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  1. Anyone else hoping FFG has plans to produce sleeves with art beyond what is currently available? Or bringing back some old designs? I love X-Wing Assault, for example. With Second Edition having full size cards for upgrades, I find myself short on sleeves. Would love to get some of those older styles, or some new ones to pick from.
  2. How often do they plan on releasing card packs for X-Wing TMG? Will tariffs on Chinese goods effect the prices of X-Wing product? Will they continue the aggressive release schedule they've had this year in 2020? Is there a target % in each wave of how new ships vs. re-releases?
  3. Looking through the GenCon Event catalog log, there are two Hyperspace side events by FFG on Sunday. Of course the goal is to make the cut, but I'm curious about these. One is $10 at 9 am and one is $6 at 10 am. While the descriptions are different, there is no real indication, beyond cost and time, on why they are different. Do they have different prizes? Anyone hear anything about these?
  4. As a further update from their Facebook page, Gold Squadron said they would be streaming tomorrow and Saturday.
  5. Gold Squadron Podcast is there and the trouble they had was no power, not wifi access. They posted about it this morning on their Facebook page.
  6. The deadline for Quarter 1 kits was really early, like August 31st? I just remember being really surprised and telling my store right away. They were shocked as well and hadn't heard about it.
  7. JediAutobot

    Force Friday?

    With the Armada Campaign box, I would not be surprised if we see a Rogue One Campaign box with the Striker and U as the missing sku. We get a tie-in with the movie and two new ships.
  8. Rogue One Campaign Box with Rebel/Imperial and AT-AT's!
  9. That's one of the few things that has always bothered me about the OT: non-Jedi characters armed with melee weapons (Imp. Guards, Gamorreans, Weequays). Given the choice between a sharp stick and a good blaster, why on earth would anyone select the former? Style!
  10. Sorry, but I liked Pellaeon better then Thrawn. Would you mind sending me some art you'very made for an unrelated reason.... Ashamed to say that it took a full 5 seconds to understand the reference. That said I'm not a huge fan of Thrawn. Pellaeon was a much better character. I like both a lot. I've always felt that Thrawn was a great villian. Pallaeon was a great character. I want both of them in the movies.
  11. I'm still hoping for a future Rogue Squadron movie if the franchise kicks off properly with a new generation. I'm hoping, and have always hoped, for a Rogue Squadron cartoon series. I'd take live-action too, but I don't think they would want to blow a live-action budget on one. I loved this trailer. Like others have said, that Mon Mothma is great.
  12. See if this works https://twitter.com/starwars/status/717841838044872709
  13. I am starting the chant for more ships right here. More ships! More ships!
  14. I am fine with a two-day, and have already signed up for one, but I don't have to travel, it's local for me. While I would think having more Regionals would help, I don't know what the scene is for stores. Are there are venues that want to hold a Regionals and are not? How many applications were rejected because FFG thought they'd be to close? Saying we should have more Regionals, does not mean it would be feasible to have more. I would love to know if this is even logistically possible.
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