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  1. Torpedoes

    I’ve had fun with APTs on PTL Vynder.
  2. poll: how long have you been playing?

    Almost 3 years to the day. Bought a core set, Y-Wing, and TIE Interceptor with some birthday money in April 2015. Best decision.
  3. Han HOTR

    Maybe that was the mandatory wrong bit in the article?
  4. X-Wing a Dead Game?

    There it is. The stupidest thing I’ll ever read on this forum. And I remember they haydays of PGS.
  5. Han HOTR

    I dont know... You set up first in the middle of their deployment zone; facing back towards your own. Your opponent deploys in a way that he hopes to catch you and focus fire. First move with Han at either PS9/10/11 depending on hour you're flying him - do a 5 straight followed by a boost right down the board. If you're supporting Han with other fast movers; you might be able to rush up and catch your opponent off guard; as the target he was going for isnt' there anymore; and other ships are coming in on the flank. It's gimiky sure; but it could work... For extra flavour; have Sabine on Han for some bomb action on the way out....
  6. Jake and Intensity

    I’ve always seen it played as Option A. With VI as the second EPT, he’s quite potent.
  7. Han solo Pilot ability.

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. Surely the Jedi Council will send two Jedi to mediate the the dispute?
  9. Final salvo

    I doubt it.
  10. Ten Numb vs Countdown

    Ah yes, of course. I forgot about the “by defence dice” part.
  11. Ten Numb vs Countdown

    So if Countdown cancels dice results, and Numb’s ability is that one of his dice results cannot be cancelled, how exactly does Countdown cancel Numb’s result? Remeber that ‘cannot’ overrules anything else in this game.
  12. Going Commando with Han Solo and friends

    Quality of the paint job on both Han and the Commandos leaves something to be desired. They’re not to the same standard as the previous examples.
  13. That Han Solo Sculpt Looks Like...

  14. Interesting video on Star Wars space combat theory

    The turoblasers on the FO ships that arced like artillery shat me to tears. I dont mind TFA or TLJ; theyre not great films but theyre not bad either. What shats me is the inconsistencies with the established SW world. Whilst it might be sci-fi fantasy, Star Wars always had (for the most part) agreed upon 'rules' about the way things worked. The new films play fast and loose with these rules: Hyperspace through shields into planetary atmospheres; turbolasers that 'lob' shots like physical artillery; a superlaser that can travel across the galaxy in seconds and be seen by planets far away; etc. etc. These are not necessarily bad concepts for a sci-fi film. But they are bad concepts for a Star Wars film.
  15. Final Table and players won't play

    There's nothing wrong with tournament play mate. I've played almost always for sheep stations (i.e. even our regular night at our FLGS had vouchers on the line) but yet never have had a bad experience in the 2+ years Ive been playing.