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    Stasy reacted to Memorare in LucasFilm’s Doug Chiang reveals unused “double decker” Super Star Destroyer intended for The Rise of Skywalker   
    Ever get the feeling the guys behind the new trilogy have an issue about size? *cough cough*
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    Stasy reacted to TauntaunScout in Legion Clone Wars -Stock Levels   
    I'm pretty sure they aren't even in it for the money. I think their leaders are aliens who gain nourishment from human frustration.
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    Stasy reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Nerdy (even for here) Rant   
    The guy's been working with Disney-Canon for five years now and has had to oversee the continuity of the Sequel Trilogy for god's sake.  At this point, I'm sure he realizes that no matter how much you polish turds, you're still left with slightly shinier turds.  I think the bar is basically now just checking to make sure no author/writer/director confuses Han Solo for Luke's father.  Space geography is way too low on the list, and besides you can travel anywhere in the Galaxy now in about 12 minutes, so what two points aren't "close by"?
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    Stasy reacted to Crawfskeezen in Nerdy (even for here) Rant   
    They're not the same species but they share a close common ancestor. But technically all bipedal humanoid species in the Star Trek universe share common ancestry but that's going deep into not Star Wars universe building.
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    Stasy reacted to TauntaunScout in Nerdy (even for here) Rant   
    And people in Heck want ice water. 
    Then fire him. This deplorable cult of hero worship has got to stop running our businesses.  
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    Stasy reacted to Mep in Nerdy (even for here) Rant   
    Show runners and directors want control of their own story. Someone like JJ Abrams is not taking notes from Pablo Hidalgo. They really need a Kevin Feige like person in charge that carries the respect to control the process rather than letting chaos control the outcome.
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    Stasy reacted to Darth Sanguis in Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy   
    As much a love painting I lack the patience to put this much work in on mass units. 

    People out there putting this much effort into stormies and I'm just sitting here with my contrast white and black like

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    Stasy reacted to Tirion in No aat in march   
    I feel bad to the people this affects I truly do but in all honesty this cracks me up they just cannot figure it out. Though to be fair this specific delay could have something to do with corona
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    Stasy reacted to Derrault in We interview Sam Witwer(Darth Maul) about Legion, Star Wars, Games and much more!   
    This just makes me want to hear a Futurama cast rendition of various Clone Wars. 
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    Stasy reacted to Jedirev in LOVE the new return policy!!!   
    If I might posit an explanation: Give it a few months, but business headline "Private Equity firm PAI Partners seeks buyer for games publisher Asmodee." 
    Seems likely, they are shedding everything that impacts bottom line.
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    Stasy reacted to Reavern in LOVE the new return policy!!!   
    Yes, Asmodee's new returns policy has instantly destroyed the goodwill FFG established with us loyal fans thanks to their wonderful customer service.
    It seems incredibly foolish and short-sighted to completely abandon the replacement parts program, instead of simply reforming it to curtail abuse.
    I mean, most of the time FFG didn't even require me to include my receipt or a photo of the Proof of Purchase token. A photo of the damaged part, or the other components without the missing one, was enough. The only time customer service ever asked for my receipt was late 2019 for the last replacement request that I submitted. I assume it was because Asmodee announced internally that they were discontinuing the replacement parts policy and instructed customer service to cut back on fulfillment of replacement requests.
    Anyway, my point above was that Asmodee could have tightened up the requirements for proof of purchase and I imagine that would've cut down on abuse.
    Returning to my anecdote: I wonder if Asmodee fired the customer service staff before the returns policy change was announced. Because my last request wasn't fulfilled, despite a personalized notation on my Request page that said it was approved and the status was changed to Processing. That was in December and it was never updated. I didn't receive responses from custom service to my emails inquiring about it either.
    There was the announcement last month about FFG laying off entire departments, so it's possible customer service was a casualty of those cuts. That's a real shame because FFG provided the highest customer satisfaction of any company that I've dealt with. And normally I hate all corporations on general principle, so it's unusual for me to sing any company's praises. FFG was exceptional.
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    Stasy reacted to thepopemobile100 in Luke, Vader & Upgrade Expansions Delayed   
    Watch your language. It's called Heck
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    Stasy reacted to Polda in Las Vegas Open - Top 8   
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    Stasy reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in What If ..?   
    You think we got the lesser of two evils??
    Cthulhu had vision!!  And a better health plan.
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    Stasy reacted to TauntaunScout in What If ..?   
    Cthulu for 2020. Why vote for the lesser of two evils?
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    Stasy reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in What If ..?   
    Also in this timeline, you could eat all the ice cream you wanted and not put on weight, and drink all the tequila you wanted and not call ex girlfriends.  
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    Stasy reacted to UnitOmega in New Product Announcement 2/11   
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    Stasy reacted to Bobmc in French Leaks   
    Inferno Squad. FFSWL69. Nice.
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    Stasy reacted to Shadowshand in Future Units   
    First off I love these threads, as FFG reads them and gets ideas, hence my Mon Mothma thread.
    Pre Vizsla as a commander for the Separatists!

    Super Tactial Droid Kalani as a commander for the Separatists too!

    Anakin obviously as a commander, and I'd love to see the General outfit of his.

    And my personal favorite, Master Yoda...

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    Stasy reacted to Shadowshand in Future Units   
    Continuing from my last post...
    Grand Moff Tarkin, in armor, as a commander for the Imperials...

    Sergeant Kreel of Task Force 99. Gives Imperials another lightsaber weilding unit...

    Commanders for the Rebels should include, General Hera Syndulla would be excellent I feel, probably with Chopper..

    And of course, Lando Calrissian...

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    Stasy reacted to Shadowshand in Future Units   
    Additional Operatives could include...
    Quinlan Vos for the Republic.

    Cad Ban for the Seperatists.

    The Grand Inquisitor.

    I suppose Kal Kestis can be brought into Legion too. He'd definately be an operative though.

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    Stasy reacted to Shadowshand in Future Units   
    Younger Ashoka Tano would be an Operative for the Republic...

    Asajj Vntress as an operative for the Seperatists...

    The Empire needs to get their hands on these two as operatives... (0-0-0 and BT-1)

    Chirret and Baze need to come to the game too. They'd probably be operatives.

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    Stasy reacted to PalpShuttle in Future Units   
    Sadly Dark Troopers ae not canon, but I think we'll get regular Jumptroopers. If it's any consolation, we can get Imperial Sentry Droids from Rebels
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    Stasy reacted to arnoldrew in Announcements and Previews in Febuary   
    You must be new to FFG.
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