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  1. Decloaking also isn't actually doing a barrel roll or straight 2. The process simply uses those terms for ease of understanding as to the mechanics of what you're meant to do.
  2. Nope, Primary Weapon only. The lack of defensive bonus for the defender is one of the reasons you pay the price you do for secondaries.
  3. So fundamental game rules are optional to you, are they?
  5. A generic pilot with an EPT... Except for the whole bit of his pilot ability of course.
  6. Still one of the best sequences in the entire series; let alone cinema. "I'm going to cut across their axis and try and draw their fire". Cut to X-Wing's rolling into the attack to that epic fanfare. Pure, suicidal bravery.
  7. Click bait thread is click bait.
  8. joke dʒəʊk noun 1. a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.
  9. The old deck is better for generic pilot lists as a good number of the crits won't affect a generic pilot (e.g. losing your pilot ability). Every crit in the new damage deck will have an effect on the ship that receives it (to varying degrees of severity).
  10. No. A dice can only be rerolled once.
  11. If you're still getting hit by a Nym-Genius bomblet whilst Nym is ioned and you know where he'll be when he drops it... You deserve every <hit> and <crit> coming your way.
  13. Sorry, yes. Only two remaining. Not sure what the **** I typed there.
  14. Its pretty simple really. If Biggs is attacked and the attacker scores more than three uncancelled hits, you can cancel those hits until there are only two remaining. Lets say somebody fires a HLC at Biggs and scores 4 hits. Biggs rolls his evades and blanks out; meaning the attacker has made 4 uncancelled hits. Biggs can take two stress tokens to cancel two of those hits. Meaning only two actually go through and deal damage. Remember however, it only works with hits. Critical hits <kabooms> do not trigger R4-D6. So if you get hit by a 4 dice attack and they're all crits (unlucky!) then the droid is useless.