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  1. DerBaer

    Lothal Wastes Strategy Discussion

    Never use Parting Blow without Unshakable.
  2. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    The Jedi are the best fighters in the (Star Wars) galaxy. A six points Jedi does not make sense (to me) in the first place. A six points Jedi, that's not even top tier for his six points does not make sense even more. And that's true fore about any Jedi except for Hater Vader and the SC Jedi.
  3. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    Yes, we can! When you factor range, the Jedi and Zeb are just not that good (without Spectre Cell). Compared to any long range unit like eWeequays: Those units can move out of cover, shoot, move back to cover. Close Combat units can't do that. They have to expose themselves. This can be done, when you have high health, +1 block and a defense reroll or something like that. In other cases I just don't like close combat figures. That's why SC Ezra (or Vader) is great, but other Jedi are not.
  4. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    Over the years, it became really complicated, so just the key indicators: - Average damage dealt per round per point cost. (I calculate that per deployment card, not per figure) - Health per point (including defense boni) - threat range - move plus range plus all kind of move and range boni. Then it gets complicated, because you have to factor all kind of boni and rerolls, normalize, compare results of three figure groups to one figure groups etc. E.g.: I divide the results by reference figures' results, e.g. Elite Stormtroopers. Then values above 1 are better than the reference, below 1 are worse. Actually, I want to change "health per point" to "number of average attacks the figure survives". That would make the calculation more exact. But that one's tricky to accomplish...
  5. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    I excel every single figure since the beginning of this game. 99% of the time, I get a really good estimate of how good a figure is (I have to admit that I underestimated the eWeequays in the first place and had to adjust the formulas then). Hera, Sabine and Chopper are top tier figures even without the Spectre Cell card. I would use them anytime even without Spectre Cell. Zeb and both Jedi are slightly below top tier, but still above average. To be honest, I would not use them without the Spectre Cell card. The Spectre Cell card is the strongest card in the game by pure math. This does not take into account, that Zeb and the Jedi are more ore less close combat only (which is not a bonus, as you have to expose these figures to attack). This means: You got to know what you are doing, if you want to play them effectively. But IF you know, what you are doing, they are incredibly strong. At least stronger than everything else. This does not make them unbeatable. A more skilled player with the right list and a little luck will beat them. But as a comparison: 4x4 was not unbeatable. The right amount of Rebel Sabs combined with good support was able to beat them. It just was an uphill battle. The same is true for the Spectres. It's not impossible to beat them, it's just an uphill battle ... Still just math: The house edge in Black Jack is just 0.475%, the house edge in Roulette is just 1.35% ... and Casinos worldwide make billions with that small unbalance. Therefore, I'd say "unbalanced" does not necessarily mean unbeatable. A small edge sometimes is enough to make a game one-sided ... and my Excel Fu says, the Spectre Cells advantage is distinctly more than 0.475%.
  6. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    What would change, if it was an attachment?
  7. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    The SC card brings 3 boni: +1 damage, +1 block, extra attack. That's too much. Remove any 1 of those 3 boni, and the card would be OK (I would tend to either the 1 damage or the 1 block). Maybe make SC 3 points, so Extra Armor or Motivation are out of the equation. Then we would instantly have a diverse meta again.
  8. DerBaer

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    SC (the card) is too powerful, but that's just my opinion. But the cries of doom have more than one reason: IA is a great game. The basic game mechanics are great. It is easy to learn, but hard to master. There is not much room for cheating. It is the perfect mix of a board game and a tabletop game. And it is Star Wars. Therefore, there is is a very high degree of player dedication. Even more so, because entry cost is quite high (dedication becomes higher with higher investment). AND there are no alternatives. When an edition of Warhammer becomes unplayable, then you just play any other tabletopgame, like Warmachine, or whatever. Or you just wait for the next FAQ or edition. But there is no other game, that's anything like IA. The alternative to IA is not playing something else, the alternative is to not play at all. Therefore, the fear of loss of the investment is much higher. We had a truly perfect state of the game: FFG once had a great player communication (like every Friday). But that's gone. FFG once had great OP kits (including medals/coins for first prize, cool other stuff like dice bags, health counters, cards you actually needed). But the prize support became uninteresting. The started new designs of tokens before they finished the sets with older designs, stopped first prizes, etc. IA had a great, diverse and balanced meta till SC was released. IA had a fresh meta about 2-4 times per year with new stuff being released all the time. => We all know, what we've lost. Right now, there is next to no player communication, OP kits s*ck to a degree, that local FLGSs don't even bother ordering them, we don't really know, if there will ever be new physical content. Many deployment and command cards have been rubbish, when they were released, others have become rubbish. I'd say half of my figures have never seen play, 90% of my figures have not seen play lately. Maps are released way after being in the rotation, so FLGSs don't even order them. And on top of that, we have the SC problem. What's most frustrating: There would be easy solutions to all the problems. 1 article per week could be easily done. Better OP support could be easily done. A set of new, balanced deployment cards for all existing figures could be easily done. Changing the map rotation AFTER releasing a new map could be easily done. Fixing SC could be easily done. I think that's part of why the SC problem escalates so hard in the forums: Many believe, the end of this game is near (for different reasons). And if FFG cancels the line, the then current meta will be there FOREVER. And the current meta s*xks. And many gave up on the other problems, like communication, new releases etc. because they realized, that FFG won't change that. But the SC is a problem, that could be solved, and a type of problem that FFG has solved in the past (Royal Guards). So there is a focus on that problem.
  9. DerBaer

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    I like the comparison of the healthy diverse meta we had before the Spectres compared to nowadays. And it is really just that one card Spectre Cell. FFG ... Please errata that card!
  10. DerBaer

    Best expansion to buy for skirmishers

    For Rebels it's Lothal, for Empire it's HotE, for Mercs it's Jabba's Realm (but you already got that one).
  11. DerBaer

    New tournament kits?

    @Isnigu: We didn't receive either, and we're just 300 km away from you.
  12. But actually, I can remember a time not so long ago, when we had an article every week. And with 10 OP kit previews per year (4 GNK + 1 Store, 1 Regional, 1 National, 1 North American, 1 European & 1 Worlds Championships), 1 "register for North Americans now", 1 "North Americans was great", 1 "register for Europeans now", 1 "Europeans was great", 1 "register for worlds now", 1 "worlds was great", map previews (4 per year) and map in stores now (same 4 per year), 4 new Tournament Regulations (just to announce the new map rotation), 1 announcement for a new box + wave, 3 previews for the blisters, 6 previews for the box (what's in the box (tiles etc.), skirmish Rebels, skirmish Mercs, skirmish Empire, campaign heroes, campaign villains), 1 box and wave "in stores now", 2 FAQs ... that's 41 articles per year. To do customer relations right, you can either fill with another blister wave, or app preview, or some kind of Worlds reports, or tactics articles, or painting articles ... to easily get to 52 post per year ... Or FFG just show, that they have no interest, and do nothing ...
  13. AND even if FFG releases something in the foreseeable future, when most players have left by then, will they come back?
  14. Yeah, I know. And I've always been on the sky is NOT falling side. But right now, players ARE leaving. OP is NOT happening anymore (in my area).