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  1. Dreadnaughts are what they are calling SSDs now. I don't think they have broight back the EU dreadnaught.
  2. The only Imperial ship I want that I do not yet have is the Venator Class Star Destroyer, After the Venator is in do what ever you want But I always disliked the examples OP gave as Imperial ships, I never thought they fit into the Imperial aesthetic very well. If they ever re-introduce the dreadnaught from the original Thrawn trilogy into canon that pirate group with the stolen SSD out in wild space may be the best way to do it. Just make it an Old Republic fleet that got lost (keeping most of the original story) but have the pirates find them instead of the Empire/New Republic. Then we have a viable Scum faction. Maybe even mix in the Carrack and the Lancers into the lost fleet just for some good fan service but I'm not interested in seeing them in the Imperial fleet. Edit: and maybe an Acclamator if they give it the ability to hold 2 boarding parties
  3. I was hoping X-wings would show up to save the day but that was done by the Mandalorians. Over all great episode and exactly what I want to see from Star Wars for this period in the GCW.
  4. It's funny, when I left the theater I thought it was fine but not great. After watching it at home a couple of times I liked it more and more after each viewing to the point where I currently think it's the best Star Wars movie out there (granted that may change after several months and more viewings). I do think the whole Eadu sequence was just for a bad ass X-wing/Y-wing battle. I don't think it really adds anything other then that to the film. Before Eadu the rebels knew where the plans to the deathstar were from Galen's recording, after they had no additional information. It did provide the moment that Cassien started to care about Jyn and showed he was willing to disobey orders but that wasn't really crucial and could have been accomplished in the scene on Yavin 4 when he shows up with the other troopers. But that is such a minor criticism and the fighters attacking Eadu was totally worth it If anything the fighter scenes in this movie make me think a Rogue Squadron movie could work really well.
  5. I enjoy these videos, keep them coming.
  6. 100% sure it is a Dornean Gunship. I compared it to the other Dornean in RO and with the ones in rebels.
  7. Some Bothans snuck some footage out of China of the guy in charge of shipping the Arq expansions out of China. The man is working tirelessly to get us our spaceships.
  8. I think a "hanger bay" is normally just called a closet
  9. download the official Star Wars app, it's got a great soundboard built in.
  10. With the Charger c70 retrofit variant for the other side of the cardboard. Mke it so FFG!
  11. Yeah but would it really be a good business practice to release and ISD model with no hangar and call it a day? It would look like a serious cash grab and it's not needed. They could easily release the Venator and not catch any backlash from the community.
  12. I was never interested in a Providence in Armada and although there is no canon source for it in the Alliance to restore the republic a rebel cell (we assume who were acting alone) did use one against Moff Tarkin 5 years after the Empire was formed. Parts from the Lucid Voice and Invincible were cobbled together to attack Sentinal Base. If I remember that novel correctly they also used Z-95 headhunters and droid fighters in their attack. That being said we have enough rebel ships to pull from and if we get the MC-75 we will have far to many Large base rebel ships Vs. the Imperials 1 large base ship. But maybe down the road it might make sense.
  13. Unfortunately we will probably just see a "local bulk cruiser" or a "big Corellian ship" whatever that means. But that in itself could be a jumping off point to a scum faction. With all the new TV and movies we are getting in the near future it may happen sooner or later.