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  1. Had my ship not been there he still would have landed on the Purrgil, does that make a difference? Edit - Don't answer that, I understand now, it doesn't matter if he would have landed on it had my ship not been there because that's a completely different scenario and wouldn't have called for the ship to reduce speed temporarily. Got it, thanks again for your help.
  2. I have another question which sort of involves purrgils but also applies to other obstacles too. This came up in my game last night. So my opponent was flying a Nebulon B at speed 1. He had a Purrgil directly in front of his ship and one of my ships just beyond that. His movement meant that he crashed into my ship and also overlapped the Purrgil. We played it so that he took a face down damage from the crash and also a damage to his shields from the Purrgil hit. Is this correct or would he only take damage from 1 of them? If so which one, and how is priority decided?
  3. Thank you, the reason I ask about the movement is mainly because Abandoned Mining Facility and Hyperspace Migration both state how Purrgil movement should play out but Marked for Destruction does not. In AMF it's the second player, in HM it just says that they move towards the objective token opposite them so I guess order isn't important. On MfD it doesn't say anything. Hence the confusion.
  4. I have a few questions about Purrgils after we used them on the Abandoned Mining Facility objective. They count as an obstacle, does that also mean they obstruct when I'm trying to fire through them? When crashing into them, can the damage caused be taken on shields? The rule book doesn't say. When moving them, is it always the second player that moves it first or does this alternate at all? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks guys, will take a look at removing the gunnery team.
  6. Great thanks, I'll pass this on to my friend. Any other comments appreciated.
  7. So my friend is entering a tournament in a few weeks with me and asked me to post his list on here for some comments and advice. It's a 4 ship list consisting of 3 Corvettes and Home One. The idea being that he out activate his opponents if possible and make use of Ackbar's ability combined with TRC to pound the enemy into the ground with his Corvettes. The Home One is being used as bait for the enemy therefore hoping the Corvettes will be considered lower priority targets. The list runs at 385 and he is looking for a 5 point initiative bid at least, as such, any ideas on what to spend the extra 10 or so points on would be appreciated. He is also looking for advice on what objectives he should take. Rebels Fleet (385 of 400 pts) Commander: Admiral Ackbar (38 pts) Flagship: (145 pts) MC80 Command Cruiser(106 pts) Home One (7 pts) Engineering Captain (6 pts) Engine Techs (8 pts) Redundant Shields (8 pts) XI7 Turbolasers (6 pts) Leading Shots (4 pts) Fleet Ship 1: (51 pts) CR90 Corvette A(44 pts) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts) Fleet Ship 2: (51 pts) CR90 Corvette A(44 pts) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts) Fleet Ship 3: (51 pts) CR90 Corvette A(44 pts) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts) Squadrons (49 of 134 pts): 3x A-Wing Squadron (33 pts) 1x Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron (16 pts)
  8. I'm planning on using this list in a local tournament happening in a few weeks. The idea is to make the MC30's as hard to hit as possible by utilising Mon Mothma, ECM's and Foresight (on one of them) I then plan on getting as close as I can with them and unleashing hot firey death... Any comments would be appreciated. Rebels Fleet (400 of 400 pts) Commander: Mon Mothma (30 pts) Flagship: (121 pts) MC80 Command Cruiser(106 pts) Defiance (5 pts) Engineering Captain (6 pts) Boosted Comms (4 pts) Fleet Ship 1: (85 pts) MC30c Torpedo Frigate(63 pts) Foresight (8 pts) Gunnery Team (7 pts) Electronic Counter Measures (7 pts) Fleet Ship 2: (77 pts) MC30c Torpedo Frigate(63 pts) Gunnery Team (7 pts) Electronic Counter Measures (7 pts) Squadrons (87 of 134 pts): 2x A-Wing Squadron (22 pts) 5x X-Wing Squadron (65 pts) Objectives: Opening Salvo , Fire Lanes , Dangerous Territory
  9. Well I guess if you can't have 2 of the same card on a ship then their theory holds no water. I suppose it's never come up until wave 2 as no ships have 2 of the same slot. Next time I see them I'll ask them and report back on what they said. I'm pretty sure they were talking about using regular squadrons though, don't think they were including Rogue Squadrons in this. I could be wrong though.
