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  1. RULES QUESTION When a conflict has its type switched, what effect does that have on later conflicts declared by the same player? That is, which conflict is "used up?" For example, if Alice declares a Military conflict, and Bob switches it to a Political conflict for his own nefarious purpose, can Alice declare an additional Military conflict later in the phase, or does only her "real" Political conflict remain?
  2. New content! Episode IX includes Dragon thoughts, a rant about testing without any rulebooks, and the return of Drew.
  3. So I guess this is a thing we're doing now? This link is the playlist of the first 7 episodes; the latest episode is in the last post -- unless someone else replied in between when I posted it and when you're reading this. I don't rule the Internet. Yet.
  4. New content, posted to community.fantasyflightgames.com even! Episode IX includes Dragon thoughts, a rant about testing without any rulebooks, and the return of Drew.
  5. Folks might also want to peek at "Kubo and the Two Strings," which though not based on L5R has a very Rokugani feel to it.
  6. That would be Focus Focus Strike (https://www.facebook.com/groups/474261189578043/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED); I believe, without looking back, that we covered that in Episode 002. Strictly speaking the rules aren't for Nufaivarr, they're for L5R Modern; but Murf promised that if there was enough demand (and once Nufaivarr has a rulebook), he'd do up rules that should work to meld FFG's game with War of Honor.
  7. Episode 6 - Circling an Untouched Moment Some more card previews, dealing with Gen Con rage, and Blake promises to do a thing that isn't done yet.
  8. @RandomJC Charles Urbach graciously allowed Focus Focus Strike to use his art from "The Deciding Moment - Return of Kisada" as our logo/banner. I'd appreciate if you could pop it into the pinned post with the other 'cast logos. We're super happy with it, there's all manner of layered meaning to it nowadays.
  9. Same experience here. F5'd, submitted wishlist, every event sold out.
  10. Does this work? http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:304762914/sounds.rss
  11. This went up on Unicornclan.com about a week ago, and I have it on good authority that Ep. 2 is already in the can although not yet available. http://www.unicornclan.com/index.php/media/focus-focus-strike-podcast/
  12. If you know that Rarity is clearly a Crane and not a Unicorn you might be too multidisciplinary.
  13. On the subject of (only very mildly) justified speculation, I note that the Matsu Berserker has Political skill of "-" while the Doji Whisperer has Military Skill of "0." To me this implies that the Berserker is forever locked out of courtly behaviour and cannot have its Political skill increased, but the Whisperer can get Military bonuses from attachments or events in order to become competent at fighting. Does this seem plausible to anyone else?
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