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  1. I would not call the Outrider one "easy" in the slightest(the problem in 1e was most certainly not combos involving Jan Ors), nor would I think of the Guri that way.
  2. The Tie swarm was significantly better than pretty much any X-wing grouping you can think of back then. It was less because of some weird lack of adherence to lore, but that the designers at the time didn't really value things as correctly as they could have. The Y-wing being a TLT carrier exclusively is because of how ordnance was a really messed up design. FFG finally made a worthwhile turret upgrade, and probably ended up making it too worthwhile.
  3. The K-turn is a super favorable maneuver to a jouster, and having the possibility of a bump helps add risk to it. A blue maneuver is not anywhere near as favorable.
  4. Who knows how good these will be without the prices?
  5. I actually find the game good, so understanding it improved my appreciation of it, rather than detracted from it. That's how good games work- you learn more about them, how to win, and it makes the game feel better.
  6. To me the other gunner effects being cheaper and generally better but requiring some guess work strikes me as the right balance.
  7. I don't think you're gonna get reveal articles in an AMA.
  8. I don't really think the Luke card is the end of the world here- a lot of the things that made the fat turrets what they are just don't exist any more- at best, I think we're at v1 chewie-leebo levels of power, which if that's your problem, you suck at the game.
  9. Panzeh

    Horton Salm viable?

    Pretty much. If you give him mobility and more durability, you get into a low point miranda cost, and miranda is much, much better than horton for a variety of reasons.
  10. Panzeh

    Horton Salm viable?

    The advantage of TLT is that you don't need to buff the shots in the first place, and you pay a heavy premium to get the buff on a ship that can die really quickly.
  11. I imagine the 2400 will not have a gunner slot.
  12. To put it in perspective, Dash lost: Double-actions Synergies between PTL and Kyle/Kanan Two arcs worth of firing Boost Dash gained: A 3 die attack at range 1. Somehow this is a massive buff and imperials will never work. Imperial fanboys are some of the worst.
  13. I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who says Dash got a big buff.
  14. lol did you know in the EU that boshek was a force user
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