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  1. Come on out. The championship will be at Loot comics and games in Coral Springs, FL. $10 entry https://www.facebook.com/events/104691176849098/?ti=cl
  2. I actually did this with my son. He had a wicked evil laugh between 10 and 14 months. My wife made me stop it because it freaked people out.
  3. They confirmed a single player campaign for colonials but I have not heard anything about a cylon campaign yet.
  4. Awesome!!! Can't wait to get a Sloane TIE swarm on the table!
  5. The good part starts around the 12 minute mark but I just saw this video and thought this is EXACTLY what I would think Star Wars Armada as a video game would look like. I thought some of you might be into this.
  6. With Sloane as the admiral, a TIE Fighter attacking a ship rolls a crit, can that TIE Fighter re-Roll that crit? I initially thought no because an accuracy was not spent meaning Sloane's abilities were not activated and the fact that is says "also" but after reviewing the Imperial squadrons there are only three squadrons this could possibly be used with if it needs the spent accuracy to activate (Maareke Steele, Whisper and TIE Phantom). The fact that this skill is so specific leads me to believe I misinterpreted it.
  7. The only Imperial ship I want that has not yet been released is the Venator. The only Rebel Ships I want that has not yet been released is the MC-75 and Dornean Gunship. At this point I am not really interested in Sequel Trilogy ships as I do not think there are yet enough of them to make for interesting gameplay without mixing eras. I would not have said this a year ago but to my own surprise I would be interested in a Prequel era ships and characters maybe with their own core set.
  8. Stargate... I think IA campaign mechanics would fit the Stargate universe amazingly.
  9. I don't Think so. The clone wars was more about large armies of clones and droids facing off against each other. I would really like to a version of the Rune Wars miniature game redone as a Clone Wars game.
  10. I imagine the same basic concept of the Star Wars Armada campaign "Corellian Conflict" could work with a skirmish campaign. Split your group into equal teams of Rebels/Imperials and give them a map with different objectives giving different bonuses. Some locations on the map would be fortified giving the defenders some sort of bonus. Each Player starts with a basic tournament list and increase the point limit after the first match allowing them to purchase more units as they get points in each campaign session. If a unique named unit is killed in a match they come back as "Injured" in the next round. (give them some sort of handicap) Allow players to use points to heal units in between rounds or purchase more reinforcements. If an injured hero is killed then it is dead and cannot come back. Once one team has enough victory points they can push for an all out assault with all players on both teams playing in one match. Winner takes all.
  11. I have the core sey sitting in my closet waiting for the app to buy more. My group has been playing Descent with the app for the past couple of months and are loving it. At this point I just drop by the forums every 3 months or so looking for news on this app because we cannot wait to make the transition to IA instead of Descent. Please FFG. This app cannot come soon enough.
  12. That's odd. it's in my top three. One of the ones I recommend as a must read to people who are casually interested in reading a couple of Star Wars books. That being said I have no interest in seeing the Carrion Spike in Armada.
  13. LOL, ****, the story of my life. And we are all fools at times when discussing imaginary spaceships :). One only needs to look at my previous arguments in this thread to see.
  14. There is no hangar. Here is the shot and reverse shot from the film where you can see Luke and Leia standing in what you are calling the Hangar from outside of the ship.
  15. That's kind of the great thing about the rebel fleet, it is made up of ships fom all sorts of species and manufacturers each with their own design aesthetics. you can stick almost anything in there and it would feel at home as long as it looked beat up and poorly maintained. The Imperials on the other hand are a much more homogeneous group that has a very specific aesthetic.