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  1. Hi, I am a fairly new GM, and a HUGE Star Wars nerd. I have seen every Movie, every show, have read many books about star wars, and have run a few One-shot sessions of EotE and AoR. My most recent endeavor was a pathfinder campaign I game mastered over the summer, which was Incredibly fun (According to me, and my players). The thing is, I want to start a long lasting star wars Campaign, but as you may have noticed, the previous sessions I have done for this game were only one shots. I needed to think of something that would get my players deeply invested, something that would make their characters feel important. That's when It hit me, combine the freedom of EotE with the Duty system and military feel of AoR. This is what birthed my Idea for a Galactic Conquest series. The Idea would be similar to the Empire at War expansion: Forces of Corruption, have the PCs start their own faction, and build it from the ground up. I possess: Lead by Example (Contains Mass combat rules), Desperate Allies (Base Building), EotE (Core Book), AoR (Core Book), FaD (Core Book). What I need is: Ways the PC's could acquire vast amounts of credits to fund the Faction. Ways the PC's could acquire soldiers/Units (Rather than Just hire them) Ways the PC's could gain facilities (Hangers, Secret bases, Factories, Ect.) Ways to track the Factions' influence and presence in the galaxy Ways that the new faction could considerably damage other factions (Empire, Rebellion, Hutts, ect.) and loosen their control of the galaxy Finally, If you are aware of any other books which could help me, please refer me to them. As I mentioned, I am a fairly new GM, and this is a big task for someone with as little experience as myself, This is why I will take all the advice I can get. Thank You.
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