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  1. I don't want to play with it.
  2. Knights of Never more like it. Whatever JJ may have had planned with a single line reference to the "Knights of Ren" in TFA; Rian completely dismissed it in TLJ. Doubt we'll ever see them, ever. Too late to introduce an entire concept like that in the final film of a trilogy. There are already enough loose ends to try wrap up after the lousy send act...
  3. Endgame wont have nearly half the emotional payoff if you've not invested time (and enjoyed) the rest of the MCU. Its a great film in its own right but so much of the enjoyment comes from the callbacks to the other movies and wrapping up several significant characters' arcs.
  4. It's a big bucket of nope from me. The original fight is just fine. Just like the prequels and the new trilogy, this "re-imagining" misses the point. The original trilogy lightsaber duels aren't about the physicality; they're about the the emotion driving them. In ANH, its the first time they've faced off since Vader became Vader. Kenobi is now outmatched, and he knows it. But he's going to sacrifice himself so Luke can escape. In ESB, it's about how Luke is young and reckless and isn't ready to face Vader-and he suffers the consequences for it. And in ROTJ, it's about Luke giving into his anger for that split moment that allows him to beat Vader but having the self-knowledge and control to recognise what was happening and let go of his anger; fulfilling the final requirement to become a true Jedi. The fights aren't long and there are no theatrics. No swishy sabre twirlings etc. It's raw emotion conveyed physically.
  5. Back in 1.0, when he was a pilot, f you fielded Wes Janson and got a good red dice roll, you were required to cry out "Good shot Janson!"
  6. If I recall directly, the way the scene was meant to play out was that an X-Wing was going to come in and blow the TIE away. They decided not to go down that route as they'd literally just had the same effective shot with the AT-AT and an X-Wing. Hence, during the reshoots; they changed the scene.
  7. The conclusions to Tony and Cap's story arcs was perfect. The selfish playboy delivers the ultimate sacrifice, after finally achieving the life he'd always wanted; and the man who always sacrificed everything for others finally learnt to do something for himself. And man, that 'Avengers Assemble' bit. Just epic. I'll hand it to the Russos; they know how to transfer those epic splash pages from comics onto the big screen effectively. Also liked the very ST:6 touch in the credits with the main casts' signatures.
  8. Sure. And as another major blockbuster and end of saga film has shown, you can It's all about understanding who that character is, and what their journey has been. Just killing them for shock value or because you want to have space for new characters is lazy screenwriting.
  9. I know the guy who developed TTO (we played at the same store), so Im highly biased in recommending it to everyone.
  10. These are all great; and I'd love to see this expansion! I'm just going to knitpick this quote though. What Theron says is "you'd better let her loose" to Garven, as in get your shot off because I can't hold them much longer. But, back to the praise. This is awesome and FFG, if you're reading this, get these pilots in the game. Why Pops has never appeared, with some sort of TL-based ability has always surprised me.
  11. Love my 2.0 T-65s. They're a viable ship again. X-Wing: The Miniatures Game has X-Wings again. Huzzah!
  12. That may be so; but one shouldn't have to watch additional, optional material in order to ensure a major movie provides the emotional gravitas it was aiming for. It should be able to stand on its own merits.
  13. Nope. The fight between Anakin and Obi is also way too stylised and it just goes on and on and on.... It was good to begin with but it ends up being boring.
  14. Or the Autothrusters card pack, that came with a free Starviper.
  15. Got to disagree with that. It's over stylised and choreographed. There are plenty of times during that fight that Rey or Kylo should have copped it, but they didn't because their opponents chose to take them one at a time, or took their sweet time winding up with some flashy move, instead of just stepping in and stabbing them. For actual impact in terms of plot and emotional depth, they'll never top the final fight between Luke and Vader. It's just raw emotion expressed physically. And man, that choir in the background. *chills*
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