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  1. Really like it OP.
  2. Luke fires two pieces of municipal legislation?
  3. And you seem to have missed the bit where jokes are funny.
  4. And once again, Asia-Pacific gets screwed.
  5. Man it looks so primitive. :-p
  6. The target has to be inside Jostero’s arc as he has no way of shooting outside it. Dengars ability specifically limits it to in-arc because it would be bat **** overpowered if he could do it outside of arc.
  7. It’s almost certainly Sabacc; but the colour and shape of the crystals could be a nod to X-Wing players.
  8. Nor is this a rules query.
  9. Do they really need to FAQ it? Or is it more a case of some people just have poor reading comprehension?
  10. Well, given you were wrong, giving up is the smart move.
  11. Official release date was last Thursday.
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought because of the wording of FA. Specifically, the "instead of performing any attacks,". If it had read, "instead of performing an attack" you'd probably be able to do it off hos own FA.
  13. No. But he would trigger off Feedback Array. Whether he would trigger off his own Array however is open to questioning.
  14. At our local last night there were a lot of him around. Saw him copy Soontirs PS, and copy Poe and Talonbane’s abilities. Much hilarity abounded.
  15. And yet, Autothrusters came with an entirely unplayable ship!