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  1. hello guys, i have two questions: 1-I do not understand a swift Attack (talent, core, pag 132) whe say " When a character makes a melee attack, he scores one hit on the initial Degree of Success on his Weapon Skill Test, plus one additional hit for every two additional " that 's what it means? I can use several attacks or only Applyin one ?I can mix it with other talents to give me more attacks? can you give me an example pls 2. in psy powers , the Opposed Willpower Test means It's A roll between my WP vrs the enemy WP ? or is only a roll of enemy wp
  2. hello again, i have new question 1- in the core in the page 74, CHARACTERISTIC ADVANCES, explain when players buy a Characteristic Advance, they add +5 to the Characteristic you can buy Simple:• Intermediate: • Trained:• Expert: This means you can only go up to a maximum of 20 points per feature? 5 for ech if this is how I do it to raise more characteristics? thanks
  3. hello i have a question, in the tome of fate, page 60 , the Fire Bolt is one bolt , but does not say how many bolt throws the Fire Barrage, Fire Storm, Incinerate
  4. what powers and rituals recommend to start
  5. I want a character who controls that take advantage of intelligence (spell powers) instead of brute force, the damage it will do another player (Khorne Berserker) I thought of a psychic (1000k son, psyker, sorcerer) for the variety of powers, but it may be another Archetype The idea is to take control, immobilizing, stunning, sleeping, use walls, ect and if the way is proficient in social skills much better I hope I've explained
  6. I am new to the world of 40k we play black crusade, mixed party or CSM Wanted a hybrid character (-social damage), catches my attention a psychic player who has control over the battles, which Archetype recommend? any ideas ???
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