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  1. TFA might be my favorite Star Wars movie, so I like that JJ is coming back. Also would have been happy with someone else, just for the sake of something different though.
  2. I've actually been playing around with the LDD and coming up with modular pieces to buy off of Pick a Brick. That and I've got buckets of legos already, so I'm on board with this idea.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I really like the design of TFA. I know we don't have a lot in the way of ground troops for either the Resistance or the First Order, but if we're being honest, the biggest variety in military units in Star Wars has always been ships. In the starter set there's already a walker pulled from Clone Wars so that the Rebels have something comparable to the Empire's bikes. That's not really a criticism, the walker makes sense, but if they're just gonna have to fill in gaps anyway, there's space for that in the new Era. Plus, it's not like a new wave is gonna come out every month. We're gonna get some new stuff on screen to pull from this December.
  4. Respect for fluffly fun list. I was thinking the same.
  5. I advocated for a very similar thing in another thread. If we ask long enough, maybe we can get it, like those gunboat people.
  6. Just my two cents to keep this thread alive, I really like this idea. Generic commanders would be great. It's a little harder to personalize an army if it always has to be lead by a character from the movies.
  7. I actually really liked the inquisitors. Especially the sister. Thought the brother's hat was weird.
  8. I'd actually like some generic force users. I know it strains canon almost to the breaking point, but I think it would be fun to put together a couple rogue jedi.
  9. Sad. Just . . . so sad. And a little embarrassed. But yeah, I'm hoping it's not something that will really come up in this setting.
  10. Not to derail further, but I think you're right. The gaming community has a history, and a stigma of sexism associated with it, even though there are now a lot of us that want to see the hobby opened up. Trying to clear its name so to speak, is difficult, especially when we do have those misfits that seem to go out of their way to make the whole community look bad. To put this back in the context of the thread, I think more models that represent women respectfully on the table (instead of half naked battle witches or whathave you), might help fight against that stigma. Even if game stores had a special event once a month, where women got to use tables for free, would they really want to if all they saw on the table were sexualized depictions of women? Some would look past it and shrug it off, sure, but even I'm put off by a lot of what some companies put out. I think Star Wars is a great setting to put female models on the table that aren't overly sexualized.
  11. This is a very good point! The other issue I have with 40k, just as an example, is when they do establish gender, it often becomes cartoonish. I'm hoping FFG will do little things to make minor distinctions, like the facial hair for dudes. If a few models have a slightly different shape or longer hair to imply gender in the same way as a beard, as long as it doesn't become a pinup character, I think that would be great. I think in addition to those few characters with a little more distinction, you're spot on about not being able to tell when it comes to someone in full combat gear.
  12. Variety! Yes! In just about every aspect of media, these days I find myself happy to see a woman on screen, or on the page, just for the sake of something different! On the table, you have the added bonus of a more interesting force to look at, and a better way to tell your troops apart.
  13. The tournament aspect is the other side of this stuff. I like to hope that more representation on the table leads to more representation in players. Sounds like I might be wrong on that unfortunately. Wish we had a better way of addressing that.
  14. Mk. Well I guess we won't really know until release then. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Oh cool! I tried to look over the pics we got on the site before making this post, but it's hard to tell. I guess I should go ahead and stick my foot in my mouth.