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  1. Let's wait and see. If X-Wing 2.0 turns out to be as "well" balanced as 1.0, then I am definitely interested in a balance mod. But from the way 2.0 is being presented it looks like the game developers have learned some valuable lessons from how 1.0 went, so a balance mod might not be needed. We should know for sure by the end of the year.
  2. It sounds about right to me. Cards and cardboard are super cheap to produce, especially in large volumes.
  3. When all factions, and a good portion of pilots and upgrades, are viable in competitive play. And to clarify, by "good portion" I mean at least 50%.
  4. No, but it appears to be good for FFG's bottom line. And what do you think is more important to them; having a balanced game or making money?
  5. Quickdraw is generally accepted as the best imperial ship right now, but for her to reach her full potential you need Fire-control System. In a Palp Aces type of list, she is most often paired with The Inquisitor or Omega Leader.
  6. Against a Ghost (with Sensor Jammer) I get an expected value of 1.5 damage with a focus and 0.39 without. That's 5.28 damage, assuming the above scenario. Against Fenn, though, it looks better. And I agree that your chances of killing him in one round are good. But then what? Chasing down the Ghost with 5 (or possibly only 4 at this point) arced ships that only have 4 hit points each and need to spend their focus on offense to do any real damage. I don't like your odds.
  7. Would you mind showing us the math for that? It does not sound right to me. Let's assume all five of your ships get a shot at range 2. A good Ghost player will not allow that to happen, but let's assume. Remember, HSCP will take away one focus token, and Fenn will shut down another. So only three of your ships get to use it. And you can most definitely not count on having any target locks for the first engagement, since the Ghost player will use his PS11 boost to control range.
  8. I wouldn't judge a list's potential off of a single game. That being said, I think the 3 bomber list has at least some merit. There is a definite surprise factor there, meaning it will throw a lot of people off their game. Especially those who only practise against meta lists. I think a really good player could go something like 4-2 with it, maybe even make the cut, at a regional level tournament. The 4 bomber list, though, is crap. As has already been pointed out, it is strictly worse than 4 contracted scouts. And how many of those do you see making cuts?
  9. They are both so off meta that it's hard to give advice other than "fly what you enjoy". I'm not saying you can't win with them, but you will be at a serious disadvantage against most meta lists.
  10. I would go with Expertise on both defenders and replace Deathfire with a Rho with harpoons, scanners and 0pt EPT to taste.
  11. Outmaneuver is not worth its points cost. It has never been. And in today's meta, where ships don't depend on green dice to stay alive, it's in a worse shape than ever. Just saying.
  12. Getting back to topic, I don't think there is a single element that makes the Ghost/Fenn list so good. It's a combination of the high damage output from TLT together with the Ezra/Maul combo, the ability to mitigate so much damage from Sensor Jammer, the Evade action and token stripping and the ability to dodge arcs at PS11. Personally I think a nerf to TLT would be the best solution, since it would also bring down many other top lists a peg.
  13. So? What's wrong with discussing the game of X-Wing and its rules/mechanics?
  14. We might have very different ideas of what a debate is. I see no crying whatsoever in the original post. Ausir defines what he perceives as a problem and then proposes a fix to it. And then invites the reader to discuss further possible fixes. I would definitely label that as constructive criticism and opening of a debate.
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