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  1. That's odd. it's in my top three. One of the ones I recommend as a must read to people who are casually interested in reading a couple of Star Wars books. That being said I have no interest in seeing the Carrion Spike in Armada.
  2. LOL, ****, the story of my life. And we are all fools at times when discussing imaginary spaceships :). One only needs to look at my previous arguments in this thread to see.
  3. There is no hangar. Here is the shot and reverse shot from the film where you can see Luke and Leia standing in what you are calling the Hangar from outside of the ship.
  4. That's kind of the great thing about the rebel fleet, it is made up of ships fom all sorts of species and manufacturers each with their own design aesthetics. you can stick almost anything in there and it would feel at home as long as it looked beat up and poorly maintained. The Imperials on the other hand are a much more homogeneous group that has a very specific aesthetic.
  5. Well that settles it then.
  6. I agree but it was specifically mentioned it had an aft hangar bay. We know it can dock at least 1 Lamda or at least two TIE fighters as each configuration were shown in Rebels and I would say you could probably stretch it to hold 2 Lamdas OR three TIEs but there is no way it can hold two Lamdas AND three TIE fighters. And there is no way there is room for a Hangar anywhere in there.
  7. To all of those saying that it can't be the Starhawk because they have a Hangar bay and these are to small to have a hangar you are ignoring past discrepancies in ship sizes. Light spoiler for the the new canon Thrawn Novel: An Arquintes class cruiser in this novel has an "aft hangar bay" and can carry at least two Lambda class shuttles and three TIE fighters. The fact that it has an aft hangar bay would indicate it has a forward hangar bay. In several legends sources Nebulon Bs are described as having a Hangar bay and looking at the outside of the ship that is impossible. Star Wars has a long history of ignoring internal dimensions for the purpose of storytelling.
  8. Just going to leave this here (It doesn't confirm my theory but Chuck Wendig says this is exactly how he imagined the Starhawk)
  9. When is th FFG panel and will it be streamed?
  10. I'm guessing the new ships are the Starhawks. I dont't love them... but Im sure they will grow on me. Edit: in the Aftermath series Starhawks were described as having a hatchet like front ends.
  11. If you are going to do a third faction Eleodie Maracavanya's pirate fleet may be the way to go. I hope they send Thrawn to wild space to build the First Order. Then you can bting in the lost fleet story line but have the storyline between Thrawn and Elodie in Wild space.
  12. Forget everything you know about crits. Every Xwing player I teach Armada to has a hard time wrapping their head around crits in Armada.
  13. Thank you, I was having trouble finding the quotes but I think these quotes make it pretty clear that any references to dreadnoughts in canon are referring to SSDs and because of that if they ever bring back the dreadnought class cruiser I don't think they will call it a dreanought.
  14. Vader being an "Escort" bothered me. If anything he should give "escort" to all TIE squadrons in range 1 he should also be "Rogue"
  15. Dreadnaughts are what they are calling SSDs now. I don't think they have broight back the EU dreadnaught.