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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRgesxl-bkg Please see link concerning a 2020 release target. Oh yes!!! Give me DRAGONS! And regular supply asyc opponents in a modern client of my second favorite game! I am going to lose so many games!
  2. Question: is FFG happy with the performance of sales for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition? I know it's a labor of love and it really show when I play it. God bless every single person at FFG that laid a finger on any edition of this great game. The reason I ask is that generally FFG is known for pushing great expansions for great games and well any feedback you might share would be greatly appreciated by many I am sure. Edit: We seem to be on the edge of it breaking into the top 7 at BGG.
  3. Question: Do you foresee future use of the order token system from Forbidden Stars and Starcraft the Board Game? It's a delightfully entertaining system and you guys do these kind of games best!
  4. Anyone heard anything new on this?
  5. I have been waiting for a more concise Gloomhaven design in a smaller package with a more mainstream theme. I have never played Gloomhaven. Is this similar? Do you think it might be an evolution of the design? Big map, small map, side quests... deck that you skill test out of. I am curious what everyone thinks...
  6. Winds of Winter is taking maybe what 10 years? A Dream of Spring will likely be another 10 if we are lucky 😞 If FFG holds the licence I would think we should see a Third Edition in the next 5 years depending on sales. Personally I love the game where its at with MoD. If a third edition came out I'd be glad to scoop that one up too but I am not in a rush. If a Third Edition comes out I would like to see more detailed playing pieces and more terrain features to mix up the fighting some. I'd like to see improvements expanded upon. Being able to build, raise, and rebuild castes would be fun without having to go through the Iron Bank. I'd also go with marginally bigger screens if I could. I am so glad I ordered the playmat. I'd like to get one for TI4 that has the plannets on it. It would be nice to get some similar to the ones they do with IA but with Tournament Balance in mind.
  7. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2108914/mother-dragons-shipping Buddy said he was opening it right away.
  8. **** yeah I was worried this was going to slip to late Jan but NOPE out the door! So glad I snapped up a play mat.
  9. Is is just me or is the miniatures / art direction for the game obsessed with excessive head gear. If I ever get the death-knights first thing I would do is trim off those silly antlers. The prince here doesn't look much better but here's hoping I am just in the fussy minority.
  10. I like the two damage decks. I think its simple thematic and down right awesome. Why would you want to go theme light? Strange...
  11. I know a guy who found the largest MMO and just screenshotted each "Eastern Squiredom" segment of the map. This guy has played for years and knows the terrain inside and out. Might come in handy...
  12. So as it relates to Terrinoth; how would you rate the Magic System in the books? As snagged the first post! W00t W00t! I love how the concentration maneuver works! Building spells on the fly takes some getting used to. I kinda miss descriptive standard spells but looking forward to making elaborate spells.
  13. I was asking about the spells like do they have specific ones like Polymorph or Fireball with Stats and Descriptions for each?
  14. Do they have detailed spells?
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