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  1. Officer's Training Use while attacking to reroll 1 attack die. Then, if you are a Leader, draw 1 Command card.
  2. You choose 3 figures to take the damage/strain/heal. There is no limitation to friendly or opponent.
  3. Broken parts are common in Jabba's Realm. The Rancor's parts seem to be to heavy and smash the other figures.
  4. All other cards are just great. There is nothing like Assassinate, but they are on par with the Jabba's Realm cards...
  5. Actually, I don't understand the hype for Balancing/Chaotic/Corrupting Force. They each cost TWO points for giving you as much of a bonus as to your opponent. The Corrupting Force's blue die might even give you 0 damage for those 2 points. Chaotic Force could be interesting, IF you are playing a strain list including Under Duress anyways. That way, you hurt your opponent more than yourself. But I actually haven't seen Under Duress that often lately. And again, the Chaotic Force's green die might even give you 0 strain for those 2 points. Balancing Force could be interesting, if you have more damaged figures than your opponent, but that's quite situational. And if I had to choose to spend 2 points for either a very situational Balancing Force or e.g. Comm Disruption, I know it wouldn't be Balancing Force. "Meanwhile, if Emperor Palpatine is heading an army with a limited number of powerful figures, Corrupting Force can help even the odds against lists that hope to swarm you with a horde of weaker figures. A point or two of damage won't break a character like Darth Vader, ..." Really? Especially for a character, that has such a high defense as Vader, I'm thankful for every single point of damage I can deal to him. And who says, that the opponent chooses Vader and not an Officer to take the Damage ...
  6. + Health 9 and obviously cost 10.
  7. "Is HOTE going to fix the balance? Sentry droids Vs Weequays" The more I think about it, the more I think this is the wrong question. I think HotE will bring balance, but not via the Sentrys. Let me explain: I tend to have 2 categories for deployment cards. The first one is "tools" including classic "support" (healing (like MHD), damage buffs (like focus or Call the Shots), defense buffs (like Protector) and movement buffs (like Order)). This category includes Upgrade cards like Beast Tamer, Zillo, Rebel High Command. "Tools" also include "cannon fodder" and other cheap figures, so all guys, that just sit on terminals, open doors, carry crates around, all that stuff (Alliance Smuggler, Hired Guns, rJets, ...). The other category is "meat". This includes all those figures that kill (and be killed). In the trooper meta these were eStormtroopers, in the hunter meta these are the eWeequays and the Power Rangers. But HotE expands the "meat" category in a new direction: "center pieces". These are the new Han, the new Vader, the new IG (and Jedi Luke). I think that those will define the upcoming meta. They cannot be allied, so e.g. you absolutely have to play Empire, if you want to include Hater Vader. They are all really great figures playwise. Everyone wants to play them, because they are iconic for Star Wars. And they make you rethink list building. So "Is HOTE going to fix the balance?" ... I think this is more than likely, but " Sentry droids Vs Weequays" will not be the main reason for that.
  8. Oh, and I forgot ... with Multi-Fire it's 2 focus per droid. So we're having potentially 16 focus per round dealt in this combination!
  9. a) An eWeequay is 3.5 points, a rSentry is 3 points. Therefore eWeequays should be around 17% better than the rSentrys. I doubt that. b) A dead eWeequay is even 4 points for 6 damage dealt, a dead rSentry is 3 points for 5 damage dealt . 6 / 4 = 1.5 but 5 / 3 = 1.667 This one goes to the Sentrys. c) Sentrys are imperial droids. Cards with re-draw (Targeting Network / Shared Experience) combined with Zillo = Tears of joy. d) Versatility. The choice between Multi-Fire and Charged Shot is just great. Multi-Fire with Targeting Computer is even greater. e) I've seen Grenadiers dealing 20+ damage so often ... who needs an Assassinate then? f) No matter what everyone else says, Reinforcements are still good. They are just not overpowered anymore. g) Sentrys are great targets for Vader's Finest, Cross-Training, Survivalist, Scavenged Weaponry, ... h) ... and for Sorin. Sorin is as good as the number of focus he deals per round. This depends on the number of targets he has. 5+ focus per round and he is worth his points. 4 units of regular Sentrys are just 24 points! Add Sorin and Officers/Zillo to taste ... i) THESE ARE JUST THE REGULARS! Regulars are for campaign, elites are for skirmish. I'm really excited for the elite Sentrys.
  10. I'd be fine with all those generic villains, if we already had those canon and maybe EU villains. Tarkin, Veers, Thrawn, Piet, Xizor, Kallus, some Inquisitors ... there are so many of them. We are already running out of OT canon heroes (Luke is already there twice!), there are only a few Mercs to go, but there are lots of Empire characters still missing.
  11. Therefore I see a lot less doom than some others here...
  12. And Hater Vader as well as the Riot Troopers have a lot of health and defense. Asokha is very fast, so is Luke. There will be Brawlers/Force Users, that are still good in Nal Hutta.
  13. As Anchorhead leaves soon, this will not be a problem for long. Then there will be just one map, that is significantly better.
  14. The designers said, that all maps are intentionally unfair. Having the Initiative on turn 2 is so good, that having the initiative on turn 1 has to have some extra bonus in choosing the better deployment zone. I actually like that.