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  1. Why is the Rebel Transport in the article image but not in the box?
  2. ghotio

    2.0 card viewer?

    I can confirm that there was no blocks from symantec/norton when I just visited. Great resource! (Your site that is)
  3. If you are going to back pedal on a post, would you be so kind as to leave your original content, but to change the font to strikethrough. That way we can all learn from your experience. I doubt you will be the first and only one who has this train of thought.
  4. ghotio

    2.0 card viewer?

    errrrr.... This is what I got when I clicked the link: Safe Web Report for: infinitearenas.com Web Site Location United States of America Norton Rating Norton Safe Web has analyzed infinitearenas.com for safety and security problems. Below is a sample of the threats that were found. Summary Computer Threats: 1 Identity Threats: 0 Annoyance factors: 0 Total threats on this site: 1 The Norton rating is a result of Symantec's automated analysis system. Learn more. The opinions of our users are reflected separately in the community rating on the right. Community Reviews (0) Threat Report Drive-By Downloads Threats found: 1
  5. we're talking linked actions not ship abilities..... have I annoyed you enough yet?
  6. Ok hands up I was being facetious. And I hand forgotten about the Turret Action. But that being said no ship has a linked action that allows two re-position actions. Apart from the linked actions with Turret in them. You will either get a Lock, Focus, or Evade Token and a Stress Token in the end, hence my humor of two tokens.
  7. *Cough* Every linked action gets two tokens.... one of them's red.
  8. That was exactly my first thought! *1 pretend internet point for you* Before my time but from now on the Reaper will remind me of Ken Dodd.
  9. so at most he actually only gets 3 actions
  10. OK, am I right in thinking that he couldn't BR>>*Spend Force*>>Focus>>BR>>*Gain Stress*? or Focus>>BR>>*Gain Stress*>>*Spend Force*>>Lock?
  11. Honest question: Can Vader carry on spending Force tokens to perform actions i.e. more than two? For example: BR>>*spend Force*>>Lock>>*spend Force*>>Co-ordinate>>*Gain Stress* Co-ordinated ship which has already Locked now Focus>>BR>>*Gain Stress* Is that right?
  12. ghotio

    Fang Preview is up!

    Is it just me and my dyslexia (spell check...check) kicking in or is "Joy Rekkoff" going to be called J.Erkkoff forever more.
  13. What IS the most broken thing in 2.0 The Forums *mic drop* see my earlier comment on 1.0
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