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  1. dunno about a full army, but I did write up a few 20 some point armies when we were demoing off IA to new players. I'll see if I can track them down here. they were great small man squads designed to give a quick and easy entry and demo for skirmish.
  2. I can't recall exactly what happened in the thread, but someone at one point did indeed organize a huge campaign and story that managed to integrate X-Wing, Armada, IA and Edge of the Empire all together to create an epic. maybe someone with better memory than myself can provide a link to it if it still exists.
  3. I am located in Canada, and would prefer deals with Canada or the USA, but depending on what the trade is, I could possibly be talked into international. Haves: X wing force awakens core set. Everything punched out but never actually used. Bought it intending to try it out and wasn't thrilled. AA bantha rider a variety of playmats, all MTG standard sized (pm if interested) Wants: Stun, terminal, objective acrylics tokens ffg Challenge coin and in my wildest dreams, those clear dice. Possibly armada acrylic tokens and alternate arts as well. Not sure what my fate in that game will be as of yet. It sees less play than IA does in my area :/ Hopefully we can strike up some deals!
  4. Mara Jade, because I really really like redheads with laser swords and I just figured out I can take this poll multiple times. Second best response. Lol. Best response is the second time they comment XD. Good times.
  5. I would be available on the Sunday if that works for you! Also going to talk to the den and see about setting up a demo day for June at some point. Try to give people loads of notice on it so it can be a bigger thing that way
  6. yep, all of this. it's sad, because I like the grander scale of armada, but there is just no justifying my continued support of it when x wing has so much more community support and organization going for it. FFG is literally their own worst enemy right now with Imperial assault, Armada, and X-Wing all (essentially) trying to appeal to largely the same caveat of players, who are simply refusing to pick up and support more than one wave expansion based game at a time.
  7. Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has had any success in running a demo day for Armada, and if there were any tips or tricks or things to note about running it! Currently we had done really good work on hosting an Imperial Assault demo day, and I was wondering what may be some good things to keep in mind for running the same for imperial assault. Definitely keeping things to a small point army, and less equipments and mod cards to keep the basics of the game simple and not completely overwhelming. but much beyond that I am not sure what all to go about including in the demo. Any advice would be awesome!
  8. There hasn't been much of any organizational play or really anything frequent at all, but I am working on getting that and IA going at the same time. We just had a very successful day with the IA demo and am thinking of trying to do something to that degree with armada as well to get a local community going. I will consult with the guys from the den and see what we can put in the works.
  9. Yeah! That would be awesome! The local shop I frequent is named dragons den, and it is also where we are trying to get imperial assault interest drummed up as well!
  10. What the hey, it managed to work for imperial assault! Anyone lurking on these forums from Saskatoon and trying to grow the armada community? I know I've infrequently met up with a few players by chance, but hoping to be able to get the community rolling on this as well!
  11. Subbing in to this thread as well. Looking to be hosting a demo day in a few weeks time as well, and any additional info we can scrape together would be welcome! Current goal I have is to try to have some of my mini's painted in time to help with the visual attractiveness of the game.
  12. I have only just begun to seriously examine painting my figs. I fear I screwed up early on when (as encouraged by a friend who, while asserting to know much about everything, clearly knew little to nothing about mini painting) told me to just coat my minis using a standard black paint by citadel. While this may not seem like a huge issue off the top, I was unaware that the paints should be diluted down with water prior to beginning painting. Now I fear that some of my minis may be irreversibly blotchy when I get around to doing a full paint job on them :/ I don't suppose there would be many ways to counteract this incredibly rookie based mistake? I am going to be trying on stormtroopers to begin with, as I can always obtain replacement figure packs for them if the results are incredibly subpar. I am in awe of your videos and how well your models turn out! I hope some day soon I am able to start doing more painting of my figs! (waiting for the new job to pan out before committing heavily to any hobbies at the moment).
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