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  1. It is just Han. Luke's Card etc. are not banned. And we have no plans on making our own Command Cards ...
  2. Actually, that is not the reason. There is just no mention of "friendly DROIDS and VEHICLES ..." as is on Sorin's card.
  3. No problem. We had a lot of discussion on how to nerf the "Hunter Meta". The "ban" on the RCP seemed obvious, as many players on this forum and elsewhere complained a lot about the RCP in Mercs. Jabba losing Nefarious Gains seemed obvious too, because it is extremely OP and because Swarms can never be viable, as long as Nefarious Gains could be played against them. We tested a Stormtroopers Swarm against Jabba / Hunters, and it was devastating. Nefarious Gains scored an average of more than 10 points in these games. Banning On The Lam seemed obvious, because it's OP and it kills the fun for the opponent (and we had no idea on how to balance that card). Banning Dev. Schemes seemed obvious, as this card is a game winner on some maps, e.g. Anchorhead. In the overall design process it was an early decision, not to change any command cards, but to either ban them or to reflect their strength in the affected figures' cost. And we wanted to ban as few cards as possible. With that in mind and all the nerfs already made, it seemed obvious not to ban Assassinate, but to reevaluate the deployment costs of all hunters.
  4. Other cases: E.g. the cheaper Ko-Tun. How could it be more simple or clean to have 4+ Errata instead of one single and simple rules change? In my opinion, Jabba ordering a hit by Vader is just stupid. The Sorin / HKs interaction actually should not be affected ...
  5. Yeah, that's right. But before Spectre Cell, Mercs were THE dominant faction (at least in Germany). Something had to be done about that. Jabba is still good. Black Market is still good. All those Hunter Cards still rock. IG is still a beast. Etc. Actually, even the nerfed eWeequays are still really good (depending on the mission). There are lots of options to choose from within the context of the overall rebalancing.
  6. Thank you. The idea was, that the most powerful use of SoS is: Luke goes last, move, move, attack, SoS, Luke goes again, attack, attack, End of Turn, Luke got the Ini and goes again, attack, move, move to safety. That had to be stopped. The change to Ini and the change to SoS were made to stop things like that. But then Luke felt like 10 points.
  7. That happens quite often, but is actually less of a problem than it seems on first glance. You just don't have the situation, where one player goes last one turn and goes first the next turn (and knows that for sure, because he has Negation). These situations, where Han goes last (moves out of cover and shoots), goes end of turn (shoots), and goes first next turn (shoots and moves back to safety) are gone. ... There are many reasons to have more activations than everyone else. Now there is one reason to have less activations. I just hope that this balances out.
  8. Rebel Graffiti got banned and Sabine is no Vehicle anymore. It felt like she is powerful, but not overpowered. Time will tell, if that is enough of a nerf. Gideon, 3PO and Hera are really powerful, but most of the playtesters said, that they are not overpowered, especially not in the overall context of the faction. But I have to admit, there was/is a lot of discussion on that one. The ban of On the Lam nerfs Han Solo indirectly, who was played a lot around here (before Spectre Cell).
  9. We tested 6, 4 and 8 respectively, but that felt overpowered to our playtesting crew.
  10. @cnemmick: Thank you. @Daniel: I'm very interested to hear your opinion.
  11. @Bitterman: I will provide both ready to print cards as well as a stripped down / just the rules version of this document in the next few days. As the Nationals are in 3 weeks, this document was priority 1, but the rest will follow asap.
  12. These rules will be used for the inofficial German Nationals (there will be no official German Nationals). Any ideas and feedback are welcome ...
  13. Hi there! Some of us in the german community didn't really like the approach of the IACP, but agreed, that some rebalancing had to be done. Therefore we created the RIAST Rules. Designer's Commentary: Imperial Assault Skirmish is the miniatures games with the best core rules out there. Sadly, the Skirmish game is (more or less) discontinued and game balance is in a bad state right now. This Rebalanced Imperial Assault Skirmish Tournament Rules (RIAST Rules) document was compiled with the intention to have some more years of Rebalanced Imperial Assault Skirmish and to share this with the community. Many Deployment cards are either underpowered or overpowered and therefore there is only a small number of Deployment cards played competitively. The plan was to make as many figures playable as possible. In most cases the Deployment cost is just either too high or too low. In these cases the Deployment cost was changed. If a Deployment card is too expensive, it will not get played, which would be sad, but not a real problem for the game as a whole. But if a Deployment card is too cheap, it will be the only card that's played (e.g. 4x4 or Spectre Cell), and that would be a catastrophe. To avoid this, Deployment costs have been reduced carefully. Only Deployment cards that couldn't be rebalanced by changing their costs got new rules. The plan was to make as few changes to cards as possible. Deployment cards should not get banned (with the exception of Upgrade cards). FFGʼs game designers said in an interview, that there are reference deployments, used to balance the costs of the other deployments correctly. Elite Stormtroopers are one of those reference deployments, Elite Probe Droids are too. Therefore, these should not be changed. There are certain baselines in this game that should not be ignored. E.g.: There is a maximum number of figures per army of twenty. The game designers achieved that by making the cheapest figure cost 2, e.g. regular Stormtroopers. Therefore, reducing the cost of any figure to less than 2 points per figure is not an option. Command cards are a whole different story. For many reasons, it is impractical to change a Command card's text. Furthermore, game-winning Command cards cannot be rebalanced by just raising their costs, as they will be played anyways. For overpowered Command cards it is possible to raise the Deployment cost of the figure(s) to achieve balance (e.g. Son of Skywalker or the Hunter cards). Other truly overpowered Command cards have to be banned. There are so many viable Command cards, that buffing underpowered Command cards isn't necessary. I would like to thank all the playtesters for their great work and Feedback! The complete ruleset is attached to this thread. RIAST-Rules_2019-08-01.pdf
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