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  1. Lothal + Wookie Commandos

    Why would you need Accuracy Corrector when you have got both Ezra and Maul?
  2. Upcoming First Regional

    Set realistic goals for yourself. Win two games. Win more games than you lose. Make the cut. Make it to the final. I don't know how good you are, but you probably have a fair idea yourself. Pick one that seems attainable. And one more thing that hasn't been covered. Coffee. I never fly without it.
  3. Obligatory film ranking thread

    V, VI, R1, IV
  4. The meta, when’s it gonna give?!?

    So it made top 8 in one big tournament. Does that make it a top 10 ship? Edit: And Nym is on 17th place. Not sure about the validity of that list.
  5. The meta, when’s it gonna give?!?

    Then why are you making the statement that Scimitar Squadron Pilot belongs in the top 10? I can understand Quickdraw, because everyone who is at least decent at this game knows she is the best imperial ship. But Scimitar and Omicron, where are you getting that from?
  6. Utterly lack the motivation to play

    Take a break from X-Wing and play something else. I did that at the height of the fat turret dominance. I came back 6 months later (early 2016) to a much healthier meta and started enjoying the game again. Now, I feel like it is time for another break.
  7. Best turret for Palob?

    I am actually baffled that there are people who say anything other than TLT. It is so superior to all other turrets that it just isn't a question.
  8. FFG and TLT Hate, where is the Nerf?

    Why not have both? My point is that on Miranda, TLT is worth more than on anything else. For her, points cost is almost irrelevant, as long as it leaves enough squad points to bring a friend that can carry her to an end game against something that is worth less than her.
  9. FFG and TLT Hate, where is the Nerf?

    If you had made me chose between an extra Z-95 and TLT on Miranda, then I would throw away that Z so fast is entered hyperspace.
  10. After match practice: Chalk Talks

    1. I tend to switch lists a lot, simply because I grow tired of flying the same thing too many games in a row. Occasionally, I find a squad I really really like and I stick to it for several months (for tournaments, I still mix it up on game nights). I don't adhere to the belief that you need to practise the same thing over and over. I believe in flying a wide variety of lists to gain experience in the game as a whole. 2. Ask myself why I lost it. Was it dice, match-up, tactics or strategy? (Yes, tactics and strategy are two different things.) Rarely it is dice, but that does happen. Match-up is becoming more and more common, since the game in its design is being pushed more towards "auto"-wins and "auto"-losses. Was it my setup and overall plan (that would be strategy)? Was it my decisions during the game (tactics)? 3. Yes 4. No. To me, the game is about looking at the board and taking decisions depending on what I see. I understand that some players (probably including most of the top players) approach the game much more methodically.
  11. 2017 Nationals Championships

    There are also 35 Mirandas in those same cuts. She is only for one faction.
  12. 2017 Nationals Championships

    Discounting the lists that aren't entered in ListJuggler, I count 35 imperial lists making the cut in this years nationals/continentals so far (nationals in Germany, France, South Africa, UK, Poland and US, and the North American championships). The number of Nyms present is 48. So a single pilot outflies an entire faction.
  13. 2017 Nationals Championships

    True, but it's not like these are some isolated results. The other big nationals/continentals paint the same picture.
  14. 2017 Nationals Championships

    So 1 imperial list in top 16 at UK nationals, none in polish.
  15. 2017 Nationals Championships

    That is true. I didn't think of the fact that generics are almost extinct. I just noted that the dot named Scimitar squadron pilot was bigger than Dash Rendar and thought "that can't be right". I didn't mean to critique your work, other than constructively. Sorry if it came across as negative. I appreciate what you put into this.