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  1. All right, back on topic... so here are my thoughts on Rise of Skywalker: I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Rewinding the movie in my head, there are several things that should really bum me out about this - but somehow, they don't. I think it's very flawed, sometimes downright illogical, but also a thrilling rollercoaster and wonderful escapism. A joyride filled to the brim with convenient plot devices and McGuffins. But I can't lie, I had a blast watching this movie. Looks like I'm just a sucker for JJ Abrams' style of telling a story. I don't particularly like that, because I'm aware of his shortcomings as a writer, but at this point, I was quite "meh" about the new trilogy, so I'm quite glad it ended on a high note. Good enough for me.
  2. Also, one more thing: Have any of you seen the Re-Edited version of TLJ by Ivan Ortega? Some of the changes he made (like Ackbar doing the ram maneuver instead of Holdo, Luke not dying at the end) I can take or leave, but seriously: go watch that version and then tell me that the original version has better pacing or flow. It baffles me how all the material for a spectacular, deep, moving movie was there - it was just a jawdroppingly bad and tone-deaf editing and cutting job that wrecked this train for me.
  3. Don't presume to know anything about me. I was so willing to love TLJ, you have no idea. After loving the opening Episode of the ST, why wouldn't I be hyped about that? I also hated almost none of the ideas Rian Johnson had for that story. It was the execution, the telling of that story that was so way off the mark, that I couldn't enjoy one single bit of it. Do I have a problem with Luke being grumpy, old, bitter and dead at the end? No, I think it's a great idea. I'm not not one of those uber-fanboys who just wanna see him shred Imperials for two and a half hours. I don't need Rey to be "someody". I don't mind women in positions of power. I don't want extensive lightsaber battles. What I want is a compelling, cohesive story with memorable, believable characters that flows from beginning to end. And in that regard, TLJ just failed for me. Because Rian Johnson chose to tell it in a way that does not work for a Star Wars movie, at least as far as I and many other people are concerned. But whenever I question his ability or willingness to create for an audience and not just for himself, there are people like you who tell me how wrong I am. I am not wrong. It is a fact that Rian Johnson failed to create a movie that could be enjoyed by most Star Wars fans. But maybe "failed" might be the wrong word, actually. Seems to me more like he didn't want to. When you put so much inappropriate humor into a movie in all the wrong places and by that decision alone - don't get me started, because that horse is REALLY dead by now - prevent it from ever developing some kind of flow or tone, you don't give a rat's behind about your audience's moviegoing experience. As a director, you have to be either blind, incompetent or darn arrogant to display such an amount of indifference towards your audience. Which one is it?
  4. I'm on board with that 100%. There's been so much hate and stupidity that got thrown around in these discussions, it's disgusting. I'm strongly in favor of discussing one's opinions calmly and in a respectful tone, no matter if they are positive or negative. I also try to stay away from loaded labels such as "Ruin Johnson", "Mary Sue" or "JarJar Abrams", because not only are they shallow and unfair, but their usage in a discussion also makes other people think that you are biased, rigid and not to be reasoned with.
  5. Yeah, right. No way guys like him, me or many, many others saw the movie, felt it was **** and therefore decided to write about it online. We can't have that, right?
  6. So what you're saying is that it's ok for KCDodger to make a stupid, one-liner remark that also has nothing to do with ROS, but not to respond to that post? As FTS Gecko said, in order to talk about ROS, sometimes you have to look at and talk about all three of the ST movies. You don't wanna do that? Fine. But don't tell other people what they may or may not talk about. There are many, many scenes and themes in ROS that relate directly to stuff that was introduced in TLJ.
  7. I like to think that the Jedi order we know from the prequels was not at all about "developing" force powers. The force is not something you can gain power levels in. It isn't measurable and hard to quantify. The way I see it, the way of the light side is controlling the urge to use the power you are given, while the dark side just lets you run wild with it. Where the light side tells you to contain yourself, the dark side will try to coerce you. It will make you use your power to get what you want quickly and easily. Just because you can. The real struggle is not giving in to the little voice telling you to "just do it". That is why I don't agree with all the criticisms of the ST that are based on Rey being a Mary Sue. I have never disliked that concept of "raw, untamed power". I have other bones to pick with the sequels, especially TLJ.
  8. This is the way. I don't share cosmo's rating of all the movies, but I agree with everything he's saying.
  9. I've been just reading along for quite some time now. Really haven't felt the need to comment on anything that's been said, because since TLJ, I've been very uninterested in Star Wars. But it's comments like this one that drive me up the wall. What exactly is wrong with the Star Wars fanbase, dude? That some of us are critical of what is presented to us instead of gobbling it all up without any second thought? Nobody's always gonna like everything. What's wrong with respectfully and coherently expressing one's disappointment with the direction one's favorite fictional thing has been taking? A Star Wars outsider would of course agree that a long-standing franchise like Star Wars could use some fresh, invigorating ideas and also swerve from the formula these films were created by. For many insiders, this also worked. But for another large group of people, this subversion of expectations not only did not work, they felt ridiculed and mocked by it. You may not like that fact, and that's also fine. But don't you dare question my love of Star Wars. Disappointment can only go as deep as the love one has had in the first place. If I didn't enjoy Star Wars as much as I did, I wouldn't have felt as betrayed as I did.
  10. This exactly. Audience reactions of the past say precisely NOTHING about a movie that came out in 2017.
  11. That's because they used all the cardboard stand-ups for major roles... Kidding, of course.
  12. I'm not saying that the Jedi were wrong in their way of going about things. But maybe they weren't always completely right, either. All the training clearly had an impact on their abilities. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they couldn't be obtained any other way. The force falls somewhere between magic and religion, which doesn't make it exactly scientific in the first place. There is no formula on how to determine how the force will play out.
  13. Hobojebus, I think Admiral Deathrain did a pretty good job in his post just above yours. Try to think about it for a second. I like this idea a lot better than the training in a Jedi academy prequel stuff. Also, the new trilogy clearly aims to do away with all the scientific nonsense about the force and tries to bring it back to something ancient and mystical. Something that can't be quantified, a bit like religion, but with actual superpowers.
  14. We shouldn't even be having this discussion because the AT-ATs (or whatever those gorilla walker thingies you youngsters drive around on your fancy ground assaults these days are called) should have obliterated him right then and there.
  15. I'm watching the Alachia Queen review right now, and I have to say she raises the exact same points that bothered me about TLJ. So in the end, the video was useful, wasn't it? Otherwise, I might not have found it.
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