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  1. I'm thinking of picking up a custom model from heroforge to proxy for Luke in casual games. Has anyone compared Heroforge to Legion? Does the scale work out?
  2. ****. Ignore me. Already posted in this thread.
  3. The 4 mini expansion has generic commanders in it. Makes me hopeful for generic force users.
  4. My brother loves the clones so he couldn't be more excited about this.
  5. I just want that Sith Infiltrator.
  6. Apart from losing the 360 arc and the option to pick up engine upgrade, I'm pretty happy with the Deci changes. They even game me a hard 1 turn! Between that and the TAP getting generic force users, I feel like my favorites got buffs.
  7. True, size is a bit different. And I honestly don't care what type of unit it counts as. Whatever works.
  8. If they wanted to give the empire a type of air support, something in line with rebel airspeeders, but didn't want to go straight to ties, I think there's a cool option. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Patrol_transport Originally police craft in The Clone Wars, they've seen use as air support for the empire in Rebels. I think its a cool ship, and something that would push me over the edge into picking up this game. Great idea or greatest idea?
  9. I'm real on board with the idea of generic commanders. Seems there are others here who feel the same. How do we make this real clear to the designers?
  10. When it comes to paint jobs and miniatures, I say do whatever. Movie accurate forces will look cool, but they'll likely be the norm. I think unpainted minis like this are a great opportunity to come up with your own little fan fiction army. For example, I plan on doing a lot of purple accents and play my group as a Sith Loyalist cult group. If you want examples of fun vehicle paint jobs, I'd actually look at work done on 40k's(ugh) Ork vehicles.
  11. Totally fair. And I forgot about calling in reinforcements. As for the ship being so versatile, I think that's why I didn't like playing it. If I had wanted to play a well rounded sturdy ship, I would have played X-Wing, ya know. But as you said, other views on it are fair. Different experiences.
  12. I'm kinda in the same boat (pun intended). I did play Tie Fighter, however, and still don't like the ship. It doesn't fit in Star Wars, or the Empire for me. More than anything it felt like the designers trying to fill a role in a video game. The missions that made you fly one always felt like filler while I was waiting to get back in a Tie. So I don't get the nostalgia. I'll go one step farther and say that I'm kinda . . . upset is way too strong a word, I guess irked or mildly disappointed that a ship got into the game in the first place. It really feels like it's only here because of a real loud forum meme. I won't be buying one, but I'll agree that I'm excited for peoples' repaints. If someone does something really cool, that might be enough to change my mind.
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