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  1. I'm an x wing player and I want to get into Armada, the main issue is the playing size area. I have a 3x3 star mat, and at a push I can extend it to 4x3, but I live in a small apartment and I can't use a 6x3 area. The question is: Would 250 point Armada games be viable on a 3x3 mat? I know the 180 point game is 3x3. I know they wouldn't be huge games but I'd like to combine with X wing to make campaigns with larger fleet battles and smaller skirmish scenarios. I'm an imperial player in x wing, and would be in Armada also, and I wouldn't use 'dirty' tactics like parking the Star Destroyer in a corner (which I know is a reason for the larger playing area). Any thoughts on this from Armada players would be greatly appreciated.
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