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  1. Is it possible, that you forgot, that they come with different cards for skirmish and campaign? 4 figures, 4 skirmish deployment cards and 4 campaign deployment cards = no extra cards.
  2. I'd assume 8 cards for the Death Troopers, especially after the shitshorm for 4 Clawdites coming with 3 cards in HotE.
  3. I have actually no idea, what to play from the new wave. But a healthy change in meta would be welcome before a tournament of that size.
  4. DerBaer

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    BT-1 is a Heavy Weapon and a Hunter. With Tools for the Job he could potentially deal 5 times 1 damage. And even then, I would think twice about using Heavy Fire. Even if it's the last turn and therefore you suffer minimal effects from the harmful conditions, I would think about that twice. You move out of cover, shot, gain stun and then you cannot move back into cover. Last turn last activation, no one on the board to shot end of turn, then it's a safe call to use that. But even then, you need to have a viable target for your attack with enough viable secondary targets around ... Actually, I don't see myself spending 1 point to buy a card, that is at best VERY situational.
  5. For Empire you want Zillo and Rule by Fear. Those two cards define this faction. But they come with figures you don't want.
  6. For scum you need IG-88, Jawa, 3PO. Maybe Greedo. For Rebels it's Han, R2, 1-3 Smugglers, 3PO, maybe Rangers, maybe Asokha. For Empire get an Unshakable card on eBay. Whatever you do, don't buy Twin Shadows, Hoth or Bespin. Right now, there is no playable figure or card in these packs, except for Negation and maybe the Junk Droid. (For skirmish, campaign is a different story.) Your next buy should be R2 and 3PO.
  7. Which means, ToL is tournament legal one day AFTER German Nationals.
  8. It took quite some time for me to realize that Greedo is awesome. I thought that GIA is some kind of inside joke, I just don't get.
  9. DerBaer

    Hondo and Thrawn Spoilers from GenCon

    That depends. Thrawn gives a block token, Vader get's shot and uses that block token. Death Trooper gives a power token, Vader get's shot and uses that block token. That way Vader received 2 block tokens over all, but never got to 2 block tokens at a time. When your opponent tries to focus Vader down, that's a likely scenario. On the other hand, when you have Extra Armor and Vader starts the game with 2 block tokens, then it will be far less likely, that your opponent tries to kill Vader.
  10. DerBaer

    Hondo and Thrawn Spoilers from GenCon

    1 block token per round max from Thrawn ...
  11. DerBaer

    Commandos Up

    I think the box is effectively a 5 guy team including a sniper plus a 2 guy saboteur team. Or rather: Buy three boxes, get three saboteur teams, and have 15 spare figures ...
  12. DerBaer

    RIP Rebel Faction

    Gideon, 3PO and Jabba generate 3 Focus a turn, on Uscru I can focus up to 6 figures before the action really starts. That is broken. Even if you don't have Jabba, you can still focus Han and 3 Rangers before the action really starts. That is really powerful, at the edge of being OP. Removing ONE of those 4 to 6 Focus is not as strong ...
  13. DerBaer


    Kanan, Ezra, Asokha, Obi-Wan ... sounds fun. What are the remaining 10 points? R2 and Gideon for sure (extra cards and extra move) ... 4 to go ... 2 smugglers? Rebel High Command?
  14. DerBaer


    Quoted for awesomeness.