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  1. Swusn

    TLJ Ships

    It is a **** of a lot more greebely (sp?). Sleek isn't about being flat, it is about being smooth and flowing.
  2. Swusn

    TLJ Ships

    I really like all the resistance ships. I like the rag-tag look of them. It is kind of weird that they felt the need to make the Raddus so huge but it is not a big deal. As far as the First order, I like the Finalizer, she is a good natural progression from the ISD, The Supremacy makes perfect sense as the space born capital of a space born Empire, Being so large makes perfect sense and she looks beautiful The only thing I don't like is that it is called a "Mega class". Why not just call her a Supremacy class? As others have pointed out Mega class is pretty juvenile. The Fulminatrix.... I don't know what to say, this ship looks dumb, she does not match the sleek and clean aesthetic of the other two and looks completely out of place.
  3. Swusn

    APP for Amazon appstore?!

    The rulebook pdf says it's available in the Amazon app store so I assume it is on it's way. I hope so because a fire tablet is ridiculously cheap.
  4. Just posting to let The Cocky Rooster know I am still extremely excited for this but have no new information or speculation to add.
  5. The campaign will scale based on how many expansions you have. My group has been playing the Descent version and I want to say we are 7 or 8 missions in and haven't even got to the tier 2 monsters yet so I want to say if you have all the expansions you will get a very long campaign.
  6. I think part of the wait for this was having it go through Lucasfilm approval. Hopefully keeping everything thematic was part of that approval process.
  7. This broke my brain bit I love every word of it.
  8. Yeah, I understand if they needed to work on it or maintain it the rebellion may not have had compatible parts. Refitting it with engines they could maintain would make sense. We also know rebels have a lot of experience refitting ships quickly seeing as every ship in their fleet is pretty much a refit. The problem comes from the same place as all the other problems with this story. It is simply too short to tell the story they were trying to tell. They needed the campaign to be at least 2-3 times longer than it was to tell the whole story.
  9. Swusn

    App question...

    Yes, the new rule book even has a section on a single player campaign. Basically you run 2 characters.
  10. Actually the descent app kind of does this, my group got some statue in a random encounter that does 2 automatic damage at the end of any dragons activation, the app remembers we have this and tells us to apply the damage any time we let it know a dragon's activation is finished. We also got another artifact at one point that gave us a bonus I cannot remember and at some point in the campaign it just burnt up on us and we lost it. The app does great at adding in little random events and items.
  11. A smart phone is definitely too small. We use a Microsoft surface pro and that is the smallest I would suggest.
  12. So some quick Google-fu shows me it was about a month in between the announcement of the descent app and it's release. I hope this one is a little quicker but a month ain't bad.
  13. Swusn


    The descent app was on Android, apple and in the steam store IIRC, this should be the same.
  14. Swusn

    FFG We Need to Nerf Darth Vader (Squadron)

    I think Escort on Vader is backwards. The should drop Escort on Vader and he should give Escort to any friendly squadron with Swarm within range 1. I think he should have Scatter/Brace instead of Brace/Brace.
  15. Swusn

    Any players in south FL?

    I'm in Coral Springs, I'm trying to get regular sessions going near me but unfortunately there is not to much interest. There used to be a group that got together every Thursday in Miami but the store closed down and it never really got going again. If you are interested PM me. I usually play at Loot: games and Comics. https://www.facebook.com/LootGC/