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  1. Did I just say I wasn't going to continue making maps? Spoiler alert: I did.
  2. So, to expand: I'm mostly done with IA. I never get a chance to play it at home and, even in its Skirmish form, it just has too high a barrier of entry for new players now, with the amount of stuff that's been released. I even find myself flicking through the deployment cards from the last wave and thinking "who?". I'll probably keep collecting the game, but just to paint the minis (although I imagine that time is about to have a huge Blood-Bowl-sized bite out of it), and to play a game once in a blue moon. But I'm not going to keep building the Skirmish maps. What I am going to try to do is clean up and release the current tile set at 300dpi, so that people can use the tiles to build their own maps (official and custom) in a way that prints out at a decent quality. That effort will take a while, but I intend to keep chipping away at it. I might release them in stages. Someone else will have to add to the set as necessary when new expansions come out. I will also continue to host the maps I've built already. Apologies if this disappoints anyone.
  3. No good reason, I just left room for the rest of the wave.
  4. Jabba's Palace is up. I think it looks better than the earlier maps, though the difference is probably imperceptible. http://ibrahimshaath.co.uk/imperialassault/
  5. 1) During Spoils of Crime, can a figure with fewer than 2 movement points retrieve a crate? I'm assuming not. 2) During New Ownership, is the door to the Rancor Pit really locked to figures outside the pit but unlocked to figures inside it? And if so, that's daft, right?
  6. As it happens, the only tiles I'd made much progress on were (what I think of as) the Scum ones. I tackled them first since they're the hardest; they have the ribbed doors that never line up properly. Jabba's Palace is almost entirely Scum tiles, so I will endeavour to make it the first map from my new tileset.
  7. When's that? I can try and find time.
  8. This was discussed at length earlier but he wears the vest over his tunic all the way through the Tatooine sequence in Jedi.
  9. Sorry for the delay on the new maps everyone. Things have been very busy IRL, plus I've decided, for some reason, to rescan and clean up all the IA tiles so that the maps look better; less moiré, tighter alignment and cleaner joins. It is likely that no-one will notice the difference but me, and that I am an insane person. Anyway. At some point there will be new maps.
  10. C but I almost immediately found out the Campaign wasn't for me.
  11. It is so nice to paint something that's not tiny for a change. On the downside, my forearms hurt.
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