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  1. Sorry for possible bad English and possible disappointment feelings passed but I just have to share this. Maybe it gets to someone it matters. I can agree that 5$ is not much for 4-5 people to have fun for a few nights. BUT, this IS a game that already costs 100+$ and comes with very limited replayability value. It has few scenarios that are not even close to replayable more than 3 times each, and you will not play a scenario you won any time soon. It just feels unfinished. Compare it with Descent, a totally app-free game that already has tons of scenarios. It got an app mode that is awesome and it gets new campaigns and game mods FOR FREE!! For the newest one you just need an expansion to get a whole new campaign (not mention that the expansion comes with its own campaign). I'd very much rather buy a whole expansion to play a free ~15 night game which is replayable at least once than waste couple of hundreds of dollars on MofM just to have to buy short story scenarios that I can play less than 5 times. You can also spend 100s more dollars to get 2 more game nights with new expansions /wink wink/ That is some lame management. I'm very sad it's is going in this direction. The point is to attract people with lots of scenarios (not to mention campaigns which could be mind blowingly awesome), so they'll buy more of your games and expansions and mini expansions, and so on.. not to earn on app dlc! This looks like EA games of board games. Selling gorgeous expensive unfinished products just to patch them with expensive dlc-s. In the end the game is good but is it worth it? My opinion is that i will never suggest MofM for someone to buy, nor will I buy any expansions for myself. I'll probably buy the dlc just not to waste the 100+$ I already spent. It is a very very sad thing. The potential this game has is greater than any other. This could have been my favorite game of all time. Investigations, app driven multiple choices and multiple consequences, exploration, role playing game with awesome stories and atmosphere. I would not think twice about buying every single expansion. But as the things currently are, I am very disappointed and I can just hope someone else will get to lead this product in the future.
  2. I've played MoM2 for about 10 times so far. That's not much but it made me want more from this game! After playing some scenarios more than 2 times we noticed the lack of randomness and surprise. While other games like Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror give a highly randomized game to make every game different, MoM2 lacks to do so. I understand the games are totally different in style, but MoM2 has an App for that!! Problem is that after repeating some scenarios we already know what will happen. What is important and what is not. This game could literally be played with a walkthrough!! Which, by me is pretty bad for an innovative board game that has soooo much potential. It makes me angry! App could be so much versatile than cards or story books in other games. It could make NPCs, search tokens, items, locations and rooms different every time. Especially with expansions! There are 2 expansions so far and they bring only 2 new scenarios and some possible changes! Most of the scenarios don't even support those variations from expansions. I've heard that "Cycle of Eternity" has the most versions. Why not make everything like that? Why not make the game smarter and surprise the players? The conclusion/suggestion: There should be much more scenarios if you want to make each one a single story that can be played 2-3 times. OR make all scenarios different from game to game. Make different clues that randomize between plays and make players investigate everything from scratch. It's not satisfying to know everything from the last play and win because you already played the story. Scenario introductions could give some clues about what waits ahead, so that you can choose investigators according to that instead of an earlier play. This game has sooooo much potential! It's the closest thing to a roleplaying game without a game master. And the concept is awesome! Just make it different every time. Use those tiles to make maps different. It doesn't have to be the billiard room every time you open a certain door! Make it a bit random. Programming instead of using cards gives so many more options FFG didn't even scratch! Don't make the app a fancy replacement for cards or scenario books, use it's potential! Make some AI, make more interactions with players' choices and the game! Hope I'm not the only crazy guy around here to think like this SOME SPOILERS AHEAD: [hide]"Shattered Bonds" I played this scenario 3 times, and it was always the same! I already know where I should go, what gives me clues, and what gives me items - even those things can be planned! I already know which NPCs can defend themselves and which can't; who needs what item to cooperate, and so on. "Rising Tide" Played this scenario 2 times. First game lost on one player going insane, and winning very easily as he had a bladed weapon and was in square with all other investigators at the start of a level. It was a bit disappointing. Anyways, the second play, we found out that everything is exactly the same Every NPC, item, conversation is in the same place! There is actually an order in what you should visit the locations to find keys that open doors in other locations. To be honest we didn't play it well, and didn't conclude anything. But the suspects were so obvious, and cliche that it was almost unbelievable that they were really the cultists!! So we didn't even had to bother, we found the meeting and stopped the ritual by mere luck and cliche. Which is okay, but the fact that replayability of this scenario is based on noting other than the order of locations to check what is behind those doors, makes me sad. Why not make the cultists different every time? Plants some evidence and parts of conversations to different persons. Or am I wrong? Is it easy only the first time? Do the cultists change from game to game? Because they most absolutely should!
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