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  1. I was recently playing against an opponent who claimed that he could trigger Wampa's ability to cancel his die results after dice and tokens were spent and results were compared. To me it seems that his ability would kick in during the "Modify Attack Dice" step- in particular where "the attacker can resolve any card abilities that allow him to modify attack dice and that he has not already resolved during this attack". I just want to be sure he was doing this correctly. I lost two of my three ships to him waiting to see what the final results were before scooping up his dice and saying "take a face down card". This seems rather extreme if this was being played correctly...
  2. Hey, I have a bit of a question. There is a guy who comes to our local tournaments who has put rare earth magnets on all of his ships and their flight stands. While I think that this is a great idea to make it so that if a peg snaps you're not potentially left with a nightmarish situation (removing the broken bit from the connector under the ship), there is an issue with this. In the last tournament I was in, after getting utterly crushed (as usual), I was drifting around the venue looking in on other games. While peeking at this guy's game, I saw his opponent looking down in horror as he realized that he had planned his maneuvers for the turn incorrectly because the magnetized ship had spun to face a different direction on its peg. Unfortunately this spinning is not an uncommon thing on his ships. With only a single magnetic contact point, the models constantly spin to face the wrong direction. I know that this isn't an intentional thing on his part (he's a nice enough guy), but unless you pay attention to the miniatures base rather than the ship you easily lose track of where his ships are going. Basically, is this a legal modification?
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