the game to discuss is with his fellow OL. This could be done in a way that the specific card is not given away but if this is happening during a move action the heroes are given important clues.
  3. Ceasarsalad101

    Treasure Hunter OP or not ?

    Yes, and Logan has the compass that gives him an extra movement point, often juuust enough to get to the treasure. And you can easily equip Logan with a bow and still get the benefits of Sleight of Hand wich compensates that he has to move out of the way.
  4. Ceasarsalad101

    What are we missing?

    Because that would increase the price of the game. Since they can now simply use the mould for both the minion and the master.
  5. Ceasarsalad101

    What are we missing?

    Don't forget that every monster has unique abilities!
  6. I think that questions like this will get them to think that they didn't go far enough when streamlining this game from the first to the second edition:p It is quite baffling that something simple like moving your figure around the board has created so many questions. It really shows that the more content a game gets the complexity quickly increases.
  7. Ceasarsalad101

    What are we missing?

    9 new monsters, because there are so few right now:p
  8. Ceasarsalad101

    Monster Card Organisation

    This is what I was talking about. Of course, this has been made some time ago and is not up to date at all but you get the idea:p Descent2ndEdition_Monster_Traits.pdf Edit: There is also this document from Any2cards which places the monsters in alphabetical order with the traits and monster stats next to it. It is harder to navigate and if you know the monsters stats more or less by heart it is somewhat less useful in my opinion. But if you are new or don't have the greatest memory it might help a lot! Edit2: An updated sheet might be a good addition to the Reference Project that is going on. If you are already printing 50 pages two or three more won't hurt:)
  9. Ceasarsalad101

    Monster Card Organisation

    Alphabetical order in a card box works for me. But I believe that someone made a sheet that grouped the monster by traits which you could print out for easy reference.
  10. Ceasarsalad101

    Co-op packs, worth it?

    I found them great to introduce people the game. When you have the cards on the table it just plays a lot quicker than interacting with the app in my opinion, although that does have the result that they are way less varied per playthrough than RtL. The co-ops can really be played in a single evening. Regarding the difficulty, well yes the are quite difficult. In part because they just play differently than the original game. You have to move on faster and some heroes/classes are more/less useful than what you may be used to. without spoiling, I found that in Natures Ire a particular encounter was muuuch easier with a particular hero. But that is also part of the fun, finding out what works and what does not work. And of course, just like in the original game a good roll can make a huge difference but hey that's Descent:)
  11. Ceasarsalad101

    Custom Healer Class: Rune Knight

    Yes that is true, but remember that the heroes get to purchase things from the act I deck after the Interlude. So it is very likely that heroes in act II will have the opportunity to trigger is, especially since it doesn't exhaust. The reason I mentioned it is that the final quest Gryvorn Unleashed where the heroes must defeat a single boss might get very easy if the heroes can just stun Gryvorn every turn. It can also be used when the hero is attacked by a ranged weapon. Even when the Rune Knight needs to be within 3 spaces it is not too hard to pass the test. Healers tend to have at least 3 willpower and the Rune Knight can improve his willpower by 1 with a different skill. Ultimately, I think that this skill becomes relatively more powerful as the campaign progresses because it becomes less situational. I can imagine players leaving this skill aside for the first act and then quickly pick it up for the second act. I might be completely over analysing this though, playtesting will provide the answer:p
  12. Ceasarsalad101

    Custom Healer Class: Rune Knight

    Hey nice class! I definitely think that bringing the healer more in the action makes the character more fun. The healer has the bad reputation of being the 'waterboy' after all. But as always I have some suggestions: Inscribed armour: A 3 space limitations seems in place here. Alternatively you could make it a buff that you first need to be adjacent to bless the armour and then triggers when the hero gets attacked at a later point. Like the elixirs from the apothecary class, just use hero tokens to remind you of the effect. A stun can be pretty decisive in quests with lieutenants or bosses, especially when the stun is very easy to land with a skill like this. Rune Focus: Reword it slightly? Just exhaust it before you attack to get the effect. It does not refresh normally but instead when you defeat a monster. Otherwise this looks like a great class!
  13. Ceasarsalad101

    Oath of Honor question

    Wow hold the presses, triggered by your question I began to doubt my answer and looked it up. In fact, you must select a space that is adjacent to the monster but also as close as possible to your starting position. So in your example, that would be in the space immediately left of the other hero. Excuse me for my hasty response:) However, if the spaces adjacent to the other hero were already occupied, Oath of Honor does allow to legally 'jump' over the monster in a way that would be impossible with an ordinary move action.
  14. Ceasarsalad101

    Oath of Honor question

    To the monster. So in your example, any space adjacent to the monster is valid. They say 'closest space' because there might be situations where all spaces adjacent to the monster are occupied, in that case you place your figure in the closest empty space.
  15. Ceasarsalad101

    Oath of Honor question

    Only to the monster. You don't need to take the place of the hero or yourself into consideration at all.