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  1. Brilliant thanks so much - this is great.
  2. Hi - I am currently writing an all-Ewok adventure for an upcoming convention, and spotted this thread during my research. It led me to the 'unofficial species menagerie' which was of great help, so thank you! I do have a question related to Ewok weapons - has anyone come up with rules for Ewok bolas? I'd like one of the Ewoks to have some, and can't work out what rules should apply. All help greatly appreciated. 🙂
  3. Hi, Absolutely loving the Genesys Android setting, and am currently in the process of writing my first scenario for the setting, "Frozen Assets" for my regular gaming group. Flipping through the Genesys and Shadow of the Beanstalk books, I cannot see any rules for how low/microgravity affects combat. Gravity (or lack of it) counts as 'Difficult Terrain' but this seems to only be in relation to Brawn-related skill rolls. Also, I am thinking about projectile weapons used in microgravity. There's an interesting thread on reddit talking about weapons in The Expanse tv series: From reading that thread, it seems to me that in The Expanse there is 'normal' caseless ammunition for use where there is gravity, self-propelled rounds to reduce recoil in microgravity, and also lower velocity plastic/composite rounds that can still pierce flesh, but won't penetrate the hull of a ship or station. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on how to apply Genesys rules? What about... - Black die if firing 'normal' ammunition in microgravity. - Reduced damage if using low velocity plastic/composite ammunition. - Black die on Agility based skill checks unless character has a Freefall / Zero-G Talent. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this sort of thing. Especially if I missed the section on this in the rules! 🙂
  4. I'll share my adventure once written if you like - although I am going to explore other locations on the moon rather than the crater where the Holy City used to be. I was going to have the players hired by a religious organisation of Force-Worshippers to go to another site on the moon - an abandoned monastery type place, or other catacombs that survived the destruction wrought by the Death Star.
  5. Update - yep, looks like it's coming this Autumn... https://makingstarwars.net/2017/07/new-team-behind-marvels-flagship-star-wars-series-plans-revisit-jedha/ Thanks again for letting me know about this. :-)
  6. Thanks! Is this in the monthly Marvel Star Wars comic do you know? Might have to hang on and see what they show... ?
  7. Hi, I'm finally writing this adventure. The players will be taking refugees from Jedha back to the moon to find something at an isolated holy site far from the ruins of the Holy City. I've been given some great ideas for what the physical environment on Jedha is like post Rogue One, but I wondered... what is the state of the star system after Rogue One? Would the Empire quarantine the moon following the "mining accident" or would it become a hotspot for scavengers and treasure hunters, picking over the ruins, hoping to find something of worth? Or would the Empire still be there with scavengers sneaking in? What do people think?
  8. In the 'we rarely make use of spacesuits' tradition of Star Wars, I think that after the catastrophic 'mining accident' that destroyed NaJedha and the surrounding environs, the planet is now plagued by terrible sandstorms and violent electromagnetic activity. It is impossible to get near the site of the old city the environmental conditions are so bad. So when my players turn up to locate a lost Jedi site on the far side of the moon from where the city was, they'll struggle through almost zero visibility wearing goggles and respirators, trying to find an ancient citadel...
  9. Yes i had this image of ash/sandstorms engulfing the moon, and PCs having to brave this to locate a lost Jedi site on the far side of the moon from the "accident site".
  10. Hi, Before I go on, this post contains information about Rogue One plot points so if you've not seen it yet read no further. Otherwise... I was halfway through writing the next chapter in my EotE campaign, a story about tge force-sensitive member of the crew of the 'Good Omens' attempting to track down a long lost Force user. I had invented a location in Wild Space - a lost Jedi outpost - but then i saw Rogue One. Jedha is such a rich location. I really want to include it in my campaign. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts (or information) about what the moon is like post-Rogue One (my campaign is set 1ABY)? Obviously the city and catacombs along with everyone in them are gone, but would there be locations elsewhere on the moon still intact?
