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    GoTFTW got a reaction from Borealian in Will there ever be a new edition, or are we done now?   
    I haven't heard about a new game being in production, so being an enthusiast i've gone ahead and made my own expansion from a combination of the second edition, and the ADWD expansion, along with some new twists! I've played it a number of times with my group of friends and its really well balanced between the houses, and incorporates a new map. Its a 9 player expansion with new houses Targaryen, Tully and Arryn, while the Bolton's replace the Starks. It's based on the beginning of season 5 of the TV series and has new house cards, updated wildling deck to accommodate 9 players, an expanded map including the free cities in Essos, a Deck IV with some new interesting twists and a new concept called the Misfit deck which incorporates the characters whose storylines we seem to follow but are considered 'on their own' (Arya, Bran, Lord Varys, Tyrion, Brienne, Bronn, Beric Dondarrion, etc.. ) 
    Played it a few times and had heaps of fun and many intense nights!
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