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  1. Not in the slightest. My campaign is set in an alternate Star Wars universe where the Death Star never destroyed Alderaan. As a result, the rebels never got to sound their klaxon of hope by destroying the Death Star. I've been playing with the same group of players for 30 years so they've been to the Star Wars universe with me many, many times through many official systems. As amazing as it sounds to me, I just couldn't get my players interested in returning... until I said it would be an alternate universe.
  2. I was 10 when this movie came to theaters... soon to be 11. I lived in NYC at the time. I hadn't even heard of it. It opened to such a small number of theaters that it wasn't some weeks before I knew about it and, even then, I had no idea what it was. I never saw a trailer. I never cared to go back and look at the trailers. So today is the very first time I saw that trailer. It didn't make me want to go back and see it again, tbh. In fact, I kinda cringed at it! For the most part, I agree that trailers have changed a lot in 40 years but, at the same time, I see a lot really hasn't and I wonder if it's more due to technical capabilities that they have. From the 1970's or today, trailers make false promises about the movies they're intended to advertise so that much is the same. I think they're just better at it now. I'm pretty sure that trailers were created, in the good ol' days, by literally splicing together pieces of film and, from the look (and sounds!) of things, they weren't even finished shots. They'd never give you such an unpolished look today so that is, to me, the major difference.
  3. They were so scared that by having "WARS" in the title, they were alienating women that they might have... well... exaggerated.
  4. I'm with Marcy on the canon. Hope I'm not overstepping by calling her Marcy as we're hardly familiar but I'm her elder so maybe she'll forgive me. She's welcome to call me Fred. Or Freddie. Or Freddie-poo. My motivation for casting canon aside is that my group is somewhat older than average and we've played every iteration of the Star Wars RPG's as they were being published and we've been there, done that. By now, the t-shirts are old, faded and many have become so tattered that they've been used to wax more than a few cars. I've described this elsewhere on this forum but, since the question was asked, I'll thumbnail it here (even if I am using a rancor's thumbnail for extra room). My players have only touched on the tip of the iceberg but they're close to the big reveal. I'm looking forward to it. My campaign flip-flopped the good and bad guys. Yoda was the phantom menace. He had used his centuries of life to slowly corrupt the Jedi. Palpatine was a good guy, a member of a splinter cell that had detected the growing corruption of the Jedi. Yoda issued Order 66 and moved on the Emperor with his trusted inner circle but he was defeated by Palpatine. Yoda escaped to form The Crucible - a group fanatically loyal to his effort to gain control over the Empire even if it means plunging the galaxy back into civil war. Palpatine, keeping the knowledge of the sith still active in the galaxy a secret, has been trying to keep the peace and security he promised but finding it difficult to do so without removing or limiting many of the liberties that were similarly treated in canon (the holonet, for example, is restricted to Imperial-approved uses). The rebels emerged based on the feelings of the very same Seantors as canon. These Seantors saw the Emperor's treatment of the liberties they had assumed the Clone Wars were meant to protect. The rebellion has become a puppet of the Crucible without knowing it... and the Emperor is forced to deal with them as terrorists. TO do so, Grand Moff Tarkin has been tasked with bringing order to the Outer Rim... and this is the setting the PC's adventure in. So Alderaan is still there. The Senate was disbanded when it was discovered that several were aiding the rebellion. The Crucible has control of the (so far, unrevealed) Death Star. The Empire lost a fleet trying to recover the Separatist asset once they learned of it... they, unfortunately, found it operational (and staffed mostly by the Separatists remaining droids). The Death Star has been in hiding ever since... and Lord Vader (who is NOT a Darth) was announced dead... but, in reality, used his "death" (and a new guise) to facilitate the search for his children when he learned that they still lived. My players have learned of the destroyed fleet via an old Project Outreach (independent journalists deemed outlaws by the Empire) reporter. They're learning about the Crucible by investigating a slaving operation that involved the Zann Consortium (which came to light during a certain published adventure). The Crucible's slave operation is a side-effect of their efforts to find more Force sensitives to bring into their ranks. And the PC's happen to be working with Black Sun... who is secretly working for the Empire (because, in this setting, Xizor realized that Vader's actions on the Falleen homeworld, though brutal, saved the planet... that the "accident" was staged by the Crucible to cast blame on the Empire, and his desire for revenge is aimed in that direction). They, naturally, all started with various stories in their backgrounds giving them reason to hate the Empire. I've re-interpreted their stories as "what they've heard" and the truth is quite different. I can't wait till they learn about all this...
