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  1. Dr Zoidberg

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    Sorry for the stupid question but I've been out of the loop for a while. What is Hyperspace? A tournament? Is it differenct to the System Open?
  2. You realise you answered your own question, don't you?
  3. Dr Zoidberg

    Wave 2 ships out in Malaysia?

    Argh. They don't have an online store! Living in Beijing made them a potentially viable option for ordering from... Sigh.
  4. Dr Zoidberg

    Vessery - is a “reroll” a subset of “roll”

    It's literally the whole point of his ability.
  5. Dr Zoidberg

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    Why even have actual miniatures? All you actually need is the base... that's where all the necessary data is measured to/from.
  6. Dr Zoidberg

    Where has Countdown gone?

    He had his final one... "Dadada dun, dada da dun dun, da da duun, da da dun dun, duuuun dada duuuun dada dun dun dun dun dun, duuuun, duuuuuuuun... It's the final countdown!" I'll see myself out.
  7. Dr Zoidberg

    Free actions

    Only that you can perform each action once per round. So even a ship is (somehow) given 3 free actions, they can only perform whatever actions available to them they have not already performed that round.
  8. Dr Zoidberg

    Stress on Small Ships

    In other words, you challenged him on his BS and he got testy, right? Usually the sign of someone who knows they're talking crap and don't being called out on it.
  9. Dr Zoidberg

    Stress on Small Ships

    Ask him to show you, in the rules, where it says small-based ships are restricted to a single stress.
  10. Dr Zoidberg

    Kill Han

    Too soon.
  11. Dr Zoidberg

    Tie fighter

    To echo the above, Academy Pilots were never bad. I've seen them carry plenty of games. People so often ignore them to concentrate on other targets, often to find themselves in an end game low on health facing multiple high agility foes who can alternate between (minor) damage dealer and blocker as needed.
  12. Dr Zoidberg

    No app. Ignore this thread.

    Yeah but until its the 13th for FFG HQ, it's not released.
  13. Dr Zoidberg

    Ottawa/Gatineau X-wing

    Hello, Are you able to post any details as to when there are regular meetings please? I'll be travelling through the Ottawa area for the next two weeks and would be keen to try make a gaming night or two. Cheers!
  14. Dr Zoidberg

    Fantasy Flight Games In Flight Report Tonight at 7pm Eastern Time

    It looks like the RZ-2 has swivel blasters, if the token on its base is anything to go by...
  15. Dr Zoidberg

    Will there be new 1.0 content?