  11. So I had general foreshadowing of bad things to come... Force-Senstive PCs must make an Average (2x Purple) Resilience check here or have their Strain Threshold reduced by 1 because of unnatural cold. The inner temple and the corridors leading off from it are full of deadly traps. Some have already been sprung by unsuspecting Imperials or civilian workers. Some are yet to be discovered. Any non-force related traps I used the following rules (cribbed from the Hutt tomb in Lords of Nal Hutta): Detecting traps: PCs should make Average (2x Purple) Perception checks to detect pressure plates, trip wires, concealed pits, infrared beams etc. Bypassing traps: Hard (3x Purple) Athletics check to navigate around a trap without activating it. Threat increases difficulty for next person attempting to bypass (add a black die). Advantage makes it easier for the next person (add a Blue Die) Disarming traps: A Hard (3x Purple) Mechanic check allows a PC to disarm a trap permanently. Later they arrive at a chamber with a large obelisk in the centre. The obelisk is strong with the dark side of the force. It has 10 Hits, and Soak of 4. If anyone enters this chamber, they must immediately make an opposed Discipline check (3x green dice) or face one of the following: Lighting arcs out of the obelisk towards the PC. A 2x Green dice Short range attack. If the lightning hits, it deals 10 damage. Armour and Soak work as normal. The PC succumbs to a Force-hallucination. Perhaps they are on fire, or perhaps zombie jedi burst from the floor to attack, or maybe their friends all turn into monsters? It lasts for 5x rounds - +1 for each Threat, -1 for each Advantage they rolled during their Discipline check. The hallucination inflicts 5 Strain. In addition a Daunting (4) Fear check must be made. Failure adds a black die to checks in the temple. Despair increases difficulty of all skill checks by 1 (and Conflict), Threat = -1 strain per result. Droids are unaffected by the obelisk. I also had spiked pits, poison dart traps using rules for Dendriton Toxin (p109 Lords of Nal Hutta), and Dioxis gas traps (also in Lords of Nal Hutta). There was also a flooded section - shoulder deep - with Sebiri Water Snakes (Minion) These dark green creatures grow as long as 2m, and have the ability to discharge electric shocks. They are capable of varying the intensity of the electric discharge, using lower discharges for hunting and higher intensities for stunning prey or defending themselves. Brawn 3 / Agility 2 / Intellect 1 / Cunning 2 / Willpower 1 / Presence 1 Soak 4 / Wounds 6 / Defence 1:0 Skills (Pack only): Brawl, Ranged (Light), Stealth. Abilities: Breath underwater Attacks: Stun Shock (Range Short; Damage 5 vs Strain; Stun) Kill Shock (Range Short; Damage 5; Pierce 1; Crit 4) The final chamber had guardian droids, and a final Raiders style 'tomb collapse' trap, inspired by both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Lords of Nal Hutta. The floor of the crypt begins to crack and crumble, spilling the sarcophagus and the treasure into a deep chasm. The PCs have mere seconds to take whatever they can and flee, either back the way they came, or down the new secret tunnel. If the PCs take nothing more than what they came in with, they can make a Easy Athletics check to escape the collapsing temple - failure only causing -2 strain from the effort, and -1WT from dust and falling rubble. For every named item, or for each 1,000 credits worth of treasure a PC wishes to take, the difficulty of the Athletics check upgrades by one. Failure on this check means the PC is struck by falling debris and suffers 10 damage. A Despair result means the PC takes damage AND a suffers a Critical Injury. In addition, each Threat causes the loss of one item.
  12. Hi - yes - sorry I've not posted in a while, having building work done to the house and all is chaos at home! i ran this adventure, and it went very well. I can try to list the traps here, or do a full adventure report write up type thing - what is the protocol on these forums for this?
  13. That looks like a superb book to own anyway - thanks for the heads up. :-)
  14. Knowing my luck I will choose somewhere to put it, then a new sourcebook will come out placing it on the other side of the galaxy!
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