  5. Here I thought this was a thread about statting me! But, as usual, it's all about my brother, Sheev. Everybody loves Sheev...
  6. Won't deviates way too much from the SOP. FFG is very good about producing pdf's for their other lines so, if they're not producing them for one specific line, something must be actively prohibiting them. I think the simplest explanation that makes sense is that there are terms and definitions in the contracts (FFG's and EA's) that make it potentially ligitable if FFG produces pdf's related to Star Wars rpg's. Simply balance the cost of litigation against the projected profits of adding pdf's to the line and, "VOILA!" you have your answer... even if, as my kids would say, "That sucks butt nuggets." Then again, I might be a minion of the lizards sent to throw you off their scent... but thanks to my foil hat, you will never know!
  7. GOD YES PLEASE I WOULD LIKE THIS VERY MUCH I HAVE WAITED FOR 1000 YEARS FOR THIS MOMENT I would personally kill many bothans to bring this information to you...
  8. They're my favorite iconic ships too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CdVTCDdEwI
  9. Or maybe not! This might explain why minions get upgrades for each member of the group after the first! One guy is ALWAYS not being counted!
  10. What do I know? I'm one LaSalle and an Edith away from busting out with the "All In The Family" theme song.
  11. I agree with 2P51's response 100% but, wrt what I've quoted, just to ensure no one thinks Mman is schizo (not that I really thought anyone would based on a rules question!), I'm betting a lot of Pathfinder expatriates will wonder about this if they don't spot the developer's rulings. The Pathfinder rules specifically state that a character is an ally to himself so any effect that could be put on "an ally" can be put on himself, too. Or herself. Or, so I don't upset the Verpine community, itself.
  12. It has in my group. I can't speak to the RPG books since we seem quite able to get by with just one copy of everything at the table but I think we've made up for it in X-Wing and Armada minis and accessories. I'd like to add Imperial Assault to the list, too. Edit to add: The interest definitely started with the RPG, though. It's what got us to try the miniatures games. Maybe it goes the other way for some?
  13. Honestly, without anyone seeing the contract, it's pure speculation. Barring someone in FFG having the name Snowden, don't expect to see it... but, my exposure to contreacts and contract development, limited as it is, tells me this: Don't rely on logic. You have to look at the contract for the definitions and how they apply to the contract. If the contract defines "red" as "chocolate milk", then for all issues pertaining to the contract, red is chocolate milk. It is fun to speculate, though so we can consider a number of possibilities. Edgookin brings up one. Additionally, I have noted that the die roller is not available on the PC or Mac. Considering the terms that are defining pdf's as electronic gaming material allegedly come from some archaic wording in the contract, this same archaic wording might not take into account portable devices. Since pdf's are not specifically confined to portable devices, they still fall into that bucket while mobile apps do not. Or is might be a cryptic decree from the lizards in Washington DC! Pick your conspiracy.
  14. If it means they have some personnel with the available bandwidth, perhaps they can produce some EotE books? I will very subtly suggest A BOUNTY HUNTER CAREER BOOK! But only very subtly...
  15. I tend not to use them but not out of any dislike for them. I might have a high bar as far as when I think they need to be used. Being our campaign doesn't put the PC's in much contact with big nasties like an unimaginable collection of things the Empire can put in the field, it just hasn't come up. I used fear checks when the PC's ran across nexu on Cholgonna the first time then once more when, after learning firsthand how vicious they are, when they ran into a few nexu with upgrades (nexu 2.0). Beyond that, I don't think I have used them at all. But I definitely would if I felt the situation called for it. I think you have to know your group, too, so I don't envy those of you who play with pick-up players or on Roll20, etc. My group is 5 players. Our "new guy" has been with us for 15 years. The rest of us have been gaming together for 28 to 30 years. We're best friends away from the gaming table - several of us having been Best Man at each others' weddings. Two of our wives used to play but put their dice bags up when the stork started dropping off kiddies (and, at this point, some of the kiddies are showing interest). I know if I pulled out the fear system other than for extraordinary reasons, they'd get frustrated.
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