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  1. Never really flown Brobots but I'm thinking about trying some AML variants...
  2. Looks so much like the original McQuarrie design: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1c/4d/4d/1c4d4d74e1d8ad1522612f6ec666a3b5.jpg
  3. Then title the thread appropriately: "Let's petition FFG for 'XXX'..." or something similar. As it stands; the title "Heroes of Scarif!" appears as an announcement. And I would wager most people are clicking on it expecting as much.
  4. We've always played it that at least one dial needs to be physically on the table.
  5. Only, if by "make it happen", you mean shoving it up your backside. These clickbait titles are the worst.
  6. Not "going to be"; IS so much fun.
  7. Send a report to the developer mate (I think there is a link there somewhere). I'm not actually involved in its development (can't code at all). Was just plugging it for the guy who did.
  8. Yup; this. So many people were commenting on a 'Rogue One' starter set; and it didn't happen. They're not going to flood the market with 3 starters. I would expect individual expansions and maybe something similar to 'Heroes of the Resistance' down the track.
  9. It's clearly the Falcon's cockpit. The angle is just not one that is used regularly.
  10. Which is ironic, given Fuzzywookie's propensity for posting off-topic nonsense in the main page.
  11. Also, Ackbar back on the bridge! Yes!
  12. That's clearly the Falcon Chewie is sitting in. We're just not used to seeing him in the pilot's seat. There's also no way he'd fit in an X-Wing cockpit.
  13. No, it really doesn't.
  14. Had some fun with a Scum Nym packing VI + Genius + Bomblet Generator last night. The tactical flexibility Genius offers with no drawback to yourself is epic. Know you're going to get bumped? Wait till it happens then drop your bomb. Blocker is going to (hopefully) cop some damage and you're fine. :-) Really messes up opponents when they have to factor in bombs at both ends of your move.