  10. Sorry for double post, I also remember them saying that this massive Squadron Command also involved the need to spend a SC token to make this possible.
  11. So I was at a Sullust event last weekend and I overheard some of the guys theory-crafting in regards to a single ISD build which could Squadron Command around 15 squadrons with 1 single Squadron Command dial. I was in the middle of a game so couldn't concentrate on what they were saying exactly but is this true? I know the ISD has 2 offensive retrofit slots meaning that 2x Expanded Hanger Bays can be equipped but what other upgrades would need to be installed to make this possible? That's if it is at all possible?
  12. Noticed a couple of spelling mistakes but other than that great work. The one that sticks out for me is Ruthless Strategist, you've spelled Ruthless with an extra e somewhere. There were others but I've forgotten now.
  13. You've got tonnes of options with that amount of stuff. Just have a mess around with a fleet builder or even better just let your friends do it. Fleet building is part of the fun for me.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think I'm going to go with my own Fel/Advamced combination but with added Howlrunner to provide the extra blue dice to the attacks/counters. I think that ignoring them all is a mistake, it wouldn't take much for him to reposition the ball of fighters into the path of my Capital ships once he's mopped up my own squadrons. I agree Fel isn't exactly a ship killer but if he can do a couple of damage points to the shields it could make all the difference.
  15. Thanks guys, some useful tips. I'll be ready for them next time... It looks like it's time to buy another fighter pack...
  16. Just kill them?! My God why didn't I think of that! Yeah I tried, the dice rolls weren't quite with me when attacking with the fighters and of course the bombers only have that 1 black die. I just couldn't get the damage out quick enough. I don't have the Flight Controllers card (yet) however it occurred to me that I could try including Howlrunner, the extra blue die she gives to other Swarm fighters would come in handy especially if I include my own Interceptors which would give them an extra blue for the counter too. Chiraneau is also a good idea, he is a bit pricy though.
  17. So I played in my first tournament this Saturday just gone (29th Aug) and in each of my 3 matches I played an Imperial player who was utilising Fel and TIE Advanced squadrons in some way shape or form. I was Imperial also and went for a ship heavy build which didn't leave me much left for squadrons, I ended up taking Rhymer plus a second bomber and a handful of TIE Fighters in the hope that they would supplement my ship killing capabilities. Needless to say with my opponent's TIE Advanced enforcing its Escort ability and acting as a tank while Sontir's ability whittled down my TIE's was incredibly frustrating and my fighters were never a threat in any of my matches. I did have some success with my ship killing Capitals but I'm more interested in neutering this combo for now. Other than fighting fire with fire, and including My own Sontir/Advanced combo in my list, or waiting until the wave 2 Raider hits, is there another way to counter this combo? Interestingly a Rebel player went onto win the tourney and I know for a fact that he went against 2 of the same opponents as me, so he must have neutralised this threat in some way. However I never saw his list or went against him myself. All I know is that he had Tycho Celchu in there somewhere. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.
  18. Hi, this is the first fleet build I've posted so let me know what you think. My main objective with this build was to pack as much punch as possible into a single Gladiator and make it manoverable enough to get into the action quickly, take out its target, and then high tail it out of there again. The main drawback I can see is that it may have problems with long range hitters that are able to kite it, but I'm hoping the Engine Techs and Demolisher help to mitigate this in part. Thoughts and comments please. Gladiator Rush (178 of 180 pts) Flagship: (123 pts) Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer(62 pts) Admiral Screed (26 pts) Engine Techs (8 pts) Assault Concussion Missiles (7 pts) Demolisher (10 pts) Defense Liaison (3 pts) Gunnery Team (7 pts) Squadrons (55 of 60 pts): 1x Darth Vader Tie Advanced Squadron (21 pts) 2x Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts) 2x Tie Bomber Squadron (18 pts) Objectives: Opening Salvo Hyperspace Assault Superior Positions
  19. Hi, just another question regarding Screed's ability. The text on the card says "when a friendly ship attacks" does that mean a ship that doesn't have Screed on it but is on the same side, or does it mean a ship that is friendly to Me, the player? The implication being that Screed would be useless in single ship fleet builds and is only useful when a second ship is involved. Some clarity would be appreciated. Thanks!
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