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  1. I've always liked the City expansion best - it was one of the first expansions I ever got for the 2nd edition game as was eagerly awaiting the release for 4th. I feel that it really 'completes' the game - allowing an area that characters can rely on to heal up and purchase standard goods such as mules. But with the release of the city in the Digital version I am playing it a lot more that ever before and have quickly found out that with the City included, there isn't much need for the rest of the game. The city deck is very easy, with low-level monsters and a majority of cards that are outright beneficial, most giving a lot of money or free shop cards. The shop cards themselves are very powerful, most outstripping the hard-to-find magical items in the main deck. Everything in the city is surprisingly cheap, cheaper than the equivalent cards or locations in the main game. Previously I thought that the game would be 1) Highlands to gain trinkets and gold; then 2) City to spend up on gear; then 3) Dungeon to grind enemies and build strength/craft. But with the city deck so easy, all my games have now generated to the majority of characters looping around and around the city pathways. PVP is common as everyone attempts to grab the top items (spellbook, flail) off of each other. We commonly cycle through the city deck 2-3 times. The only time the rest of the board gets touched is to run to the crown in the centre (possibly via the dungeon). And even then it's by very fast horse. I think the basic design and layout of the expansion is great, and I want it to work, but the numbers needs to be re-balanced otherwise it's throwing the whole game out. Or is it just me?
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