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  1. Oh, now it makes sense. Well, that's rough.
  2. There's a LotR category under Products page, and the LCG is there. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  3. I hope both The Wizard's Quest and The Woodland Realm are available when Fate of Wilderland is released, to save some shipping. Still waiting.
  4. Amen. I'm guessing The Shire as well. Rhûn is too obscure to the general public if they want to have fresh products in shelves when Amazon LotR TV series arrive.
  5. It looks attractive to me. I love boardgames with maps, exploration and narrative. But I'll wait for more details about mechanics (and app) and honest reviews before jumping on it.
  6. I did cycle by cycle. For the same reasons given here, I think it's not as tiring as going pack by pack, and gives you a better perspective on cycles as a whole and deck-building.
  7. What? I hope there's no problem with our distributor in Chile. It doesn't seem to be the case, for now.
  8. A reprint is on the way. No reason for a second edition, the game is healthy and expanding.
  9. For anyone who has attended GenCon: wich quests do you think are similar to Siege of Annúminas? I mean, in terms of objetives, pacing, dificulty, or combat / questing / location intensity. I just want to try and tune some decks for Fellowship 2016, that are both appropriate and useful. Thanks!
  10. Could it be released before Fellowship 2016? What do you think?
  11. Wilderland Northern Rhovanion Rhûn
  12. I think Thalin is very good in multiplayer, specially 3-4 players. You can make him even stronger with Fresh Tracks, Expecting Mischief and Anborn, and off course along with the brand new hero Argalad. However, if the enemies health points keep growing in each cycle, he will be almost useless at some point. By the way, I like Dori, really, he is a very good defender and pretty nice Sentinel for dwarves.
  13. Aragorn (Leadership), and both Théoden could benefit from this combo since they are heroes, sentinels and nobles. Or you should use Sword-Thain on Eldahir, or Dúnedain Signal on another noble hero.
  14. Fatty + Late adventurer But Fatty would be exhausted after using his ability. So you can't use Late Adventurer on him. Or am I missing something? I really like combos with underused cards, so I'm interested.
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