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  1. Stasy

    Let's talk SSD speculation!

    I bet there is 1-2 lbs of packaging material with the SSD.
  2. Stasy

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I just want to say as useful as the 2.0 thing is for X Wing, there are places without internet connectivity at game stores (what did they build this place out of?!?!?). I also really dislike the technology required to play a 'manual' miniatures game. But that's mostly a personal preference thing for me. I'd really hate to be forced to a 2.0 for Armada. Especially since how it sure feels like they've let this game go to rot up until recently. I am curious what FFG has up their sleeves for Armada next. I really don't know if they'll take a leap into Clone Wars.
  3. Stasy

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    It wouldn't be an Armada release if they didn't miss the target date. 😉 I'm excited regardless.
  4. Stasy

    What have you played this year?

    Legion. XW2.0. A few different board games including Zombicide. Not a single game of Armada. I do hope to change that before the end of Q2. But home renovation and 8mo child is probably the largest barrier for that. Or any real serious gaming. 😄
  5. Stasy

    FFG Live....And Armada Dead...

    If they're going to stream Armada, it's likely not to happen until they have the SSD in hand to promote with it. So no Armada for you until Q2!!! 😂
  6. So, how long after this gets into the public's hands will somebody start selling knockoffs? Will it take that long for somebody to recreate something on a 3D printer? Listen, I'm bummed mostly because the announcement came after most tickets for the event are sold out. But I am not that freaked out about the existence of it since it's not really changing anything game wise.
  7. Stasy

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    Any of them for several months. Prior to that, I never broke out my MC-75.
  8. Stasy

    Looking for Squadron Cards

    I love the actor who played Weyoun (Jeffrey Combs), mostly from his work as Shran on Enterprise. He understands arrogance. 😂
  9. Stasy

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    While XW2.0 is nice because they can adjust on the fly, it creates two issues: You need to be able to make a good program/app. (Sorry, the app is inferior to what others have made) And It makes me use something digital in order to play a mechanical game. (And if the store doesn't have WiFi or cell signal, you're SOL. And yes, I know one store outside of Philly where this is the case.).
  10. I think the intent to spread to two days next year means the play time does not need to be compressed. That also needs to be considered. I'm also unlikely to ever attend due to costs, so my opinion may have little weight.
  11. Also, how he described units being made makes me scratch my head at how bad the Airspeeder is. Ok, it's not bad just...really kind of not good. 😂
  12. Stasy

    True Leader of Mandalore...

    Paint everyone as Bo Katan then? 😄
  13. I don't think I'll ever play the new format. I've got enough trouble getting a 400 point game in, I definitely don't think I've got all day to get one game in. It's nice to have options however. The new Sabine and Bossk releases broach new ground for Legion: optional model poses/components. As someone who has bought in mostly for the painting aspect, I love it. And word is that this is the beginning of that trend for them. And the models have (for the most part) gotten better over time.