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  1. I've played against her quite a few times. She is great in most aspects, but IMO she doesn't have enough health.
  2. I'm not from the UK. Delivery has been perfect nonetheless.
  3. To me, they look marbled, but not metallic. I'd assume, they are different to the world championships dice.
  4. I asked my regular ebay token producer and he said they are in production and will be available in the middle of December.
  5. Absolutely agreed. But this is the case for almost all classic tabletop games. I think the tabletop tournament scene got used to that.
  6. Maybe I should add a further information: I play competitively most of the time. Thus, my experience is restricted to competitive gamers (mostly).
  7. Actually, at the moment, I'd rate Warmachine as my number one example for a classic tabletop game.
  8. And, in my experience, the most unnerving Imperial Assault boardamers are far more relaxed than the most laid-back classic tabletop gamers. IA is a gentleman sport! (And I love it.)
  9. Yes, no doubt about it. Most of the unit packs released so far just s*ck: Rebel Troopers (Tier 3 to 4), Rebel Saboteurs (were Tier 1 but are Tier 2 to 3 now), Stormtroopers (came out, when everyone already had to cores / Stormtroopers are not Tier 1 anymore), Wookies (Tier 3 to 4), Hired Guns (Tier 2 to 3?), Echo Base Troopers (Tier 3), ISBs (Tier 4), ... I like the Rangers, got 2 sets. I'd say, the unit packs sell poorly, because FFG put the wrong units in those packs. I'd imagine, if the following units would have been figure packs coming out at the same time as the corresponding box, they would have been sold well: Royal Guards, Officers, Probe Droids, Stormtroopers, HKs, Snow Troopers, Ugnaughts, Weequays, Jet Troopers, ...
  10. The figure cost is 2 points. Investing 2 or maybe 3 attacks (due to Zillo) to gain 2 points is not a good trade.
  11. As the german translations are really bad overall, I wouldn't take them as a reference for anything. I live in Germany and still prefer the english rules ...
  12. Gideon "the most used unique" Argus