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  1. Love the design of the ship.... Hate the class name. I agree with most that the "Make it like the OT but bigger" mentality is wearing thin but in this one ship it actually makes sense. If this was designed to be a mobile capital, command center and ship yard for the FO then it should be HUGE. But calling it Mega class seems extremely juvenile, the new walkers are meh at best, the new whatever that other planetary bombardment ship is looks horrible. The Raddus looks cool but suffers from the make it the same but bigger trope.
  2. My only question: So Raddus says "You may set aside 1 OTHER friendly ship" This means he cannot set aside the ship he is on right? Meaning if I wanted to do a thematic Scarrif Battle where Raddus jumps in with The Profundity he cannot because he cannot be on the ship that is being set aside correct? However if I put him on and AF mkII I can jump that in (If my opponent for some reason picks "Hyperspace Assault") then from there I can jump in Profundidty and a Hammerhead corvette. From a thematic point of view this feels like a fail. If I wanted to deploy Raddus aboard the Profundity it would have to be done during the deployment phase and I could set aside another Large base ship and a corvette for later deployment meaning all fire will be focused on the Profundity. The Profundidty would have to survive at least 2-3 rounds on her own to jump other ships into use full positions. The other alternative is to deploy a small fast ship in the deployment phase and try to maneuver that somewhere useful without getting blown up for 3-4 rounds. when all enemy forces will be focusing fire on it. Granted some amazing players may be able to make Raddus sing but I think it will be more failures than successes and the fact that is a thematic fail is what I dislike the most about it.
  3. I figured it out! This dreadnought is 4 of 8. They all fit together to create a large pizza deathstar laser thingy.
  4. Just going to leave this here
  5. Not sure if OP is joking or not but I'd like an Ewok army. I'm not quit sold on Legion yet and am watching closely to see if I will buy (at this point I am leaning more to the "no" side) But an Ewok army would be an insta buy for me.
  6. That's a real world legion. This discussion is about an Imperial legion in a fantasy sci-fi universe.
  7. Oh crap you are right, I missread it and thought the $299 package was for the larger table. Yeah at $800 no thanks.
  8. I was thinking about backing the Game Anywhere table on kickstarter to use primarily for Armada. Does anyone have experience with their smaller table? Is it good quality? Do you think Armada mats will fit nice and flat on them?
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/221862065007271/ Location: Loot - Games and Comics (10267 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, Florida 33065) Time: 2PM to 5PM This is a great little shop in Broward County Florida who is trying to support the Armada community. Come on by on Sep 2nd at 2PM. $10 Entry fee.
  10. I really like this Idea posted on reddit.
  11. I would love to see some more Clone Wars era ships in Armada. Whatever faults the prequels may have had ship design was not one of them. I'd even prefer them to anything sequel era at this point. We have had more time to flesh out prequel ships and FFG is mote likely to put out a proper thematic prequel ship compared to just puting out the new shiny that would be any sequel era ship they put out at this point.
  12. Actually it's not. The Armada ISD is properly proportioned. I once believe d as you do but there was a huge debate thread a year or so ago that proved beyond doubt that the ISD model in Armada is perfectly perportioned in comparison to the filming models used in ESB.
  13. i really wanted something much smaller, I wanted AT-ATs and squads of troopers ala flames of war. The fact that it is bigger than IA is just crazy, why even do that? Why release a game that fills the same niche but is somehow mechanically less interesting with a much larger barrier to entry? I wish them luck and hope they have success but I'll still hold out for something closer to a 10-15mm scale.
  14. Nuetral factions. Corellian Defense force etc.