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  1. Ok, progress has been slow due to work, study, kids, other gaming systems, and a new rule Im setting with Legion that I build AND paint a few minis at a time before building more. But here is a shot of a Clone Sergeant (WIP) and two of my B1s. I decided to tell them apart by doing one squad in Ep I tan and the other in Ep II red. (And yes, Im aware I stuck on the tan B1's backpack back-to-front. Oops.)
  2. So my Clone Wars Core Set arrived, marking my entry into Legion (what's one more miniature system to build, paint, and play?) Started by painting Obi Wan over the course of an afternoon. Pretty happy with how he turned out. I plan to post progress on painting the set here to try keep me motivated to get it all finished.
  3. This is why you should always use the Oxford Comma. 😛 "While you defend, or perform a primary weapon attack, if the..." Using an Oxford Comma makes it crystal clear there are two conditions under which is ability can proc: "while you defend" or "perform a primary attack".
  4. Lol. Cheers. I didn't think I was.
  5. If you say so. I stopped reading SW novels years ago. The only ones I still pick back up are the original Thrawn Trilogy and the X-Wing series.
  6. Really? I thought it was awful. The dialogue particularly; it was stilted and unnatural.
  7. I genuinely don't know how I feel about this. Some of the scenes look good and yet others look totally out of place in the SW universe (horses!? WTF?!). And whilst I like the idea of the return of Palpatine I kind of feel its not going to work by having it sprung on us three movies in with not so much as a hint in the previous two that he was involved. "Surprise! Palp did it!" seems a very lazy Deus Ex Machina and reeks of trying to overcome the issues TLJ created by killing Snoke. I also don't understand how a Resistance that was down to a single 50+ year old freighter, a few fighters, and transport shuttles is suddenly a match again (where the **** did all those ships come from?!) for the First Order, despite their bumbling and incompetent leadership (The FO has never felt menacing in the same way the Empire did. Sure, they've the kit but it never felt plausible that such a pack of idiots could rise to such power).
  8. Do you wish us to draw certain conclusions from this data set?
  9. I don't want to play with it.
  10. Knights of Never more like it. Whatever JJ may have had planned with a single line reference to the "Knights of Ren" in TFA; Rian completely dismissed it in TLJ. Doubt we'll ever see them, ever. Too late to introduce an entire concept like that in the final film of a trilogy. There are already enough loose ends to try wrap up after the lousy send act...
  11. Endgame wont have nearly half the emotional payoff if you've not invested time (and enjoyed) the rest of the MCU. Its a great film in its own right but so much of the enjoyment comes from the callbacks to the other movies and wrapping up several significant characters' arcs.
  12. It's a big bucket of nope from me. The original fight is just fine. Just like the prequels and the new trilogy, this "re-imagining" misses the point. The original trilogy lightsaber duels aren't about the physicality; they're about the the emotion driving them. In ANH, its the first time they've faced off since Vader became Vader. Kenobi is now outmatched, and he knows it. But he's going to sacrifice himself so Luke can escape. In ESB, it's about how Luke is young and reckless and isn't ready to face Vader-and he suffers the consequences for it. And in ROTJ, it's about Luke giving into his anger for that split moment that allows him to beat Vader but having the self-knowledge and control to recognise what was happening and let go of his anger; fulfilling the final requirement to become a true Jedi. The fights aren't long and there are no theatrics. No swishy sabre twirlings etc. It's raw emotion conveyed physically.
  13. Back in 1.0, when he was a pilot, f you fielded Wes Janson and got a good red dice roll, you were required to cry out "Good shot Janson!"
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