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  1. Not Poe, but Nien with PTL & Pattern Analyzer is great fun. Nothing like pulling a red move and then PTL-ing into R1 and still ending up with no stress thanks to his ability.
  2. Problem with this build is that you need some way of rerolling Finn's blank that doesn't use your TL. Perhaps alongside Shara?
  3. I've seen a Falcon punch out six with Finn crew and Jan in support. I guess you could boost it to 7 with trick shot.
  4. Have a soft spot for Norra with Title, PTL, R2-D2, Kyle, Engine Upgrade.
  5. Public, 100/6 & 75/6
  6. No, because it's quite clear that FFG was given earlier concept material when designing the U-Wing and weren't privy to all the details of the movie. The model and art on 'Inspiring Recruits' show this clearly as their U-Wing has front ramp (bit like a WW2 landing ship) and no side doors; which ended up being the final design.
  7. Would it be lest busted if it had a range limitation? Or if it wasn't limited to single tokens of each. I.E. You can receive a token even if you've already one of the same type. There are a lot of stress mechanics out there; dealing [multiple[ stress to an entire squad would certainly cause some reconsideration of how it was used.
  8. I've enjoyed flying the Omega Specialist with VI, FCS, PA, LWF, and Title. Makes for a nice little PS 7 with solid firepower and decent mods.
  9. Frak me this thread is a nightmare...
  10. Surely that should be 'NU-Boat'...?
  11. Doubt we're going to see much of Jabba in standard play. Given his ride + him alone will be a third of 100pts, he really starts to eat into a Scum list.
  12. Perhaps my doubt over this whole 'nerf' thing is because I only started flying Imps this year after Regionals. Before then, Rebs had been my thing. I'm really enjoying the different dynamic 3 Imp Aces can bring; having lots of fun with a Vader, Inq. & OL list at the moment.
  13. Never mind the fact that it is exactly what several people in the thread also said. I wonder if it take FFG so long to release waves because all their time is taken up with inane rules questions that some common sense and basic English comprehension would solve...
  14. No, it wouldn't. There are other options for R3-A2 besides a TLT BTL Y-Wing.