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  1. debiler

    Solo Teaser Observations

    This exactly. Audience reactions of the past say precisely NOTHING about a movie that came out in 2017.
  2. That's because they used all the cardboard stand-ups for major roles... Kidding, of course.
  3. I'm not saying that the Jedi were wrong in their way of going about things. But maybe they weren't always completely right, either. All the training clearly had an impact on their abilities. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they couldn't be obtained any other way. The force falls somewhere between magic and religion, which doesn't make it exactly scientific in the first place. There is no formula on how to determine how the force will play out.
  4. Hobojebus, I think Admiral Deathrain did a pretty good job in his post just above yours. Try to think about it for a second. I like this idea a lot better than the training in a Jedi academy prequel stuff. Also, the new trilogy clearly aims to do away with all the scientific nonsense about the force and tries to bring it back to something ancient and mystical. Something that can't be quantified, a bit like religion, but with actual superpowers.
  5. We shouldn't even be having this discussion because the AT-ATs (or whatever those gorilla walker thingies you youngsters drive around on your fancy ground assaults these days are called) should have obliterated him right then and there.
  6. I'm watching the Alachia Queen review right now, and I have to say she raises the exact same points that bothered me about TLJ. So in the end, the video was useful, wasn't it? Otherwise, I might not have found it.
  7. I agree partly. Not everybody wants to watch these clips. So if you have, why not post some interesting points they made? On the other hand, does it hurt the thread to have a couple of videos?
  8. debiler

    BB's house rules for targeted fixing

    Haha! "You thought I'd be here, didn't you? Well, watch me clear half the board with my decloaking magic shenanigans!"
  9. debiler

    Snoke Crew Ideas from The Last Jedi

    Snoke: 12,000 pts, huge ship only - You must triumphantly gloat over everything you do on the playing field. This card may be discarded at any time. If you do, assign a "WTF was his deal???"-condition card to an enemy ship at range 1. Also, while we're at it, how about an Admiral Holdo card? You may choose to destroy your ship at any time to remove all ships in your forward facing firing arc from the playing field. Such a stupid scene. Beautiful and awesome, but ultimately dumb. Kinda like the Kim Kardashian of movie scenes.
  10. Exactly. I'm fine with people loving TLJ, I'm also fine with people hating it. But god forbid you're asking some of them to be constructive and critical about their opinions...
  11. Ok, so I just misread your earlier post (the one I quoted). Thanks for clearing that up. I'm also fed up with people who don't seem to be able to think critically about stuff but rather choose to adopt a rigid, inflexible stance. Anyway - Now that we have this out of the way, I hope we can continue our discussion, because there's just so much much to gripe, praise, whine, love, laugh and bicker about TLJ. P.S.: I did have a great holiday and a fantatstic new years, so thanks for that. Hope you did too!
  12. debiler

    BB's house rules for targeted fixing

    Keep em coming. I love house rules of any kind. Shows that people care about the game itself, not only about winning by flying the latest shizzazz.
  13. debiler

    Rating The Last Jedi

  14. It's so easy to call people who didn't like TLJ 'haters', isn't it? That way you don't have to try to understand or see reason to their arguments. I don't go around calling people fanboys, so why do you feel the urge? I can see why people who give the film 1/10 and call it 'worst movie evaaah' would bother you. They bother me, too. But to tell me to either love the movie or shut up - it hurts more than you'd think. Because I wanted nothing more than to walk out of the theater with that special feeling, that drive to desperately wanting to see the next one. Instead, I felt empty and angry. Because whenever there was a great scene or agreat new concept, Rian Johnson somehow managed to undo it by tacking on an out of place joke. I'm all for quips and comedy, because that's also an integral part of Star Wars. But there's a very thin line between corny and dumb, and they overstepped it countless times in this. Also, I'm totally fine with all the story decisions they made. I was surprised, yes. But I didn't go into TLJ with any expectations on how the story would unfold. So the main argument of 'it didn't go the way you wanted, so now you complain about it' doesn't cut it. At least not for me. To finish this - if you liked the movie, I'm happy for you. I truly am. I can see what people liked about it. But please try to understand that there are many people out there who were just vastly disappointed not just for the heck of it, but because they felt indifferent about it. Which is even worse. It's not a bad movie. But it could have been so much more. The pieces were all there, they just arranged them in a clunky, unfitting way.
  15. Good to see you post in a more relaxed fashion, BlodVargarna. For all the issues I have with the movie (which obviously still affected my overall feelings about the film in a negative way), I am finally able to understand your position on TLJ.