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  1. Depends. 2 Jawas for activation management and shooting, Hired Guns for mission objectives.
  2. Han is Pathetic

    Han can be great, IF your positioning is perfect. He needs a lot of skill. But a really good player can make him work wonders ... Vader is great. But Imperials just lack good support. Chopper, Gideon, 3PO, Hera ... they are staples for a reason. The empire has nothing like that. And having played 9act, 4x4 and Stormtroopers for quite a long time, I never thought, I'd ever say that, but the empire lacks strong troops, that play well with Vader. The only good imperial troops are eSentries, but they are to expensive to fit 2 units in a Vader list. I'd always prefer eWeequays or eRangers over any imperial troops. IG really lacks a reroll. I can't say, how often I rolled a 1 damage on a red die and wished I had a reroll. But he is part of one of the two strong factions right now, so that compensates for his lack of a reroll. Still waiting for the Boba fix!
  3. RbF, Zillo, 4 Officers, 2 rStormtroopers, 2 rJets, 2 rRiots? (18 figures - 62 health) RbF, Zillo, 4 Officers, 3 rStormtroopers, 3 rJets? (19 figures - 57 health)
  4. I'd love to see the Stormtrooper Swarm vs actual meta lists, e.g. vs. your Han list from your regionals report. And to make it more realistic, I'd add Zillo and RbF to the Empire. I think the Officers, the rJets, the rRiots and the rStormtroopers all performed quite well, the rSentries not so much.
  5. I think an Excel sheet like this can give you a hint, which figures are playable and which are not. I think, there are some factors, that are hard to evaluate that way: Support figures, in faction synergies, special abilities, figures that fit a certain player's playing style ...
  6. They should finish the ESB Bounty Hunters. Zuckuss and 4-Lom including a Boba fix. I would love to that happen even more.
  7. Nal Hutta

    I still like Nal Hutta more than I liked Anchorhead. I really hated Anchorhead.
  8. rHired Guns are really good. I still use them in most of my Merc lists. rGammoreans are designed for campaign only. Nuff said. rWeequays are actually better than most people rate them. Still I'd always take 2 sets of eWeequays before I'd consider taking a set of rWeequays.
  9. When the Stormtrooper Meta came up, I played these painted 5 units of Stormtroopers ...
  10. Yes it is. And with some experience, they are painted quite fast, because they are not as overdetailed as e.g. GW minis. And don't get me wrong, I love to play with and against painted figures. But what I really love about that topic: Even on high level tournaments, no one tells you, that you MUST paint your figures. E.g. the current Dutch AND German champion doesn't have a single figure painted and it's absolutely OK for everyone...
  11. IMO it's absolutely OK to play with unpainted figures. Usually, I have all figures painted on tournaments, but close to no figures I've not used in skirmish. For a nice compromise, it looks OK to spraypaint all figures bronze or gold and then just give them a layer of GW wash. That way, they look like expensive playing pieces... 😊 Edit: I wished, someone had told me that, before I painted all these Stormtroopers shiny white.
  12. Single Games

    Most of the time I play skirmish only for lots of reasons. But one of my main reasons is, how unreliable my fellow players are, or unwilling to commit themselves to a "regular" campaign night. Some of them are more casual gamers, that really want to play this game, but not on a regular basis. Therefore, I'd really love to see another game mode with just single missions. Pick a character and don't worry about leveling up, a next game night or whatever. The first mission of LotA does just that, the X-Com board game does that perfectly. I'd love to see that in the App ...
  13. Actually, in campaign play I absolutely want thematic encounters. When I play skirmish, all these things don't matter to me at all.
  14. I think, someone won a Regionals with a Bantha just recently.