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  1. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    BTW, what's the "who's the boss" list?
  2. DerBaer

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    I think a small sense of rock paper scissors is absolutely OK for a war game. Let's say: IG is great against Vader but not as good against Han, Vader is great against Han but not as good against IG, Han is great against IG but not as good against Vader. I'd have no problem with that. But right now we have rock (SC) and scissors (everything else) and no paper at all. That sucks ...
  3. DerBaer

    The Mandalorian

    Disintegrations: Boba Fett gains SURGE: If the target figure loses at least one damage by this attack, it is removed from play.
  4. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    Chopper has some kind of small attack on the terminal. Hera has a good attack, Kanan has a good attack, Ezra has a good attack, Sabine has a good attack plus a grenade and Zeb has two good attacks. Plus the SC attack. All of that with plus 1 damage (except Chopper and grenade). This adds up to about 9 attacks, most of them with +1 damage. This is not lower than the average team, this is far above.
  5. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    Vader just did it! But the guy piloting the spectres made so many mistakes (it was me), that I'm not sure, that this game was representative.
  6. DerBaer

    Italian Nationals Report

    IG is as broken as Han and Vader, therefore all three factions had the same chance. And still all three were beaten regularly by (hunter) lists that didn't have them.
  7. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    It's not just me. Our local small group of players include the current german nationals champ, the two time former german nationals champ, the current dutch nationals champ, the first dutch champ, way more than 10 regional trophies held by 3 players ... And we are meeting regularly, coming up with new list, trying to beat the SC. And most of the time it's not even close ... I promise, we keep trying, but it's not much fun ...
  8. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    IG, Han and Vader are all very powerful indeed. This means that all three factions were competitive. The dutch nationals champion had none of them and did beat them all. Right now, IG, Han and Vader are beaten on a regular basis by SC. => Right now, only one faction has a strong list.
  9. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    I'm not saying, SC is unbeatable. Just too powerful.
  10. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    4x4 was beatable, too.
  11. DerBaer

    Congratulations FFG!

    I think the Specter Cell is overpowered.
  12. Targeting Computer is an Attachment and so is IG's fix. You can't have both.
  13. DerBaer

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    If you would have left put the part "I bought the game before these cards received fixes.", then FFG would have send you the cards. That's nobody's fault but yours.
  14. Don't underestimate the Ewoks. Yes, they look cute. But first, they are all little geniuses. They see a speeder bike for the first time and can use it. They see an AT-ST for the first time and can use it in a combat situation. And they are incredibly strong, on an average stronger than a human about twice their size. And they are smart enough, to live in peace with their environment, that's something humans usually don't do. And they defeated (and probably ate) a whole Legion of the Emperor's finest.
  15. DerBaer

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    Then this was just a misunderstanding. Sorry.