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  1. I understand that. Still I think, that there is no single list with a SIGNIFICANTLY higher percentage.
  2. The number of activations is a key factor in Legion. 10 activations is the maximum at the moment. This is either Veers + 6 Troopers + 3 Bikes or Leia + 6 Troopers + 3 AT-RTs. So expect to see both lists quite often. On top of that, you can hear quite often, that Vader is too slow and the AT-ST as well as the T47 are not worth their points. Nonetheless, I've seen an AT-ST's Mortar panic enemy troopers of the battlefield round 1. I've seen Luke win a game more or less without killing something, but just by taking a critical mission objective at the right time. I've seen double T47s dominate the battlefield. I've seen 3 units of bikes die in one round. tl,dr I don't think, that there is a "the most competitive list" right now. I think it depends more on the player than on the list, who wins.
  3. Kill all opposition as fast as possible.
  4. DerBaer

    Customization and Conversions

    @Chucknuckle: I think you just have a different definition of balance than me ...
  5. DerBaer

    How to counter son of skywalker

    Just shoot Luke. And then shoot him some more. Repeat till he dies.
  6. DerBaer

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    I disagree. He is just medium awesome on Nal Hutta due to the lack of corners, and he will be super awesome on that map due to a lot of corners ...
  7. DerBaer

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    On this map Greedo is even more awesome. #GIA
  8. DerBaer

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    As far as I know, you cannot shoot through a corner between two blocking squares.
  9. IA base ~ 25mm Legion base ~ 27 mm but the Legion base is a lot thicker (about twice)
  10. I first thought so, when they showed the Thrawn Dial as OP prize support. And when they previewed Kanan as OP prize support.
  11. DerBaer

    Newbie don’t know what to buy

    ... because Greedo is awesome.
  12. DerBaer

    Customization and Conversions

    The difference between GW and FFG is, GW gave a crap on the tournament scene for years and years. I remember tournament rule sets written by the TOs, rebalancing whole armies and inherently changing the game. Because the GW games where so unbalanced, that competitive play was impossible without doing so. GW makes the best tabletop soldiers ... FFG is more into rules. And being a tournament player I like FFG's approach. What I do not understand is strictly casual gamers playing only at home and still sticking to tournament regulations they don't like. But I think, that's a problem caused by those players and not by FFG.
  13. Then you are more than welcome to do so. But also then this is the wrong thread for you. The topic is the evaluation of the competitive value of these units.
  14. DerBaer

    Customization and Conversions

    I think, that's not FFG's fault. FFG create a competitive environment for competitive players. First and foremost, the restrictions on conversions, scenic bases and count-as figures come from the Tournament Regulations document. Noone expects you to use the TOURNAMENT Regulations for your beer and bretzel games at home, especially not FFG. And there are no STRICT guidelines for your beer and bretzel games. Just do, what you want. But this is a topic about conversions and customizations. Any question regarding "legal" conversions must be about tournaments, because conversions are only restricted for tournaments in the Tournament Regulations, but are not restricted for casual play at all. So is it possible, that this might be the wrong thread for you? (No offense intended.) I am a tournament player. Even if I play at home, I play according to tournament regulations, because playing at home is training for tournaments FOR ME. If you're not doing so, you're more than welcome to do so at your home. But actually, I agree with you on your main point: I don't understand, why someone would use these overly restrictive tournament rules, if this someone doesn't play tournaments. And even more I do not understand, why that someone would tell you, how to play at your home.
  15. Both compete for the same slot in your list, therefore it's absolutely necessary to compare them ...